My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


13. ❤ Thirteen ❤

Niall remembers me! He really remembers me! I am hugging Niall James Horan.
"I can't believe after three years you still remember me!" I said with a huge smile on my face.
"How could I have forgotten you?" Niall asked as he let go.
"Maybe becoming a super rich and famous pop star would change your memory?" I laughed. I saw Celab from the corner of my eye being squished by millions of girls as they tried to get to Niall... I forgot all about all the girls.
There were so many body guards trying to keep the girls away from Niall. Yet he doesn't care... I turned my head towards Celab who was trying to get to me but was held back by guards and girls.
"Niall? Do you think your 'friends' could let my friend threw?" I asked pointing to Celab.
"Sure. The guy with blonde hair right?"
Niall motioned for one of the guards over, he told him to let Celab threw then he smiled at me as the guard walked away.
"Finally, I was wondering when you'd notice me again" Celab said fixing his shirt.
"Well soooorrrrrrr-y, not my fault I was distracted by Niall my friend who I haven't seen for three whole YEARS!" I said laughing at him.
"Mary! Would you like to me the lads?" Niall asked smiley widely at me. I held back a laugh.
"I-I uh... I'm kind of a shy per-"
"Oh come on! You'll be fine!" Niall said starting to drag main to an empty hallway.
"No, Niall seriously!" I said trying to brake out of his grasp. We made it to the hallway.
"I promise you, you'll be perfectly fine. Ill be there the whole time" Niall said starting to drag me further.
"Niall, no! Stop" I exclaimed as my laughter of nervousness took over.
"Alright. Have it your way" Niall said smirking at me. "But tell me where your staying?"
"The really nice hotel about ten minutes away"
"Good! What room?" Niall asked smiling at me.
"777, why?" I asked confusedly.
"Sorry, I promise we'll see each other soon. I promise" Niall said as he gave me a big hug then took off down the hall way.
"Looked like you've been stood up" Celab said staring at Niall as he disappeared.
"I wasn't stood up!" I yelled punching his shoulder. "He said we'd see each other soon..."
"Well we're only here for a week so he better figure out a way to see you fast."
"Oh just shut up" I said turning around to walk out. The girls were staring at us.
"Uh oh..." Celab said backing up slowly.
"This way" said a voice from behind. I looked back. No one was there. But I ran that way with Celab anyway. The fan girls followed...
"This way" the voice led us to a back door. We both ran to the side of the building and saw the parking lot. clear. We ran. We made it to the car and drove off as fast as possible.
"That was crazy!" I exclaimed laughing as I plugged my iPod back into his car.
"Your tellin' me" Celab laughed alone with me. His smile... It didn't seem real... It didn't seem genuine. I didn't say anything though.

The ride back was just listening to the music, we didn't talk much. Finally we made it back, in what seemed like hours but was only 10 minutes. I jumped out of the car and headed for the doors. My excitement about Niall remembering me overpowered my curiosity about Celab. I ran to the automatic doors and slammed right into them. Celab laughed as he approached behind me.
"That wasn't funny" I stated as I rubbed my forehead.
"Yeah and dogs aren't cute" he said in mockery.
"Just shut up" I mumbled as we walked to the elevator.
I pressed the button and we entered the elevator. I reached for the button to go up when Celab grabbed my hand and moved it, he then pushed the button with a smug look on his face. I rolled my eyes and we headed up. We made it to our floor and the doors opened. There was a clear hallway all the way down to our door. I smirked at Celab. He nodded and we both went into our ready stances.
"Last one there has to buy dinner." I said still smirking at him.
"Your on"

I looked ahead of us to the finish line and started to think about it... 'What if he wins... Crap I don't wanna pay!' To late now.
"Ready" Celab said moving a little in his stance.
"GO!" We yelled at the same time. I went flying down the hallway. My legs were taking me as fast has they could yet Celab was still faster. I held my breath knowing I shouldn't but out of habit. I started to get further ahead of him. I was gonna win... We were nearly there when we hear over the speakers
"Excuse me, the two kids in the hall on the seventh floor please stop running"
Celab and I laughed. We didn't stop. And finally I touched the door a millisecond before Celab.
"HAHA! I WON! YOU BUY DINNER!" I yelled in his face. I looked down at the ground and started panting.
"Neither of you two are buying dinner" said a familiar voice said. "I am"
I looked up and saw Niall leaning against a wall on the other side of the hallway.
"NIALL!" I yelled running into his arms yet again. Celab stood up straight and fixed his shirt.
"When did you get here?" I asked as I pulled away.
"Like a few seconds before you" he stated with a half smile on his face. "In fact... We stay in that room over there"
Did I hear him right? He said 'We' didn't he? As in... Liam... Louis... Zayn... Harry and himself are staying in that very hotel room.
"R-really?" I stuttered.
"Yeah. Now will you come meet the lads?" Niall asked grabbing my wrist. I looked back at Celab for a little help. He knew how shy I was! But Celab just smirked at me and opened the door to our room.
"Celab!" I yelled pulling away from Niall and walking to the door. Celab shut the door right when I got there.
"Hey... Open up! I don't have a key!" I said banging on the door.
I could hear Niall chuckling from behind me.
"And what are you laughing at, Horan?" I asked raising a brow at him.
"Oh nothing nothing" he said holding his hands up in defense.
"Right...." I mumbled under my breath as I rolled my eyes and went back to pounding on the door.
"It's occupied!" Celab sang against the door.
"Hey! Open up! I'm here too you know!"
"Your staying in the same room?" Niall asked raising an eyebrow at me now.
"Less money" I explained. Niall nodded and turned to walk to 'their' room.
"You coming?" Niall asked trying to hold back a laugh.
"I- uh I told you I'm shy" I said quietly.
"Come on! You'll be perfectly fine! You were when we met" Niall exclaimed grabbing my hand and walking to 'their' room.
"You weren't rich and famous then" I stated.
"Come on!" He grabbed the knob and turned it. The door flew open and I saw four boys sitting on the couch watching TV. As soon as they heard the door opened they looked over.
"Hey! Who's this?" Zayn asked raising an eyebrow.
"Lads, this is Mary." Niall said introducing me. "Mary, these a-"
"Wait... 'The' Mary?" Liam asks standing up and starting to walk over.
"Yes" Niall said smiling widely.
"Finally!" Louis shouted running over to us. "Niall would never stop talking 'bout you! And finally we get to meet you!"
Louis... Hugged me? He just ran up and put his arms around me... And hugged me. Odd....
"I never thought you'd look like this" Harry said looking at me from head to toe. My nervousness started to take over. I started playing with my hands. Wiping the sweat off on my shorts.
"Your not nervous... Are you?" Asked Liam walking over to us.
"Uh- n-no" I said shakily.
"Come on boys!" Louis shouted. "We have to make her feel welcome!"
They all ran over to me and have me one big hug. My hearts started to beat faster. I was more nervous then ever in my LIFE! Niall was laughing behind us.
"You gonna join the hug or what?" Harry asked opening a spot for him to join. He took the chance to jump in and hug me as well. Their all so.. So friendly. I smiled.
"There's a smile!" Zayn shouted "another job well done"
They all laughed and let go. I was thankful another second and I would have collapsed. They all stood around me. It was kind of silent, besides the TV.
"Well I just wanted her to meet you guys but I'm actually taking her so we can catch up" Niall stated taking my hand and starting to lead me away. The boys all 'awed' together. I giggled.
"She giggled!" Yelled Louis "another job well done!"
They all high-fixed each other, which made me laugh.

Niall took me down the elevator and out the back door. I was surprised he wasn't wearing sunglasses or something to hide his face.
"Alright, I'm getting a guitar and we're heading for an open field or something" Niall said as he led me to a big bus. Their bus actually. He stopped pulling me at the door to the bus. I stopped and he went it. I stood there waiting. After a few minutes he came out with a black acoustic guitar, like before. We headed to a car that had been pulled up by a bodyguard or something. We ran to the car and jumped in. Niall laid the guitar on the back seat and we were off to find a field or something.

The ride was starting out kind of awkward with a lot of silence... Until finally Niall spoke up.
"So, how have you been?" He asked stilling looking at the rode.
"Good, ever since I moved to America it hasn't been the same... I mean like the only friend I've actually made has been Celab. My parents keep tellin' me to find a friend that's a girl but even after this long I just can't..." Wow... I just said all that to answer 'how have you been' I talk a lot...
"Well seems like you definitely can still talk to me." Niall said chuckling.
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Well I thought that through these years you would forget about me, move on in life and never speak to me again" Niall said frowning "I couldn't bear the thought though... I wanted to keep telling myself you were coming back, and look at us now! Your back and we're talkin!"
I laughed and looked out the widow.
"Yeah." I said smiling "who would have EVER thought it en up like this?"
"Definitely not me, but I hoped"
I laughed.

Finally after driving around for a while we found a HUGE open yard thing. Niall parked and we ran through the grass. Once we got kind of to the middle I fell down and just smile as I looked up at the sky. Niall laid down next to me with the guitar beside him.
"Do you wanna sing a song?" He asked sitting up.
"I don't know how bad I got over the years but I guess since its you... You won't tel anyone how bad I am anyway" I laughed
"You, bad? Ha!"
I giggled. But I was serious I was horrible at singing, and I'm not just saying it get attention!
"What do you want to sing?" Niall asked putting the guitar in the right position.
"What about... One of the songs we sang before I left" I suggested.
"Which one? I really don't remember very well" Niall said with a small laugh. I gasped and held a hand to my heart.
"You forgot!?" I said with fake hurt in my voice. "I-I'm so hurt!"
I pretended to cry and almost burst out laughing. Niall starts laughing and just pushed me. I laughed along with him.
"I remember one." I finally said when we stopped laughing. "I don't know if you remember how to sing it, or play it, but... The song I remember was... Only One by YellowCard"

A/N: I'm sorry that this took so long and it's kind a sucky chapter, but I have one question. Would you rather a short chapter and more updates or long chapters and little longer wait? Please tell me so I can choose :P I think I might just stick with the long chapters that's how I like them lol.
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