My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


2. ❤ Two ❤

I woke up the next morning at 8:30 I got changed into my jean shorts and black shirt with the Beatles on it. I then when into the bathroom to straighten my hair, I plugged my straightener in and waited for it to heat up which takes awhile so I brushed my teeth first then it finally heated up and I straightened my hair. I finally finished and it was now 9:03 I walked out of my bathroom and put my green high tops on then I walked down stairs to eat some breakfast.

When I got down stairs my Mom and Dad were eating their breakfast while looking at some houses on he internet 'I really don't want to move.... especially not because I just met Niall' I said to myself. I got some waffles out of the freezer put them in the toaster and sat at the table. "wheres Tray?" I asked waiting for my waffles "Tray is with Jennifer" answered my Mom. Jennifer is Tray's girlfriend she's kinda like my older sister, but not so it makes it better, we don't fight. I nodded my head and got out a plate, fork and a glass and filled the glass with ice coffee "Tray was going to ask you to go with them to go bowling bu you were still asleep and I told him you had friends coming over so maybe another time" said my Mom, me Tray and Jenn would always go out either bowling or somewhere fun like that but pretty soon all that would be over... unless she comes with us! which won't be happening anytime soon. finally my waffles were done I grabbed them, dropped them on my plate and heard a knock on the door "I'll get it" I say walking over to the door.

I opened the door and standing there excited was Lauren "Hey Girl!!" she said hugging me which almost made me fall to the ground "Hey" I said huggin her back "so whens this Niall guy getting here?" asked Lauren walking in and dropping her things on the couch "Oh I forgot I never told him where I live!" I said running up to my room and grabbing my phone. when I walked back down stairs I heard Lauren laughing "what's going on?" I asked looking around for her, I finally looked in the kitchen there she was with my parents laughing "whats so funny?" I asked "Oh nothing..." said Lauren I looked at her suspiciously but just shrugged it off and sat back down and started eating my waffles. While I was eating my last waffle I got a text from Niall

Niall: Hey so uh... where do you live?

I almost burst out laughing

Me: sorry I forgot to tell you when we were text yesterday heres my address...

I texted back with my address.

Niall: okay! be there soon

Niall texted back 'I can't wait!' I said to myself with a smile on my face. After I was done with my waffles and ice coffee Lauren and I went up the stairs and into my room "I forgot soe boxes, I'll be right back" I said walking out of my room "m'Kay!" said Lauren sitting on my bed smiling. I walked down stairs and into the family room where all the boxes were, as soon as I got there I heard a knock at the door, I ran over because of course I knew who it was. "I got it!" I yelled opening the door "Hey" said Niall's Irish voice "Hey, come in" I said smiling and stepping aside so he could walk in, he smiled and walked in looking around "it's a nice house... it stinks your going to have to move" said Niall stopping near the couch "yeah..." I said walking over to the steps "you can come an help me and my friend Lauren pack my things from my room, unless you wanna stay down here and help my parents find a house" I said laughing "what's wrong with that?" he asked sarcastically "oh nothing" I said running up the stairs soon after Niall followed me. "so my rooms right there" I said pointing to my room then turning to go back down stairs "I be right back I have to get boxes" I said running back down the steps. When I finally found a box I started to back up the stairs but was stopped "Hun, you and your friends can go and do something we just found out it will be at least two weeks before we will be moving so you can do this another time, unless you want to do this" said my mom coming up behind me "COOL! I'll go tell them" I said smiling. 'The more time we have to wait to move the more time I'll grow attached to Ireland... I wish we could bu get this over with! I wish we would just move so we won't miss this place as much! or I wish we didn't have to move at all...' I said walking slowly to my room. "Hey what's wrong Mary?" asked Lauren running over to me "Oh nothings wrong actually its great we don't have to pack we can go do our own thing, it will be at least two weeks till we have to move" I said smiling an sitting on my bed "cool! so what do you wanna do?" asked Lauren sitting next to me and Niall on my bed "why don't we go to the park and just walk around?" asked Niall "sure..." I said "come on it'll be fun!" said Niall jumping up and taking my hand and running down the stairs, Lauren was behind us telling Niall to stop running but he wouldn't he just kept running until we got to the park.

"Here we are!" said Niall stopping "oh joy..." said Lauren stopping to ketch her breath Niall started laughing and looked at me "I want you to have the time of your life before you leave" said Niall holding out his hand "CRAP!" yelled Lauren looking at her phone "what?" I asked looking over at her "My mom said that I have to get home now I forgot my older brother was coming home today" said Lauren "oh........ well we can hang another time don't worry about it" I said smiling at her, I really don't want her to go because I want to spend as much time with her as possibly... "sorry again! we'll hang out tomorrow kay?" she asked as she started running home I nodded and waved. I looking back over to Niall and smiled put his hand out again "I was going bring her too but it's better if it's our place right?" he said laughing a little "what?" I asked "oh haha never mind forget what I just said" he said laughing "lets just go" he said taking my hand now, not waiting for me to take it "okay" I said smiling and walking with him. we walked for about 5 minutes not talking about anything but finally I broke the silence "Niall.... um... where are we?" I asked looking around we were almost to the woods that were in the back of the park "you'll see" he said walking a little faster. We walked into the deep forest and I was starting to get hungry, I looked at my clock 12:06 'wow... time flies' I said to myself "its lunch you wanna go back?" I asked "I wanna show you something first" he said still going deeper and deeper into the forest. It's been about 15 more minutes and he finally stops "Alright we're here" he says, I look around its... It's..... Beautiful! "this was my place I would always come to, to be alone" Niall said smiling. It was a waterfall a beautiful waterfall this is what it looked like:

We sat down by the water and just talked "how come you decided to share 'your place' wih me?" I asked looking around "well I just wanted to show you since your leaving" he said looking at the water "oh, so it's not cause you don't have any other friends?" I asked sarcastically "hardy har har har" he said "I'm just kidding I know you gots other friends" I said laughing and standing up "well then, how do you like this!?" he yelled pushing me into the pool of water "now that was not nice!" I said laughing "it was hilarious that's what it was" said Niall laughing "oh yeah? Oh yeah!" I yelled grabbing his arm and pulling him in to the water. He wiped his face and started laughing "I see how it is" he said splashing me with water "dude these are clothes not swimsuits!" I said laughing as I walked out of the water "yeah, alright let's dry and we should probably head back" he said looking at his waterproof watch, it was 2:30 "wow... Time moves quickly" I say laughing as I scrunched my hair to get the water out "yeah it sure does" said Niall sitting on the warm rocks "I think we should head back" I said "yeah your right, let's go" he said jumping up and we both started walking back to my house.

The walk back was really quiet but we talked a little. Finally we got to my house and we were still wet "I'll get you a towel" I said laughing and walkin up to my door "well actually I have to be headin home so I guess I'll see you tomorrow" he said smiling "oh... Okay yeah where do you wanna meet tomorrow?" I asked "how bout the park?" he asked with a half smile "alright" I said laughing "this time I won't get you wet" he said laughing "good!" I said turning to him "so I'll see you tomorrow then?" he said walking back a little "yup! See ya" I said walking inside "see ya" he said waving, I waved back and shut the door. The rest of the day was normal we watched tv eat dinner watched more tv looked at houses in London then I went to bed.
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