My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


12. ❤ Twelve ❤

I jumped up to sitting position on the bed. "Niall!" I screamed. Celab came running over to my bed side. "Mary, your okay!" He said hugging me. I began to breath heavily. "H-how long have I been out?" I asked. What if I missed the concert? We would have payed so much money for nothing... "A few hours... Don't worry we've still got about 2 hours till the concert starts" He could read my mind like an open book. I smiled at him and took the covers off, reveling a swollen ankle. "Ouch..." Celab said looking at my foot. "That must hurt a lot.." "Well no dip Sherlock" I said with a playful smile on my face. He smiled at me. "So uh, do you need some ice?" He asked standing up. "Do you need to ask?" He laughed and walked over to the freezer connected to the fridge in the kitchen. The counter tops were black and the cabinets connected to them were white. There was a only a couch that separated the kitchen from the TV room. The couch was black with white pillows. The coffee table out in front was clear. There were two white chairs on either side of the couch, both white with black pillows. The TV was a flat screen. There was an opening to my room and an opening to Celab's room, both the exact same. The beds had white comforters on top and black pillows. there were two closets, one on either side of the beds. Too the left of the beds were the doors to the bathroom, both with showers. Celab walked back to my bed and handed me the ice wrapped in napkins. "Thanks" I said placing It carefully on my ankle. "Do you want to go watch something?" "Sure" I said starting to stand up. I winced at the pain, Celab helped me walk to the couch. I smiled at him. We both sat down on the couch and he turned the TV on. The first thing that shows up is Spongebob. Celab looks over at me. "To lazy to change it?" I asked with a smirk on my face. "Totally, and completely, exhausted." He said laughing a little. I laughed at him. We watched the for awhile until around 2. "One more hour to go..." I said quietly. My heart started pounding. This time, for real, I'm going to see Niall... For the first time in 3 years... I'm sure he doesn't remember me. My mouth turned into a frown when I thought about him not remembering me. "Are you excited to finally see your long lost boyfriend" Celab asked sarcastically. "Shut up! He was and never will be my boyfriend, he was my Best friend, there's a big difference you know" I said throwing a pillow at him. "Ohh well..." Celab said holding back a laugh. "I'm leaving you now," I said standing up on my one good foot. "Goodbye" "NOOO Don't leave me! I'm so lonely!" "You should have thought of that before you- uh... Did whatever you did" I said laughing at him. I hopped back to my bed an sat down. I looked down at my hands. 'He'll... Never remember me... Ill never be able to hug him like I used too...' A tear slipped my eye and I wiped it away. 'Oh why am I getting so emotional? I only knew him for about a week... But still...' I looked around, I found myself staining at my bag under my bed. I crouched down and grabbed it. My carry on bag from the plane. It had all my things in it, my phone, my mp3/iPod, my book(Divergent), my picture book, my- . . . My picture book... I grabbed the picture book and sat on my butt on the ground leaning on the bed. I opened the book and the first picture I come to was a picture of Niall me and Lauren... 'Niall gave me this within the few day we knew each other... He had this picture already in here for me... He- he took pictures of us- he was such- such an amazing friend- and now he'll never remember the times we had...' In the picture Niall had one arm around my shoulder and one around Lauren's... He was smiling like a freak and Lauren and I were laughing at him. This was when we were all at the park before I left... Tears started to fall slowly out of my eyes. 'Why do I have to miss him so much?' I Mary Andrea Moore used to be friends with the amazing, popular boy and member; Niall James Horan, and yet... He doesn't know me anymore. I closed the book and wiped away my tears and put the book back in my bag. I grabbed my phone and checked to see if I had any messages. 1 MISSED CALL - •Lauren O'Connor (Ayumu) 2 TEXT MESSAGES - •Lauren O'Connor(Ayumu ) [10:30 am] •Celab Conway [2:07] I looked over at Celab and he was staring at the TV. I opened the text. Celab: I saw you crying... Is everything okay?? >Reply< Mary: I'm fine, just remembering old times... >Message Sent!< Celab looked at his phone then stood up and walked over to me. "So it's 2:10 now, do you wanna head out and just ride around till its time?" He asked as he bent down in front me me. "Sure" Celab grabbed my hands and helped me stand up. I gently put pressure on my twisted ankle. I was actually used to this pain... Volleyball does teach you to take pain, and mostly by twisted ankles. "You good?" He asked still holding my hands. I nodded "okay" He let go of my hands and walked over to his side. He grabbed his suit case and took out some clothes. I opened my drawers and pulled out the outfit that I wore in my dream... I walked into the bathroom and changed. I walked back down on my tiptoe of my hurt foot. I sat down on my bed and pulled out my shoes and socks from under the bed. I slipped them on carefully then grabbed my 1D bag on the nightstand. Celab was waiting on the couch. I walked over and tapped his head. "Yo, you ready to go?" I said walking over to the door. He turned off the TV then stood up with his keys in his hand. "Yup!" We walked out of the room and walked over to the elevator. "Oh!" I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and pressed the missed calls. I opened the one from Lauren. She left a message. I put the phone up to my ear and waited. "Hey, so today's the day! I'm so happy for you... And very jealous! When you meet your long lost boyfriend tell him I said hi! And that I miss him. Love you!!!! Call me when you get this message! Byeee" I smiled at the message and held back a laugh when she said 'long lost boyfriend' that's exactly what Celab said. I pressed call on Lauren's contact. The phone rang. "Who are you calling?" Celab asked. "My friend Lauren" I said shushing him. "Helloooooo" Lauren screamed. "Lauren!!!!" I screamed back. Celab covered my mouth as the elevator opened and let the elderly man ad women walk past us with a smile on his face. "Be quieter!" He said laughing at me. "Is that Celab????" Lauren asked. "Yeah" I said sticking my tongue out at Celab. "HI CELAB!" She screamed through the phone. "Hi Lauren" he said back laughing. They have never met but I talk about them to one another a lot. "So um Lauren you know how you asked my to at hi to Niall for you?" I said making a weird face. "Yeah I'm not meeting them plus I don't think he remembers us." "Oh pushawwwww!!!!!! He would definitely remember US! Plus you will m- see him." Lauren said laughing. "Okay Lauren I have to go we're leaving now so ill text you when the concert it's over! Byeeee" "Fine!!!! Byeeee" she screamed. I laughed and hung up the phone. We exited the elevator and walked out the doors to his car. I opened the passengers side and jumped in. Then Celab got it and started the car. "So seeing that its 2 and we didn't eat where you wanna go?" Celab asked. "How bout Chik-fil-a?" I asked "Chik-fil-a it is!" And with that we were off to find Chik-fil-a. After 10 minutes of driving around we finally found one, we had no time to sit and eat there so we went through the drive-threw. We got our food and headed back towards the concert place. "We've got 20 minutes to got there and it takes about 15 from here." Celab said as he drove; concentrating on the rode. I ate my food as we drove. I felt my phone buzz after a few minutes of silence. I opened it and looked at the screen. TEXT FROM AN UNKNOWN NUMBER. 'Huh?' >Open< ???: Hey I didn't respond I just left the text. Maybe it was a wrong number? Whatever who cares. I plugged my IPod into the car and we started listening to my music. Some One Direction some Big Time Rush some Before You Exit etc. we jammed to the music until we made it to the concert place... And man.... Talk about packed. There were so many people here I thought I was gonna suffocate because everyone else was breathing my air! When we got to our seats I was getting really excited. Celab was ready to get out, he never really like One Direction's music which is what mad the tickets more special! We waited for awhile till it finally started. "Are you ready to see Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry?!" Said a voice over a microphone. Everyone in the place started screaming besides me as Celab. The boys ran out onto stage and waved at everyone. "HEY!!" They all screamed into their microphones. Everyone screamed 'Hey' back besides me and Celab again. I pulled out my camera from my bag. I held it up and began recording. They sang songs, talked to the crowd, split the crowd in half and did a little contest and many more things. Then they went back to singing. They sang 'Everything About You' I saw all the boy looking around and everyone. My eyes landed on Niall who was singing his verse. I smiled. He looked around and finally he came to my side of the place... I could be wrong but it seemed like his eyes stopped on me for a second... "Yes I like the way you smile with your eyes other guys see it but don't realize that it's my-my-my love it" it felt like he stared at me as he sang that... Then he smiled. His eyes continued looking around. After the song was over they sat on a couch and talked. I kept video taping. All of a sudden I was pushed forward... I fell between two people and my camera fell a few feet away. The fall was kinda loud but over the screaming and everything no one could hear it. I looked around for my camera as I stayed on my hands and knees. "Gosh dang it!" I whispered. I was kinda close to the stage. I heard them get up an walked OFF the stage... I looked up but I couldn't see anything, people blocked my view. I looked more for my camera. I heard footstep. In a loud stadium and I hear footsteps? Crazy right? I looked up and saw they were walking towards us! I looked more. "Um, is this someone's camera?" Asked a voice over a microphone. Oh gosh... I stood up and looked. They stood only a few feet away. Niall was holding the camera looking around for someone. Everyone held their hands up when he asked the question. Except for me. He saw me an Just stared. Wait? Does this mean he remembers me? "This must be your" Liam said taking the camera from Niall. He walked over to me and handed it to me. "Uh- thanks" I said stuttering. He smiled at me and the boys went back on stage. My heart was pounding. It was about an hour more and finally the concert was over... Everyone was walking out. Before the boys excited the stage I saw Niall looking my way again. We walked out into a big hall thingy. There were people everyone, I could really move. "I think I'm claustrophobic" I said laughing as Celab and I tried to get out. Celab laughed with me. "Mary!" I hear someone faintly yell my name. I looked behind me but I coudnt see past people. I shrugged and kept walking. Then all of a sudden... Arms wrapped around my shoulders and I was engulfed in a hug from behind. "I finally caught up to you! I was yelling your name couldn't you hear me?" It was.... This is actually happening. I looked behind me and saw Niall smiling at me. "N-Niall... You actually remember me?" I asked and I grabbed his arms around my shoulders "Of course. How could I forget?" He asked huggin me tighter. "I saw you during the concert... I couldn't believe it was actually you. You were here." He let go and I turned around to face him. My eyes started to water. "I didn't think you would remember me!" I said hugging him now from the front. He wrapped his arms around me. He really does remember me... I smiled as I kept hugging Niall. I'm happy now... Now that I know Niall remembers me. I smiled even bigger. "I Missed You" he said hugging me tighter. "I Missed You Too"
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