My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


3. ❤ Three ❤

I was awoken from my amazing dream by Ryan my younger brother who is 6 and always wakes me up when I just want to stay in bed all day. He ran in my room and jumped on my bed "WAKE UP!!!!" he yelled jumping around my bed, and sometimes he jumped on Me!
"Ryan...... Get out!!" I said tiredly as I tried to catch him "this is to much work..." I lied back down on my bed pulling the covers over my head.

"This is the memory
This is the curse of having
Too much time to think about it' I picked up my phone with out lookin at who was callin me and lifted it up to my ear

"Hello..." I said with my eyes closed
"hey, wait don't tell me your still in bed?" asked Lauren
"yeah... Of course... I mean if it wasnt for Ryan I'd still be asleep!" I said laughing a little
"well get up do you know what time it is?" asked Lauren
"Nope" I said popping the 'p'
"it's 12:30! Dude you totally missed out on the best meal of the day!" she said laughing
"oh great..." I said with a yawn as I stretched
"okay well I actually called to tell you that I'm going to be out at a water park for at least 3 days I didn't want to leave but my moms making me... So if you leave with in those 3 days-" I cut her off
"I know you'll kill me" I said laughing
"you got that right" she said laughing as well
"well I'll miss you but I have to go we're leaving in an hour" she said sadly
"ugh! Couldn't you go another time?" I asked walking over to my bathroom
"no... Ugh! I'm just as mad as you are..." she said
"well I actually have to go to..." I said looking out my door to see if Ryan had come in and was now spying on me
"okay.. I miss you!" she said a little to loud
"I'll see ya soon" I said with a laugh, and with that said I hung up.

Just as I hung up I got a text from Niall which said "Hey, so when were we planing to hang out?" I thought about it and finally replied
"well... I just got up so how bout 1:30?" I put my phone down and started to brush my teeth. in the middle of my teeth brushing he texted back 'I'll reply when I'm done' I said to myself. I finished my teeth picked my phone up and walked to my closet, I then looked at the text from Niall
"sounds good I'll meet you at the park :D" I smiled an texted back
"yep see you soon" then I dropped my phone on my bad and continued looking through my closet and finally I found something good to wear, it was a purple shirt with the ninja turtles on it and my jean shorts. I changed quickly and started walking out of my room and down the stairs when I realized I forgot my phone, I ran back up to my room and it was gone...
"RYAN!" I yelled he came running into my room laughing and had his hands behind his back
"where's my phone?" I asked putting my hands on my hips "I know you have it so hand it over"
"no!" he said running out of my room
"Ryan!!!" I yelled running after him. He ran into his room and locked the door, I heard my phone start to ring "Ryan! Don't answer it!" I screamed but I was to late he had hit the answer button.
"Hello?" said Ryan with a laugh "who are you?" he asked into the phone
"Ryan! Give me my phone" I yelled punching his door but stopped and I started leaning against it, all of a sudden the door swung open and I fell on my butt. Ryan started laughing and dropped the phone on my stomach "Ryan I'm gonna ki-" I was cut off by someone laughing from my phone "hello?" I asked picking it up and raising it to my ear
"That was the funniest thing I've ever heard on a phone conversation!" said a voice laughing
"who's this?" I asked confused, I thought it would be Lauren but it was a boys voice
"it's Niall" he said still laughing i was shocked he called me
"why did you call me?" I asked standing up and starting to walk down the stairs
"oh uh..." he started "I... I can't really remember" he said kinda nervously
"oh... Well I'll meet you at the park in about a half hour Kay?" I asked standing in the walk way to get to the kitchen
"yeah!" he said a little loudly
"see you then" I said, I could hear the smile in his voice.
"bye" I said an before he could finish his 'bye' I hung up my phone 'oh no... He probably thinks I did that on purpose to make him mad...' I said to myself, I thought about it a little longer 'nah.' I reassured myself.

I walked into the kitchen and opened the door to the fridge, this is the first time I've noticed but my parents aren't here... 'Where did they go?' I asked myself. After I got pizza and some water I walked in to the tv room and set my cup and plate on the table, then I started walking up stairs "Mom? Dad?" I called but there was no answer "Mom Dad?"
"there not home" said Ray my 18 year old sister as she walked out of her room with a book in her hands
"what are you reading?" I asked trying to look at the title
"none of your business" she said walking down the stairs
"I was just wondering gosh..." I said rolling my eyes at her.
All of a sudden I get this weird feeling in my stomach, but I just shrug it off and walk down to my food and turn on the tv to see Monk playing "Yes!" I exclaimed jumping up with my pizza "I love this show!"
There was still a half an hour or more to the episode, which was an episode I've already seen. I finish my pizza and finish Monk, I look at the time 1:50 "oh my gosh!" I yelled jumping up and running to my room to get my shoes on, then I ran as fast as I could down my stairs and darted out my door towards the park.

I was almost to the park, it's a good thing I only live about 5 minutes away. I run up to the side walk that leads to the woods and look around for Niall... I didn't see him
"Niall!" I shout still looking around "Niall! Are you here?"
I turn around and started walking back to my house 'He didn't even come... Or did he? Was he waiting for me and then just.... Leave?' I asked myself. I shoved my hands in my pockets and looked at the ground.
"Mary!" I heard someone yell "Mary! Where are you going?"
I turned around and saw Niall running towards me and waving
"Niall... I uh... Were you waiting for me?" I asked sadly
"yeah but that's fine" he said smiling as he finally caught up to me "I understand"
I smiled up at him "you know... I don't even know your age... Or really much about you" I said laughing a little.
"why don't we go for a walk," he said smiling "and talk?"
I smiled and nodded.

Niall and I started walking toward the woods.
"so uh..." I started "well uh.. How old are you?"
He chuckled and said "I'm 15"
'he's 15! Only 2 years older then me!' I said to myself
"what about you?" he asked "how older are you?"
I looked up at him and said "I'm 13"
"seriously?" he asked "you look more like 15"
"and you look more like 16" I said laughing, he then joined me in laughter.
"so...." I said a little awkwardly "uh... Whats you favorite color?"
"Blue" he said "and you?"
"Purple!" I said a little loud
He chuckled "purple's a pretty awesome color" he said "okay my turn for a question"
"alright!" I said laughing
"um..." he said stroking his imaginary beard "well I never have good questions"
"I know how you feel" I said laughing "neither do I"
He stopped all of a sudden in the middle of the woods
"How come you have to move?" he asked
"I-I uh..." I started "I don't really know... I really don't want to move"
"so your moving to London..." he said quietly "do you know when?"
I started walking again and he followed. I have no idea where we are right now but maybe Niall does...
"no idea" I said with a little chuckle
"oh..." he said quietly "okay next question"
"here's one for ya," I said stopping where I was " where are we?"
Niall looked around, it was silent for a while but finally Niall broke the silence saying "I know exactly where we are don't worry"
Even though he said that I was still creeped out in the woods just the two of us and I have no idea where we are!
"so I have another question" said Niall moving his head so he could look at me while we were walking
"yeah?" I said with a smirk "what's that?"
"what's your favorite place in the world?" he asked looking up at the sky
What's my favorite place in the world? I kept repeating that in my head. I don't know the answer...
"I-I uh..." I said trying to think of the place that was my favorite in this world "I don't know..."
He looked over at me and smiled "well..." he said quietly "I'm sure you'll find it"

We walked for a really long time... I can't remember how long but it was a very long time because by the time we started heading back it was getting dark.
"Niall," I said stopping at the place we entered the woods
"yeah?" he asked turning around to look at me
"I think that today is going to be one of the days I remember the most when I leave" I said smiling
"I'm glad you had fun" he said smiling back at me "I had fun as well, I wish you Didn't have to move"
"that makes two of us" I said with a little laugh "so wait... What time is it?"
"time for you to get a watch" he said sticking his tongue out "just kidding" he came over to me and put his arm around my shoulders like my brother would "it's 8:00 we were out her for a vary vary long time"
"8:00!!!!" I almost yelled "dude I didn't even eat dinner! I'm like freakin hungry!"
"Hey!" he said smiling "I got an idea" he put both his hands on my shoulders and shook me back and forth "you wanna get something to eat like... I dont know... What place do you like?"
I thought about it for a little then i finally answered "you like Wendy's?"
"Love Wendy's" he said laughing
"good cause even if you didn't I wouldnt be changing my mind" I said sticking my tongue out at him
"ha-ha your so funny" he said walking In front of me
"I was being serious" I said trying not to laugh
"u-huh sure" he said turning and giving me a smirk, I just couldn't hold it in any longer! I burst out laughing
"gosh Niall!!!!" I said through laughter "your just so freakin funny!!"
"thanks" he said smirking and sticking out his tongue again "would you laugh even harder if I...." he trailed off then he began tickling me "if I tickle you!!??"
"no!" I yelled trying to get away "stop!!"
But he didn't stop tickling me i fell to the grass at the park entrance
"nope!" he said popping the 'p' "I'm not going to stop unti-"
"sure your not!" I said pushing him of and getting on top of him and started to tickle him "how do you like it?"
"stop!" he yelled through laughter
"noppppppeee" I said while laughing
"alright I give up!" he said then pushed me off of him
"haha!" I said laughing "I win!"
"whatever!" he said laughing
He put his face in front I mine while we were still on the ground
"you have beautiful eyes" he said smiling
"who are you?" I asked "Sid?"
He chuckled "no cause I'm being serious" he said laughing
"alright we are going to Wendy's right?" I said pushing him away
"yeah let's go" he said smiling. He got up and held out his hand to help me up
"thanks" I said jumping up "you know what?"
"what?" he asked smiling, I just noticed that he didn't let go of my hand... We were walking hand in hand... My hand started to get sweaty so I pulled my hand away and wipe my hands on my shorts
"sorry" he said chuckling
"no it's fine I uh... Never mind anyway I think that I know my favorite place so far" I said smiling
"and where would that be?" he asked looking at me
"I'm not going to tell you" I said slowly and began running to Wendy's
"Mary!" he yelled running after me "wait!!"
"okay I'll tell you" I said stopping and turning around
He stopped right as he got in front of me
"okay so tell me" he said smiling
"well its only at a certain time... But the woods" I said smiling
"and when would the certain time be?" he asked stepping closer
"you'll have to earn that one" I whispered then ran as fast as I could to the Wendy's but I was to slow... Niall grabbed my wrist and twirled me around, his face was so close to mine
"and what do I have to do?" he asked quietly
"I can't tell you" I whispered back
"that's no fair" he said stepping back
"well" I said smirking "I'll tell you when I feel it's the right time"

Finally we got to Wendy's
"for here or to go?" asked the girl behind the cash register
I started looking around 'me and Niall are here together it's like... A-'
"Mary?" Niall said ripping me from my thoughts
"huh?" I asked looking at him
"for here or to go?" he asked trying to keep back laughter
"oh..." I said looking down at my feet "to go, I have to get home"
"alright" said Niall turning back to the girl behind the cash register "to go"
"alrighty" she said with an Australian accent "what will it be?"
"I would like the 10 piece chicken nugget meal and a chocolate frosty for the drink" I answered
"and for you?" asked the girl
"same" Niall said with a smile
"m'kay I'll get your food you can wait right over there" she said pointing to the other side of the counter.

We got our food and left, then we started walking back to my house.
"it's not easy eating and walking" I said
"yeah!" said Niall chuckling "no dip"
"oh shut up!" I said punching Him in the arm
"ow!" he said rubbing his arm "that hurt"
"lier!" I said laughing
We ate our food and through the trash away.
"how far away is your house?" Niall asked
"about another 5 minutes" I said
"alright" said Niall "wanna do some more questions?"
"sure" I said "you first"
"okay" he said "who's your best friend?"
"Lauren" I answered "we've known each other for ever!"
"that's cool" he said with a little laugh
"and y-" I started
"Mary!!!" yelled my mom who was driving her car towards us
"Mom?" I said confused
"where have you been?" asked my mom
"we lost track of ti-" I was cut off
"get in you have to pack we're going to be leaving in a few days" said my mom getting out of the car and opening my door
"a few days!" I yelled "no!"
"yes get in the car" said my mom calmly
"ugh!" I screamed "I'll see you later Niall" I walked to the car door and opened it
"talk to you later" said Niall sadly

We got back home and I opened the car door and slammed it shut then ran in the house to my room and slammed my room door shut
"Why!?" I screamed
I then got changed and brushed my teeth and jumped in my bed and tried my hardest to fall asleep with out screaming my head off.

I'm going to be moving in a few days.... I won't be able to see Niall ever again...
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