Okay Barbie

This might seem like a clechay and it probably is. Raven lives in a house with her aunt after her parents died in a bushfire in their old coastal town. She's been shipped off to now bunk with Aunt Stephanie in her tight villa, who isn't as pleasant as she sounds.


3. Dinner, Dessert, Disaster

Aunt Stephanie brought everyone into the dining area where we had braised lamb shanks, vegetable skewers, half-bowl of chunky chowder and potato mash.
"I hope everybody likes lamb..."
"Most definitely Stephanie, dear!" Miss. Brassben mentioned. "My brother and my son love their meat, so do I."
"We all need our meat!" Mr. Collins laughed.
"Um - Aunt Stephanie," I simply raised my arm halfway up, bent like a 50 degree wide coat-hanger.
"Is it alright if I skip the lamb shanks?"
"Ungrateful little spit!" growled Miss. Brassben pushing her chair out from beneatht the table. "Your Aunt has gone to enough trouble to prepare such a mouth-watering meal and you sit her wishing to skip it?"
I sunk deep into my shoulders.
"Miss. Brassben, sit down before you get a headache. No doubt are you right about Raven. Perhaps you'd like to skip the entire meal, aye Raven? And maybe dessert too?"
"Sorry?" I said quietly.
"You are so ungrateful!" Miss. Brassben shouted again. There was a bunch of mocking looks sent my way. All I wanted to do was slip beneath their necks and hide under the table and all the food. But I couldn't. What had I done wrong? I just didn't want lamb.
"I'll have a bit then..." I sort of whispered, in case I got another mouthful. I hope Aunt Stephanie didn't invite these friends over again, or I'd simply die.
"You certainly should." Aunt Stephanie said, piling a hill of mash to the side of her plate.
I still missed out on dessert. Aunt Stephanie guided her 'friends' to the den while I had to help Mr and Mrs. Yodrey collect the plates and cutlery. Aunt Stephanie told us to divide the used stuff from the unused stuff and clean the dirty plates and cutlery and to stack away the already clean stuff. I broke a sweat with all the cleaning up. Honestly, the only help that was provided by Mr and Mrs. Yodrey was them scraping the food scraps from their plates into the bin and following everyone else into the den for their documentry. I really hated the fact Aunt Stephanie was turning so many people against me. Did she honestly hate me that much. Why did I get stuck with her? Why? Was it the first person that came to mind while mum and dad were lickety-split jotted down a rough will? Aunt Stephanie is as close to them as a peevish, cross-grained soldier is close to a hippy. I just don't understand why I'm with her.


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