My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


9. ❤ Nine ❤

And this is where my story continues.

It was a normal Tuesday night, 6:30 and I was heading to volleyball practice with Celab, oh I didn't tell you did I... Well Celab is 19 same age as Niall... Celab drives me everywhere, well until I get my license. It's the end of summer and it's been about 3 years since... We left... 2 years since I've spoken to Niall and ever since then I feel like I've lost apart of myself... Thing is... I'll never be able to talk to him now that he's a super freakin popstar. I see him with his band and think to when we sang together at 'our place'. I just wish there was some way I could get his attention... But he has probably forgotten me and the times we had together... Maybe its better that way. {btw I'm not 16 yet I'm turning 16 in a few days so it hasn't actually been a full 3 years}

Celab turned the car off and the music instantly ceased.
"Mary?" said Celab taking the keys and putting them in his volleyball pants/shorts. "Are you okay? You weren't singing or talking the whole ride"
"I'm fine," I said opening my door and stepping out. "just remembering old times"
Celab knew that there was something wrong with me but just let it go for now. We walking the doors to the gym and walked where everyone was preparing to play volleyball. My friend Taylor ran up to me and placed a hand at her mouth and gave me 'our look' which is pretty much just a 'OMG' look.

"Mary!!" she yelled "this is the first time you've been here in a while what happened?"
"had a lot of stuff going on..." I lied I had nothing going on, I just didn't feel like coming, to much stuff on my mind. For the first time in a few months I began thinking about Niall again... And it's all because of Lauren. We talk all the time and she keeps bringing him up. I haven't told anyone bout me knowing him because.. Come on who's gonna believe me? Exactly. The only people who know is my family. We all walked onto the court and just stood there.
"what are we gonna do first?" asked Taylor
"Hit" suggested Chase, one of the few younger guys in the league. He's 16, The only younger people are Me, Chase, Taylor, Chay, Celab and Kyle, well the only young good players. I got into the setters position on the left side of the net. Taylor got on the right side of the net setter position. (for all those who don't know it's middle front) Chase grabbed a volleyball and walked to the outside ten foot line where you hit. He threw the ball high in the air, I ran towards it and got under it so that my hands were about to catch it. The ball fell into my hands, I brought my hands down towards my face and quickly pushed them back up with the ball and the ball went flying in the air with out spinning. The ball went a few feet above the net, Chase did his approach and came over top of the ball and hit it down to the over side. We went through this a few times, not everyone hit it as well at the first hit Chase did but they were pretty good. A few of the older men came in 5 minutes later and began to spike as well. After we went through for a while we decided to begin. Everyone was choosing which teams to be on. Obviously Taylor and I were separated but it was because we both set. My team on the court was; Celab, me, Kyle, Ben, Heather, and Chase, we also had a few older people but they were sitting out for now. The other team there were 8 people that I wont go into but Chay and Taylor were on that team. We started playing and Celab was the first to serve.

A few hours passed as we played. We started at 7:00 and now it was 9:15 usually my leave before 9 but I guess Celab and I wanted to play longer. I grabbed my water bottle and Celab grabbed his keys. We walked out to the car and got in. I plugged my IPod back into the cord in his car.
"Mary" Celab said putting his hand on my arm "you know you can tell me anything, right?"
I nodded and began looking threw my music playlist.
"Mary, I meant talk to me, tell me what's going on" he said turning and facing me.
"I'm fine Celab," I said with a little laugh "nothing's wrong"
He looked at me for awhile.
"eventually I will get the truth out of you, you know that right?" he said putting the keys in and raising his right eye brow at me. I couldn't hold it in, he just made me laugh... His face.

Finally after a 45 minute drive we got to my house.
"thanks for the ride!" I said opening the door
"no problemo" he said waving. I waved back jumped out and shut the door. I walked up the steps to my door, I opened the door and walked in. I watched as Celab drive away then closed the door. I let out a big sigh. I walked up the stairs and to my bed room. It was now 10 and I still need to take a shower... I took the clips out of my hair and the pony tale that was holding my sweaty hair up out of my face. I grabbed my robe and walked into the bathroom. I took my clothes off and turned the water on. I waited 5 minutes for it to warm up. I jumped in and let the warm water cover my body then began washing my body, then I washed my hair. When I was finished I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my hair then I grabbed another towel and dried myself off some. I then wrapped my rode around me and walked across the hall back into my room. I grabbed my IPod and logged into Facebook. 'there's not going to be anything differ-' I stopped my thoughts as I checked my notifications...

Niall Horan posted: Remembering my best friend from a few years back,

'could he be talking about me?... No he doesn't remember me...'

Niall: I still haven't forgotten you dude ;) So don't you dare forget me!

And that was the end... He definitely didn't remember me... It wasn't me... He said 'dude'... Which kinda surprised me, i didnt expect Niall Horan to say "Dude". I got into my pajamas and jumped on my bed. Another crazy thought about Niall... More thoughts about Niall... And even MORE thoughts about Niall, went through my head until I fell into a deep sleep.

As I slept my dream became more real... Someone was holding me... Hugging me... In my dream... It was... Niall.
"Niall..." I mumbled.
He looked down at me
"Wake up" he whispered.
"What?" he slowly began to fade away... "Niall... Niall no!!"
But he was completely gone and I was crying. I saw my Dad with his arms wrapped around me...
"Shhhh..." he calmed me down as I kept crying "it was just a dream..."
In this case that doesn't help me at all... It was just a dream just like it was 3 years ago... I remember Niall well... But Niall has completely forgotten about me...
It was only 3 in the morning but this was the time my Dad got up to go to work. He must have seen me crying in my sleep. He laid me back down on my bed and began to fall back to sleep. This time it was dreamless.

My eyes opened and I found myself waking up at 10:30. I groggily moved out of bed and grabbed my brush. I brushed my hair and then walked down the stairs to eat. The thought just came to me...
'America is actually better then I thought... But... It's nothing compared to Ni- Ireland.'
I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom making breakfast.
"Hey mom" I said grabbing a box of cinnamon oat crunch (real cerial! It's really good! And good for you!) then I grabbed a bown some milk and a spoon.
"Hey honey" she said that's all we said for the whole time really...
I sat down and poorer the cerial into the bowl then the milk. I moved the cerial around in the bowl making it more wet. I then crossed myself and said grace. I finished my prayer, eat my food and walked back up stairs to my room to change. I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a normal white tee. I grabbed my high-tops and walked down stairs and out the door. Im not sure where I'm going, but I just need to clear my head. I started walking down the street. I walked to a park... I'm not sure how I got here but I did. I sat down on the swims and just looked at my feet as I moved forward and backwards. I heard foot steps coming from behind me. I didn't care though I just kept swinging. I then felt arms around my waist and I was lifted into the air. I screamed but then I saw who it was....

"What Celab?" I asked as he put me back on the ground.
"well as you know, your sixteenth birthday is coming up and I want to do something AMAZING! I wan to get you something you'll never forget." he said smilin at me.
"my birthday isn't for another two days" I say raising my eyes brows at him
"that's also another special day." he said smiling at me wider
"What would that be?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest looking at him weirdly.
"well I wasn't goin to give you your present till your birthday day... But seeing as you kind sneed it before hand... I got you a present your going to love!" he said placing his hands on my shoulders and shaking me back and forth
"which would be!?" I yelled making him stop shaking me. He held out his hands with two peices of paper in them.... I looked closely and my eyes widened
"One Direction front row seat concert tickets, which by the way is on the same day as your birthday." he smiled "I'm going to be taking you there"

. . . I was just standing there frozen. . .
'One Direction tickets.... I mig- no oll be able to see Niall again... In person... I'm might now talk to him he might not notice me.. But I'll see him...'
"Celab... THANKS YOU!!!!!" I screamed jumping into his arms and giving him a big hug.

In two days I'll be at One Direction's concert... And in two days I'll see, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and the one the only Niall Horan. The only thought that was going through my head was...

'please remember me, please remember me!'
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