Tutoring MY Worst Nightmare

Theres this gitl named Jennifer Galvez and she gets teasedvat school espically by her enemy Louis Tomolinson. Though she thinks nothing will go wrong but when she thinks that she gets hit with some unexpected new. She has to tutor her worst nightmare Louis Tomolinson.


3. Mornings suck!!!!!

I was woken up by my mum. "Adriana get up unless you want to be late for your first day of school". My mum said to me. I got up and took a shower. Once I got out I put on some ripped jeans on and a crop top on. Then I blow dried my hair. Once I was done with blow drying my hair I curled my hair in to lose curls. I went downstairs when I was done and put a piece of toast in the toaster. After it was ready I put some Nutella on. (I mean who wouldn't put nutella on toast right?) After I was done I looked for my car key. I couldn't fine my car keys. Then out of nowhere the house phone starts ringing. I answered the phone and it was Liam. "What do you want"? I asked. "Well I was just wondering how are you going to get to school today." he said. I hung up on him because I already knew he took my keys from my car. If your wondering where our mum is she already left for work. So I cant get a ride from her she is long gone now. UGGG.... why me I thought.

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