Is This Love?

When Olivia Maxwell moves to Doncaster, Yorkshire, she leaves everything behind. There was only one reason to stay. Louis Tomlinson. When she leaves I unexpectedly, will she regret it for the rest of her life?

inappropriate language and sexual content.

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2. A New Life.

I woke to the sound of a lawn mower down the street. I groan as I pull myself to my feet, the temperature of the wooden floor sending shivers up my spine. I pull open the white curtains and cringe as the bright light shining through blinds me. I drag myself down the creaking stairs and into the kitchen. My mother is standing over the hot stove, her short blonde hair sitting loosely in a ponytail and her dark brown eyes focused intently on the bacon sizzling in the pan beneath her. My mother and I look nothing alike. I take after my father with my brown curly hair and bright blue-green eyes, as does my brother.

"Up so early?" My mother asks, nodding slightly up towards the large blue clock above the fridge. She  has a point, I'm known for sleeping in until half ten most days. I just groan in response and fall heavily onto a wooden chair.

"Lawnmower", was all I managed to get out as I rested my head on the cold table. I feel the chair next to me move as my mother sits down.

"I know you hate me right now but I guarantee you, that this move is the best thing for us right now, it's a fresh start", here she goes with all that 'fresh start' shit again. "How about you take a break from unpacking today and go out, have fun, meet people! I don't want you moping around the house for the next month until school starts."

I just nod in response and smile half-heartedly as she returns to her place, looking down on the slightly burnt bacon. I don't think she realises. All of a sudden, heavy footsteps decend down the stairs and stop at the doorway behind me.

"What's for breakfast?" My brother asks, still half asleep. My brother and I look so much alike, people think we're twins even though he's seventeen and I'm only fifteen. We never fight or argue at all. He's become very protective of me since dad died, though. Not that that's a bad thing, but I just want him to be my fun-loving brother. I don't think he agreed with the sudden decision to move here either.

"Bacon and eggs", my mother replies, as she scrapes the burnt bacon out of he pan, into the bin and cooking more.

Anthony groans in response and falls into the chair opposite me. I can't help but giggle at how much my brother and I are alike.


A/N: Okay. Sorry for the shitty chapter. Still trying to introduce the characters. I will be publishing another chapter everyday if I can. Thank you for the favourites. Feedback is much appreciated, as well as any ideas you have. Update soon. :) Xx


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