My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


1. ❤ One ❤

Three years before.

I was 13 and I was in the woods behind my house by myself like I always do. I was sitting on a log just taking in the fresh air of Ireland, the place I have lived my whole life. While I was enjoying all of the surroundings I heard someone yell my name "Mary!" I looked around 'must have been mom, maybe I should head back' I said to myself. I started walking back to my house through the woods towards my house when I heard My name called again "Mary!" I ran faster now 'this has to be something important! Something like moving' I said to myself.

Finally I ran through the door to my house and saw my older siblings with surprised expressions on their faces and my younger brother was crying "what happened?" I asked taking off my shoes and sitting on the couch "your father has taken a new job..." my mom started "okay?..." I said confused "in London" my father finished looking me straight in the eyes 'I HATE BEING RIGHT! I can't believe we're moving and to London' I was fighting back tears that were ready to burst out of my eyes "no... we can't move my friends! Lauren, they all live here in Ireland!" I said raising my voice a little "you'll make new friends" said my mom "when?" asked my older brother Tray "we're not sure but we think soon though so we have to be ready" said my dad. I grabbed my shoes and ran out the door, down a few streets and to the park 'I should tell Lauren...' I said to myself as I sat on the swing. I felt all the tears that I have been trying so hard to keep in, slide down my cheeks "no one is here so who cares" I said letting them all come out

I was crying there for about half an hour when I heard foot steps, I quickly dried my face and looked down so they couldn't see my face "are you okay?" asked a boys voice in back of me "I'm fine" I answered "no your not" he said walking in front of me and kneeling down. I looked up to see a boy about 15 with blond hair and blue eyes, he was soooooooo good looking and looked soo nice! "I'm fine" I said again standing up "then why were you crying?" asked the boy standing as well "because... why should I tell you anyway?" I asked "because maybe I want to help you" he said smiling "you just met me you don't know my name I don't know yours and you want to help me?" I asked looking at him "well... My names Niall" he said giving me a half smile "smooth" I said sarcastically "thanks" he said laughing a little which made me laugh too "my names Mary" I said holding out my hand to shake his "it's a vary beautiful name for a vary beautiful girl" he said shaking my hand and smiling.

I got up and started walking "hey wait!" said Niall following me "what?" I asked "so are you gonna tell me what was wrong with you?" he asked walking beside me "oh... Well..." I said.

I told him the whole story about us moving and me not wanting to and everything. "oh... So your moving and you don't want to..." he said nodding his head like he understood "thanks for the help, captin obvious" I said laughing "anytime" he said smiling and laughing as well "who would want to leave Ireland? I mean its amazing!" I said twirling around and looking up at the sky "I completely agree with you there" he said nodding, I walked over to a smallish tree and slid down to the ground feeling really happy 'this is all thanks to Niall' I said to myself. Niall came over next to me and sat down "you know, it feels like we've known each other forever! I'm really glad we met" I said looking over at him "yeah I'm really happy we met too" he agreed nodding.

All of a sudden my phone started playing 'Memory' by Mayday Parade "it's Lauren" I said laughing and pulling my phone out of my pocket I hit and talk button and put it up to my ear "Heyy" I said into the phone in a girly kinda of voice "When were you gonna tell me?" she asked "oh you found out... Wait how did you find out?" I asked confused "I'm Lauren your best friend! How could I n-" I cut her off "my mom told you didn't she?" I asked "haha you know me to well" she said laughing "oh! so vary true" I said back "anyway when were you gonna tell me?" she asked again "I was gonna call you right after I left the house but things came up, I met someone, talked for awhile and well kinda forgot" I said slowly "hurtful!" she said in a girly tone "I'm sorry, hey you'd understand if you were me" I said laughing "okay okay! Well when you learn when your leaving tell me first okay?" she said in a sad voice "course!" I said all joyful "alright ill catch ya later" she said "see ya" I said "bye!" she said joyfully now

I clicked the end button and put my phone back in my pocket "so who's the person you met?" asked Niall with a smirk on his face "haha your so funny" I said slapping his arm 'wow we just met and we're already acting like best friends' I said to myself "ow!" he said rubbing his arm as if it hurt "yeah okay that totally hurt you" I said rolling my eyes "you know it!" he said laughing. I stood up and brushed off the dirt on my shorts "well I should probably be heading home, I have to be ready to leave at any moment" I said feeling tears come to my eyes again but this time I didn't let them come out "wait, what's you number?" he asked getting out his phone "oh here" I said taking his phone and making me a new contact in his phone. "there all finished" I said handing Niall his phone "I hope we can hang out again like this soon" he said smiling "yeah me too" I said "see ya around" said Niall waving as I started walking away I really didn't want to leave but I had to... " bye" I said waving back.

I hope and I pray that I'll see him before I leave at least one more time...


I ran inside my house and took my shoes off again I had a smile on my face now. "Honey are you okay?" asked my mom "we know it's hard for you to underst-" I cut my mom off "no I understand, and I know we have to do what ever we have to do so I'll go start packing" I said smiling and hugging them, I do understand why but I wasn't happy we were moving at all... But if this is what has to happen then I'll let it happen.

I walked up stairs to my room plugged my iPod into my speakers and started playing 'Half Way There' by Big Time Rush, I grabbed about 4 suit cases and started throwing a lot of my close out of my dresser but not all cause we didn't know when we were moving. I started singin along to the song

"oh can you tell I haven't slept vary well since the last time that we spoke, you said please understand if I see you again don't even say hello... Please..."

I started folding some shirts and placing them nicely in my suit case, I guess I was only happy cause I met Niall... Speaking of Niall, I heard my phone go off, so I picked it up from my bed to see that Niall just texted me

Niall: Hey ;) as you can see I couldn't wait to talk to you:P

I read the text them laughed

Me: I know how you feel :]

I typed then hit send, I then went back to my packing. I waited for about a minute then got another text from him

Niall: So do you think maybe we could hang out tomorrow?

wow he just met me and he already wants to hang out... So Cool! I laughed at my thoughts and texted back

Me: sure although I'm probably either gonna be home packing or home helping put things in boxes

I waiting while I switched the songs to 'Move Along' by All American Rejects. It took about another minute for him to respond

Niall: I could help :D I mean if that's weird I won't but I could if you want me to

I read the text and thought for a little 'it could be fun having a friend help me...' I said to myself

Me: Alright I'll just let my parents know :)

I responded smiling, I then ran down stairs and walked over to my parents "mom, dad, could my friend Niall come over and help me with my packing?" I asked they looked at me weirdly "Niall? Who's Niall?" asked my dad "well I actually just met him today... but I thought it would be cool to hang out with him...." I said whispering a little "what about Lauren?" asked my mom "I could invite them both over and they could meet!" i said excitedly, then they looked at each other and gave in "I guess it'll be fine" they said, I walked back to my room and yelled "YES!" but not to loud.

I picked up my phone which had 2 texts, one from Niall and one from Lauren. I opened Lauren's first

Lauren: Hey you need help with packing?

I laughed at the text since I was just about to ask her to come over

Me: yes...... :) oh an my friend Niall is also coming over and I want you to meet him

I texted back I smiled to myself and listened to the rest of 'Move Along' and saved my packing for the next day. BUZZ! I picked up my phone and it was another text from Lauren


I laughed and replied

Me: yeah he's pretty awesome :P

I then opened the text from Niall which said

Niall: Cool!

cool.................?? That's all he said???

Me: they said sure, so I'll see you tomorrow around 9:30?

I responded. About 5 minutes later BUZZ

Niall: See you then ;)

Niall texted. Alright I'm done texting Im tired so I'm just gonna get changed, brush my teath and go to bed.

-10 minutes later-

I was finished brushing my teeth and had gotten changed. I walked Out of my bathroom and into my bed room which was very soon never going to be seen by these eyes again... I grabbed my iPod which was still plugged into my speakers an started playing 'The Reason' by Hoobastand and started drifting to sleep 'I can't wait for tomorrow' I said to myself over and over until finally... I fell into a deep sleep.
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