My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


4. ❤ Four ❤

It's been 4 days since my mom said we were leaving and I'm at the mall with Lauren, we've been here since.... 7:30! She said she had to get here early because she NEEDED to be the first person in the store. I didn't want to. We even had to ask the people of they would LET us in this early, which they didn't so we waited out side for about 2 hours then they finally let us in. My older siblings said, and I quote "my eyes do not function at 7:30 so we can't drive you" so then we asked Lauren's older brother, Drake, to take us he said "sure" since he and some of his friends were already planning on going.
"Lauren, I'm tired" I said sitting down on a bench in the food court "we came way to early!"
"calm down" she said sitting beside me "they open in 45 minutes"
45 minutes seriously? Come on! Why did I actually agree to go to the mall 3 hours early!

I walked over to where Drake and his friends, Nick, Jason, and Mikey were. They were all sitting at a table at the food court talking about who knows what, probably girls thats all they ever talk about anyway.
"Hey guys" I said tiredly, sitting down beside Jason and Drake "how come you actually agreed to take us this early?"
"well actually we didn't want to but... You know," Drake said pointing to Lauren who was walking over to us "Lauren.... She kinda gets what ever she wants"
I covered my mouth and laughed into my hands "that's mean" I said while laughing "you could at least put it differently, like your parents made you"
"but that would be a lie" Mikey said smirking at me "and we never lie..." he look over at Lauren "about Lauren"
I opened my mouth to say something when my phone started buzzing

Niall : Hey :)

I smiled and opened my phone to text back

Mary : Hey :D

I put my phone in my back pocket right as Lauren sat next to Nick and Mikey.
"who was that?" asked Drake "the person made you smile so it must have been a boy"
"shut up" I said punching Drake in the arm "gosh just cause I smile doesn't mean it was a guy! It could have been..." I trailed off thinking of a person it could be "my... Uh... Older... Brother?" it came out more as a question then an answer.
"right" said Jason smirking "but you know... That's still a guy"
"no he's not a guy he my brother" I said giving them a 'duh' look
"I bet you it was Niall" said Lauren smiling as big as she could, then my phone buzzed again "speak of the devil"
I opened my phone to see I had 2 texts, one from Niall and one from my mom. My mom....? I opened the one from Niall first.

Niall: What's up?

Mary: Nothing really, I'm at the mall with Lauren and her brother and his friends. You?

Then I opened the text from my mom not expect what had been on the screen...

Mom: we're leaving tomorrow.

I sat there shocked... I wasn't finished packing I didn't get to talk to all my friends... I haven't seen Niall for 4 days... BUZZZZ my phone went off again

Niall: Well actually I'm not doing anything... I was wondering would you wanna hang out today?

I looked at the text for a while and finally got enough strength to tell him I was leaving tomorrow

Mary: Niall.... I'm.............. Leaving....... Tomorrow...

It didn't take long for him to reply

Niall: then we need to hang out as much as possible before you leave, I'm not letting you leave before I get to see you again and say a real good-bye

I felt the stinging feeling of tears poke at my eyes, I got up and told everyone I had to use the bathroom so I left them and walked into the girls bathroom 'why now?' I asked myself over and over again. My life here was great! I loved it, all my friends are here, And I just met Niall I can't even become good friends with him! I was taken out of my thoughts by my phone ringing, I didn't look at the call ID I know it was probably Mom or Dad so I just answered it

"Hello?" I said in a sad voice
"I'm guessing you heard?" said my older brother Tray
"yeah..." I answered almost letting the tears fly down my cheeks
"Mary," he said slowly "don't be so sad it's okay you'll see Lauren and everyone again, and you'll make a bunch of now friends"
"Tray!" I said a little loudly "I don't want knew friends" I lowered my voice "Lauren's my best friend and what about Niall I just got to know him"
"Listen" he said sighing "I know it's hard... I am having the same kind of problem... I actually was calling for a reason though."
"what that?" I asked so close to letting the tears fall
"Well actually... I know how the woods in our back yard is like your place and everything," he said slowly "but I wanted to know... Maybe we could do something there with some friends before we leave so that you can definitely remember it"
I thought about the woods... And remembered when Niall asked me what my favorite place was... I could show him my favorite place... And it will be at my favorite time... At least part of the time, I could ask h-
"Mary?" said Tray pulling me from my thoughts "so are you going I answer me?"
I forgot he was on the phone "oh... Yeah," I said thinking it through "yes we definitely should invite our friends and have a camp out or something"
"yeah" he said "but I'm not sure anyone is gonna wanna do that..."
I chuckled "pssh I will"
"you don't count" he Said laughing "who of your friends would want t- Mary... I uh... I have to go"
"wait Tr-" but before I could say anything else he hung up.

How come this is happening? Moving? Leaving my friends... Lauren, Niall and what about Tray? Whats going to happen to him and Jenn... Ugh!!!! I decided to walk out of the bathroom back to everyone else and tell them that I had to go...
"Hey everyone," I said looking down at my feet, how do I say it with out Lauren getting all crybaby on me "I uh... I have to go" I started playing with my thumbs nervously "my mom needs my help with something"
"before we even get to shop?!" yelled Lauren "oh no! Not happening she can wait"

They all started laughing and went back to talking. I got annoyed and I just blurted it out with thinking "I'M LEAVING TOMORROW!" I covered my mouth with my hand, everyone was quiet "I'm.... I'm sorry"

I ran out of the mall and to a bus stop 'Why does this have to happen to me?' I asked myself. I decided to text Niall, I really do want to see him an today will be the last day I can.

Mary: Niall... Today I'm going to spend most of my day packing but.. Right now I've get nothing to do so if your close to the bus stop near the mall... We could hang for a little.

I slipped my phone into my back pocket and sat down on the bench. I put my elbows on my knees bent down and laid my head in my hands. I heard foot steps coming close to me, I thought it was Niall... But it wasn't. I looked up and saw Drake...
"Mary," he said sitting next to me "I know it's hard, we've had to move many times, so I know how it feels"
"Drake," I said fighting back the tears "I know we have to leave, I've accepted that..." I thought of what to say and how to put it "but, I don't know I really am attached to Ireland... It's my home and I never want to leave"

He put an arm around my should and brought me into a side hug
"I know," he said soothingly "I know"
he repeated that many times and I started to cry into his shirt. BUZZ! I took my phone out of my back pocket and found a text from Niall.

Niall: I actually am I'll be there in like 5 minutes! I want to give you the best time ever today!

I decided I didn't need to reply so I stuck my phone back into my pocket and stood up
"thanks," I said smiling at Drake "you helped me a lot, I'm gonna go, I'll talk to you.. Sometime"
"alright," he said smiling back at me "remember this, always be strong" he then pulled me into a tight hug "always be strong..."
I pulled away gave him a half smile then he walked back into the mall i waited till he was out of sight then I sat back down on the bench. Maybe if I do stay strong, I wont miss everyone as much... Nope. That impossible. I'm going to miss everyone no matter what I do...
"Mary," said a voice walking up to me "I finally found you"
I looked up and saw Niall smiling down at me "Hey Niall"
"When did you find out?" he asked sitting next to me
"a few minutes ago" I responded "but I wish I didn't find out..." I laid my head back into my hands "I really wish we didn't have to leave"
"listen," he said pulling me back from my position so that I had to look at his face "I'm going to make this day, the best day of you life okay?"
I felt something in my stomach burst... But I wasn't sure why "thanks" I said standing up, he stood up along with me "so where are you going?"
"Our place" he said smiling "if that's okay with you"
I gave him a 'duh' look and started walking down the sidewalk.

We walked in silence for awhile until finally Niall broke the silence
"so do you know when your leaving?" he asked looking down at his feet "you know, tomorrow?"
"no idea..." I said doing the same "I still actually have to finish packing"
"I could help if you want..." he said looking over at me.
I thought about this, and then remembered what Tray said about asking friends over to stay in the woods tonight and before thinking about what I was saying I blurted it out "Niall, we might be having a camp out thing at my place in the woods tonight..." I looked down kind of embarrassed not sure exactly why though "would you want to come?"
He was silent for awhile "sounds cool" he said smiling at me "are these woods your favorite place you were talking about?"
I nodded my head but I wasn't sure if he saw so I said "Yep"
"okay wait" he said stopping where he was, I turned around and faced him "I want to show you something else before we go to our place"
I lifted my left brow and gave him a confused look "where?" I asked "another one of 'your places'?"
"is that a bad thing?" he asked lifting his left brow and giving ME a confused look.
"Nope," I responded with a laugh "not at all"
He gave me a smirk, and i turned around and put my hands together behind my back and started walking forward.
"come on" he said grabbing my right hand, that was clasped together with my left, and started running "let's go!"
"where is it?" I asked following behind him
"you'll see" he said still running.

After about 2 minutes of running he stopped and I bumped into him, he chuckled an turned around to face me
"from here you have to close you eyes" he said letting go of my hand "okay?"
I sighed and put my hands over my eyes "okay"
"can you see?" he asked walking around me.
"nope," I said popping the 'p' "can't see a thin"
He chuckled at how I tried to talk like Ricky from 'I Love Lucy'
He then put his hands on my shoulders from behind and pushed me ahead of him "alright" he whispered "almost there"
I felt goosebumps form on my arms and legs.
After about 20 more steps he let go of my shoulders and whispered "okay, open your eyes"
I slowly removed my hands and opened my eyes...

"it's..." I looked around in my brain for the right words "it's amazing..." but that wasn't the right word "it beautiful..." but still not quite there...

"It's... Breathtaking."
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