Tutoring MY Worst Nightmare

Theres this gitl named Jennifer Galvez and she gets teasedvat school espically by her enemy Louis Tomolinson. Though she thinks nothing will go wrong but when she thinks that she gets hit with some unexpected new. She has to tutor her worst nightmare Louis Tomolinson.


1. Adriana Gatens

MY name is Adriana Gatens. I live with my adopted family.My age is 18. My mother is an alcholic. The cops took me away from my mom and gave me to some family named the Payne's. They gave me to them at age 2. They only have one son and his name is Liam Payne.Also he is one year older then me. So when i got there he was 3 years old. They seamed to love me alot.They gave me what i wanted and they treated me with care and respect. Thats what i loved about them. As i got older like at the age 7 Liam was 8 and when i asked my parents if i could have something they would give it to me. But sometimes when Liam asked them if he could have something their response was no. Liam seamed to hated me because of that. Me and Liam never seamed to get along at. Everyday i wondered to myself why he hated me so much. One day i went to go ask Liam why we never got along. Liam said that why did i mess up his life that everything would be perfect without me if i wasnt there. He also said that he hated me and then thats what broke me. I started to cry and said your right why did i have to come into your dumb life. That if i wasnt here they would spoil you up like a brat and you wouldnt care for anyone but yourself. Iyelled my head off at Liam. But he did nothing not even a sorry not even a ill try to get along not even a hug nothing nothing. That he was mad at me for good. But thats not how my actual story begins!!!!

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