My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


10. ❤ Ten ❤

Since the concert was in two days we had to pack and we actually had to leave today... Apparently Celab had already talked with my parents about this a while back. They had plain tickets and everything.
"we knew you'd be the happiest girl alive if you saw Niall again... So we decided to let you and Celab go." they said. I love my family so much! They all chipped in... Well besides Ryan and Hope. I can't believe they all did that.. For me... Just so I could go see Niall again... And maybe not even for a long time. I've never been to a concert before.... My first concert and I get to see one of my best friends who doesn't remember me at all...

After I was told that I'd be going I gave all my family members a hug, even my dog! Oh right you didn't know did you... Uh well I have a pet husky her names Mikoto, it's a Japanese name but I always liked that name.

I finally finished packing and decided to tell some friends where I'd be. Some friends meaning Lauren. I grabbed out home phone and dialed her number.

*Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring*

It seemed like 50 rings before she finally picked up.
"Hello?" said a groggy voice. Wait today's Wednesday she shouldn't have picked up at all...
"Hey... Lauren your not sick... Are you?" I asked. She yawned into the phone.
"Yeah, Im sick, that's why I'm no at school. So anyway why'd you call?" she asked. Her voice sounded different... Maybe she lost her voice.
"well actually I wanted to tell you something...." I said
"which is?...." she said a little impatiently.
"IM GOING TO ONE DIRECTIONS CONCERT IN TWO DAYS WE'RE LEAVING TODAY!! IM GOING TO SEE NIALL!!!!!!!!!" I yelled into the phone. She didn't reply for a while, I thought she hung up... But eventually I heard a low dry 'ahhhhh'
"are you trying to scream but you lost your voice?" I asked.
"Yerps" she said with her voice cracking.
"well you get your rest and I'll get on the plain to see Niall!" I said laughing.
"fine, rub it in some more wont you?" she said sarcastically.
"I'm going to see 1D, in goin to see 1D, I'm going to see 1D, cause I'm really great!" I sang the tune to blues clues for 'We Just Got A Letter'
"Shut up, and good bye" she said
"okay! Buh bye, BAY-BEE" I said laughing.

Finally I hung up and grabbed my things. I walked down the stairs with my one suit case that was full of things I would need for the week I would be there. Usually girls would have like 5 suit cases for a week... But I don't bring all that Make-Up crap, I actually think that the only make-up I'm actually really gonna use is foundation. But just in case... I am bring a little bit of eye shadow... But nothing else no lip stick or anything like that. So with my one big suit case in one hand and one bag for my toiletries in the other, then one backpack with all my carry on stuff in it on my back I walked down the stairs and to my surprise Celab was at the door waiting for me. Actually it wasn't much of a surprise...
"you ready?" he asked smiling at me.
"yeah." I said walking over to him. "oh! Wait I have one more thing to do!"
"hurry i-" but before he could finish I dropped my bags and wrapped my small arms around his stomach and have him the biggest hug in the world. My family chipped in for the plain tickets not the tickets for the actual concert, and that's why I hugged Celab so much, he spent his money on me for One Direction concert tickets, I'm so happy he's my best friend- wait second- wait third- Wait- ugh I don't know anymore...
As I hugged him he wrapped his protective arms around me and hugged me back.
"what's this hug for?" he asked as I let go.
"I'm just so happy I've got the most amazing friend in the world, I just thought I'd give him a hug" I said smiling at him.
"oh we'll how about a kiss on the cheek for the most amazing best friend in the world" he said raising his eyebrows at me and pointing to his cheek.
"I will, but I haven't seen him in 3 years" I said smirking at him.
"oh!" he said slapping me playfully. "you better hurry before I take those tickets back"
"Hey!" I yelled as he walked out the door to his car.
"hurry up" he said getting in the divers seat. I smiled at him from the porch then I grabbed my bags and walked to the trunk. Celab popped the trunk and I out my big bag and toiletry bag in. Then I walked to the passengers side. I opened the door and jumped in, putting my bag on the ground in front I me.
"alright so it takes an hour and a half to get to the air port, our flight leaves at 3:00 it's 12 now we'll land around 7:00 and we'll get to the hotel around... 7:30 maybe." Celab said pulling out of the drive way. Just as we got all the way down Mikoto came running down barking at us, she still a little puppy and she the adorable thing you'd ever see in you life!! I told Celab to wait. I jumped out and ran to Mikoto and hugged her.
"now you be good, Mikoto" I said to her point at her. She just stuck out her tongue and barked at me. "I love you! I'll be back in a week"
I walked back to the car and Mikoto ran back to the house bark at us as we drove away.

The ride was mostly listening to music, my music... Of course. But there were some times when we'd start a little conversation.
"Celab, you did get two rooms at the hotel right?" I asked
"I got one big room that has two beds one at either side of the room with a sitting room in between them and the kitchen, but there's only one bathroom." he answered.
"well that's okay... Just know I get it first in the mornings" I said quickly.
"if you get up before me" he said laughing.
"oh I guess that's true..." I said. Then we went back to listening to music.

Finally! After stopping at McDonalds twice, once for food once to go to the bathroom, we made it to the airport. Celab grabbed his bag from the trunk and I grabbed my bags from the trunk. Some guy walked over to Celabs car and drove away.
"HEY!!" I yelled
"Mary! Keep it down... That guy was just takin the car to a parking lot for the next week." Celab said covering my mouth.
"oh..." I said a little embarrassed with my out burst.
We both walked in and walked to the line that puts our bags on the plain. After waiting for 10 minutes we finally finished with our bags and started to the line for security.
"I've always hated Security..." I said quietly as he waited in line.
"why? You a bad guy trying to get threw?" Celab asked sarcastically.
"Celab" I said punching his arm. "it was meant to be a secret"
Celab started laughing, but seriously, I hate security...
We finally made it through no beeping noises. I'm safe! We walked to our gate which was gate 17. We sat down.
"good timing, 2:35" said Celab sighing.
"So only about 10 minutes until we start boarding" I said sighing as well. I took out my laptop, well my moms laptop that she let me barrow, and hooked up to the Internet. I logged on to Facebook and waited for it to load. Finally it was finished and what I saw surprised me. For the first time I had more then 70 notifications.... 'What happened?' I asked myself.
I clicked the notification box and there were so many posts on my wall... Mostly from Lauren... 'Figures... I'll check it out when I get to the hotel' I told myself logging out and shutting the computer off. When I looked up Celab was already in line waiting for me. I jumped up and put the computer in my bag then zipped it up and ran to Celab. We got on board and took our seats. We waited for another person to sit next to us, me on the window seat and Celab in the middle... But good thing no on sat next to us, so Celab moved to the aisle seat. But I stayed where I was.
"Hello, this is your captain speaking..." I tuned out the rest because I had already known all of what he was going to say. Finally when he was finished speaking everyone buckled and we began to take off. About 15 minutes after we actually got off the ground the flight attendants walked down the aisle taking people's orders.
"what are you gonna get?" asked Celab looking at me.
"Sprite and... Some pretzels." I said answering his question "and you?"
"sprite and peanuts" he said
Finally the flight attendant came to us and we told her what we wanted she nodded and was off to take more orders. We got our snacks and drinks. After the first hour of listening to music and doing nothing Celab tapped my shoulder.
"does this remind you of anything?" he asked smirking at me.
"nope nothing at all," I said sarcastically.
"yeah, it's not like you met one of the greatest guys in the world on a plain or anything" Celab said just as sarcastically.
"no, actually I met him on the ground in Ireland" I said sticking my tongue out at him.
"ha- ha-" Celab said rolling his eyes.
"I'm just teasing!" I said pinching his cheeks
"Shut up" he said pushing my hand away and rubbing his cheeks "that hurt"
"riiiiiigggghhhttt..." I said turning and looking back out the window.
"This is boring think of something we can do on this plain!" Celab said poking my arm.
"how about you stop poking me, there's a good suggestions" I said pushing his hand away.
"how bout you give me that kiss on the cheek you were suppose to give me?" Celab said Smirking at me.
"Never in a million years" I said laughing at him
"meanie..." he said pouting.
I laughed at him and put my earbuds in and pressed shuffle on my IPod. The rest of the ride Celab would at random times poke my cheek then point to the person in front of us then I would roll my eyes.

The plain ride finally ended and we arrived.
"I can't believe we're actually here..." I said as I rolled my bag down the side walk. Celab sat at the bus stop and I followed.
"just think," Celab said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and looking up at the sky "in two days, you'll be meeting your old boyfriend and new pop star 'friend'."
"Shut Up! He wasn't my boyfriend!" I yelled pushing his arm off me.
"well that's what it sounded like when you wrote stuff about him" Celab said smirking at me.
My eyes went wide and I turned to him.
"HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!?" I yelled at him.
"hey," he said holding up his hands in defense "I didn't till now"
He started bursting out laughing. My eyes started to get glossy but I wouldn't let the tears run out, 'i thought he actually knew... And know he does...' I said to myself. My head dropped as my eyes felt tears ready to street out.
"Hey, Mary, I didn't mean it... I'm sorry..." Celab said standing up and engulfing me in a hug. I hug back.
"It's okay... I shouldn't be this upset anyway..." I said quietly
"I didn't know.... I actually think its sweet that you write about him Mary, I'm sorry..." he said, he kept apologizing.
"it's okay" I said as we sat down and waited for the bus, he still never released me from his big hug. But to be honest I was fine with it. I never realized how close we actually were, he was like another brother only better... But in some ways... I thought of him more then a brother... 'no, I'm not falling for Celab.' I told myself. Finally the bus arrived and we hopped on with our bags. We sat in the front and waited till it was our turn to get off. Finally after what seemed like 500 stops, we got off. The hotel was huge!!!! I can't begin to think of how much this coast... We walked through the doors and everything was... Was... Beautiful... An looked very very VERY expensive...
Celab got out card keys and we got in an elevator till the 7th floor! I don't even know how many floors this hotel has... Don't really care either... We walked to our room which was 777... Weird right? But awesome! Cause the thing is 7 is my favorite number! We opened the door and walked in... The room was bigger then my house! Or so it seemed. It was crazy huge. The beds were king size! Everything was amazing! And Celab did this all for me... I ran to Celab and jumped on him engulfing him in a hug.
"Thank you so much Celab! You have no idea how much this means to me." I said as he hugged back.
"Your Welcome" he said laughing. I let go and ran over to the bed.
"Alright Celab on three" I said he nodded. "one"
"two" he said crouching down a little.
"THREE!" we yelled together. We both jumped in the air and landed on the beds bouncing pretty high. The bed was so bouncy and comfortable!
"Oh gosh..." I said laying on the bed closing my eyes "I could just fall asleep right here and now"
Just then something heavy pushed me and we both fell on the ground.
"Ow!!!!" I yelled laughing, Celab landed ON TOP of me. "the the freak off of me!!"
He laughed and laughed and laughed, but eventually he rolled off of me. We laid on the ground laughing at each other.
"well that was fun," Celab said sitting up "now for the boring part... Un-pack"
"ah!! Do I have too!?" i asked sticking out my bottom lip.
"yup, and you'll get no help from me" he said standing up.
"ugh! At least help me stand up" I said as he began to walk away.
"Nope" he said popping the 'p'
"Argh!!!" I yelled standing up, I then ran after Celab. He looked back and ran faster, and he made it the bathroom and locked the door before I could actually tackle him.
"you suck" I said smashing my fist with door. I began walking away when he opened the door.
"you know you love me" he said then shut the door real fast.
"not" I said as I jumped on the hotel bed and began to un-pack.

Finally I was finished unpacking, Celab came out when I was half way finished. I looked at the clock, 8:30
"time flys when your having fun" said Celab laughing a little.
"apparently it also flys when your not having fun..." I said sighing as I sat on the couch in front of the flat screen TV. I grabbed the remote and flipped the TV on. I switch channels so many times until finally I found a singing show.
"I've never heard of this but we're watching it" I said leaning my head back against the couch. I felt the spot next to me squish down.
"Cool, I'm fine with it cause it's not everyday you get to hear people sing, Sometimes well, Sometime hor- not so well..." Celab said catching himself. I told him never to say that people sing horribly or to said anything like that, It just makes me feel really bad for them... Cause I can relate. We watched the show for a while. Eventually I got hungry.
"Make me food" I said as I laid down on the couch, I laid my feet on top of Celab.
"well if I could get up I might" he said pointing to my feet. Then he began tickling my feet.
"OKAY!!!" I yelled laughing "STOP STOP!!!! MERCY!!!"
He laughed as he got up and walked to the kitchen behind the couch.
"watcha want?" he asked
"it don't matter, just something I'll eat" I said staring at the TV.
A few minutes later Celab came out with a bag of Chips.
"how did these get here?" I asked sitting up.
"dunno, maybe they come with the place" he said sitting beside me and looking at the Tv.
"that makes sense, thats the reason this place was so expensive!" I said sarcastically.
"hardy har har har" he said as he stared at the Tv.
"your no fun..." I said laying down.

We watched the show till it was over then I switched the channel and looked at my IPod clock, 10:30. My eyes began to get heavy. 'oh what ever I'll sleep on the couch tonight' I said to myself. I stretched my legs out and hit Celab.
"Hey!" he said "watch where you moving your feet, I'm still here you know."
"oh that's right... I forgot you, ha ha" I said smirking at him. "seems as if you were never really here"
"oh really?" he said raising an eyebrow at me. I laughed at his face then looked back at the TV. My eyes got even more heavy. I closed my eyes for a second but they opened as soon as I heard Celab...
"body slam!"
Then my body began to crush under Celab's.
"get the crap off of me!!!!" yelled. He laughed then I pushed him into the floor.
"what you tryin to do? Suffocate me?!" I yelled sitting up breathing heavily.
"oh come on Ma-" I cut him off
"shut up, I'm tired go to sleep, no more body slams" I said laying back down.
"You know you really are weird." Celab said laughing at me
"what ever" I said as my watched the TV. Then my eyes slowly began to close.
"Night Mary" Celab said his voice so close to my ear. That woke me up...
"Come on! I was half way asleep!" I said pushing his face away from mine. He burst out laughing.
"nighty night" he said still laughing.
"night." I said closing my eyes once more and this time I fell asleep.
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