Tutoring MY Worst Nightmare

Theres this gitl named Jennifer Galvez and she gets teasedvat school espically by her enemy Louis Tomolinson. Though she thinks nothing will go wrong but when she thinks that she gets hit with some unexpected new. She has to tutor her worst nightmare Louis Tomolinson.


2. The Day Before School

Today is the last day of summer. It was 8:00A.M when my mom called us down for breakfast. So i got up and did my hair into a ponytail then i went downstairs.I got downstairs and my mom was making pancakes. I sat down across from Liam. Then my mom came with the pancakes. When Liam was about to grab one my mom said wait Liam it your sisters birthday. Liam said under his breath shes not my sister. Then i told my mom thank you. Then my brother got his. Then my mom came and said that today we are going school shopping then she said i could get what ever i wanted. I started to say thank you thank you. But my brother interupted my second thank you and said OFCOURSE GIVE HER EVERYTHING SHES THE PRINCESS RIGHT GIVE HER WHAT EVER SHE WANT IT LIKE I DONT EVEN FUCKEN EXSIST. That when my mom said LIAM JAMES PAYNE LANGUAGE YOUNG MAN. Then i got up from the table and left and went upstairs to cry. Then my mom said to Liam that he better go apoligize to me.Thats when he got up all mad and went upstairs to apoligize to me. He knocked on the door and i told him to come in.He sat at the end of my bed and said he was sorry.Then i said no your not you never are sorry you like to make me misrable. And you never feel bad until someone says to come apoligize to me even your friends make fun of me.Then Liam says what friends and i yell at him REALLY LIAM WHAT FRIEND UMMM... LET ME THINK THERES LOUIS ZAYN HARRY AND IM JUST GLAD NIALL DOESNT MAKE FUN OF ME THEY ONLY MAKE FUN OF ME WHEN MOM ISNT HERE AND YOU KNOW IT LIAM. Liam then says ok your right but the reason we do is because its funny. Liam have u ever thought how i feel no right never in your life you have ever thought that I said to him. Then i say Liam just get out!!! He says fine.After that my mom tells us to get ready then i tell her okay. First i take a shower i put on some red skinnies and a black shirt that says kiss me. Then i go downstairs and we are just waiting for Liam.Then Liam asks my mom if we can bring along Zayn Louis Niall and Harry. Mom say yes. Then i think really mom really. Then we go pick up the boys. I sit in the front with my mom in the middle is Niall and Zayn. IN the back there is Harry Liam and Louis ofcourse.I could hear Louis talk bad about me saying im ugly im a loser i suck at everything and then he said that my shirt says kiss me but then he says why would nayone kiss her shes a toad and even if the hottest guy at school kisses her she still and always be an ugly toad though Zayn Louis Liam and Harry laugh but not Niall. WE get to the store and my mom give me 2,000 dollars.Then Liam gets a mad look in his face and the boys leave to the stores. NIALL goes to famous footwear. LIAM goes to rue 21. HARRY goes to burlington.ZAYN goes to get a smoothie. And then theirs LOUIS he got to the book store.I got tofamous footwear to. I bump into NIALL. AND he says sorry hes the nice one out of all of them. So we ended up sticking together. We laughed and joked around we also got a smoothie together. Then aroung 9:00p.m i get a phone call from my mom and she says im waiting ffor u guys. Then we leave the store. After we drop off the boys we go home. When i get home i shower and go to bed.THENi think tommorow is the first day of SCHOOL!!!






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