Okay Barbie

This might seem like a clechay and it probably is. Raven lives in a house with her aunt after her parents died in a bushfire in their old coastal town. She's been shipped off to now bunk with Aunt Stephanie in her tight villa, who isn't as pleasant as she sounds.


8. Dear Oh

When I first met Aunt Stephanie, she always called me dear. Times have changed, sure enough. I didn't know whether to be happy or frightened. Aunt Stephanie grinned.
"Come on Effy." They began to walk away.
"Wait!" It was my voice. Did I want them to wait? "Where will I go?"
"Nowhere." Aunt Stephanie smirked, continuing her evil walk to her car. "You live in that box." She laughed lightly.
"What about my belongings? My clothes? I'll freeze to death. I'm calling the police!"
"How will you do that? And where is your evidence?" Aunt Stephanie paused and turned slowly. "Let's say you called the police? What will you say?"
"That I was abandoned?"
"And they'll do some research . . ." Aunt Stephanie continued as if I hadn't said anything. "They'll find your information. They'll find your parents are dead and they'll throw you in an orphanage where you will be until your eighteen. And you know what happens then?"

I shuddderd. Oh no.

"You get  thrown out. Thrown out. To fend for yourself on the streets. Look honey, your best chance is in the box."
This frightened me. I was going to die sooner or later. And what was an orphanage? A home? No it was not. Maybe I hated Aunt Stephanie, but she was family nevertheless.
"STEPHANIE!"  I cried. My lungs quivered. "DONT LEAVE ME!" 
Aunt Stephanie laughed.
"You'll go to jail! This woman is going to prison!" I shouted making a scene. Effy ran up to me so slow and girly but caught me and wrapped her cold fingers around my face.
"Effy. Don't cause a scene, come here, we're leaving."  Aunt Stephanie didn't show the least trace of regret or sympathy or fright.
"You know what will happen Aunt Stephanie! They'll find your name! It will say it on the Will! When the police do a dig into my family history they will see you! They will find you Aunt Stephanie! My parents left me to you! You're my guardian. Maybe you can erase me from your life Aunt Stephanie, but you can't erase the TRUTH!"
I expected Aunt Stephanie to fall on her knees and beg me to come home with her and bribe me to keep quiet. Maybe my hopes were a bit if fantasised than possible. But instead she doubled over in the most horrendous laughing fit.
"Raven, don't! Please, I'm going to hurt myself laughing." Effy joined in with a prissy laugh.
"Heh heh! Heh!" Effy chuckled.
"Raven, they will never find me. Ever. They won't track me down. Goodness, you have high hopes."
"But they will!" I warned. I still shivered, but my temper was hot.
"Nope!" Aunt Stephanie laughed.
"Why? Why won't they?" I screamed. "You can't think of a reason!"
"Maybe one."  Aunt Stephanie shrilled.
"Tell me." I ordered. "Now." 
"Well, I'm not your family."



Effy laughed. "She had no idea! Look at her face!"

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