My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


15. ❤ Fifteen ❤

So we've been here for a few days now, it's been amazing seeing Niall again, and being able to meet One Direction... Boy was Lauren jealous when I told her. We've been here 3 days so far and all of us have just been having so much fun! Surprisingly Celab has been getting alone with all the guys great, usually I would think guys wouldn't want to even look at there faces... Well Celab's a cool guy so I guess that's why he's good friends with them. Today we decided to hang out in the hotel room and just play some normal board/card games, if we thought of something else to do we'd say something but we couldn't think of anything. Celab and I were still here for 4 more days so we need to think of more things to do with the guys. We were sitting on their couch with a board game on the coffee table waiting for Zayn to wake up. Liam and Niall came up with putting make up on him while he slept and watch when he wakes up and gets mad then... Run for their lives. We all decided against it and just forgot about Zayn and decided to start the board game. "Okay who do you want to be Mary?" Questioned Liam. We were playing Monopoly, the older one, Lord Of The Rings Monopoly. We had Gandalf Aragorn Frodo and Sam, since Harry took Sam, Celab took Aragorn and Liam took Gandalf we had to get more pieces. We had a tiny skate board and a purse. I thought for a little while then just took Frodo and stuck my tongue out at Louis and Niall. Louis and Niall looked at each other then both lunged for the purse, to me it made no sense but I laughed anyway, Louis got the purse and Niall got the skate board. We all set our pieces down on the board and started the game. About an hour passed, all the properties were owned and we were trying to trade with each other. "I'll give you... Isengard for... Mordor and Rivendel" Celab said to me. I looked at him like he was crazy. "Have you got a brain up there? You are some kinda crazy person," I told him flipping my hair as I picked up the dice to roll "there's no way I'd trade Mordor and Rivendel for only ONE property even if it is Isengard" Celab put Isengard down with the other properties he owned. Everyone laughed at his fail with trying to trade. I rolled the dice and got a 6 and a 6. "DOUBLES!" I yelled. I was obviously winning, I had 2 full properties all the Blue; Buckleberry Fairy, Bree, and Weather Top, and all the Orange... I can't remember them all! Haha an I have Revindel and Mordor. Just when I landed on free parking which had a crap load of money, Celab jumped up. "I've got an idea!" Celab yelled. Everyone except for me, I was to busy grabbing the money and counting it all, "lets all go down to the beach and play some Volleyball! Something I might actually win at...." Surprisingly everyone agreed, well I was still counting money but Liam and Niall dragged me out. First we had to change so Celab and I went back to our room and grabbed our things and changed. I was wearing my jean shorts and a loose-ish tank top, so it didn't cling to me. I wore my swim suit underneath just incase we decided to go for a swim after wards. After we were finished we walked out of our room and back to the guys' room. "Um... Guys?" We said as we entered the room. Liam Louis and Niall were all sitting on the couch. "Zayn's up and he's getting ready, and Harry's just taking for ever" Liam said rolling his eyes I chuckled and walked over to the guys. With out me realizing it, these guys have become such good friends... Like how me and Niall were, we meant became really good friends in a heart-beat! Liam Louis and Niall were on the three seated couch, there was the two seater and the one chair left for us to sit on but I decided to have some fun. Celab sat on the one seater and I pretended that no one was on the three seater. "Isn't this place great, Celab?" I asked and I plopped myself down ontop of the three guys, they all made this 'uhh' sound. I was laying on all three of them, Louis at my feet Liam at my... Lower back-ish part.. An Niall at my head. "Although this couch isn't very comfortable." I moved around trying to get comfortable, but ended up feeling kinda awkward... So I decided to get up. "Sorry, that was ju-" "Oh no you don't!" Yelled Niall pulling me back down, they all made the same sound. "Tickle time!" "No!" I screamed trying to off of them. But they all started tickling me. And I mean ALL, Celab jumped over and started tickling me, Zayn came out and was at first confused but then just started tickling me then Harry joined in. They should all be glad I didn't pee on them. Well mostly just Liam... "OKAY OKAY! YOU WIN STOP TICKLING ME OR IM SERIOUSLY GONNA PEE!" I screamed pushing them off they all laugh but Liam pushed me off him him, making me hit the floor with a loud thud. Everything went silent. I was this >--< close to hitting the coffee table, >--< this close! I jumped up to assure them I didn't get hurt. "You were so close to making me hit that table Liam! So close!" I said playfully punching him in the arm. "I'm so sorry!" He said, he sounded like he actually meant it... I didn't mean to make him feel bad... "No it's okay, I was just playing..." After I said that it got quiet... To quiet... "Okay! Lets to play some volleyball!" I jumped over the couch and ran to the door. "Wait!" They all yelled. Then they all ran after me. "Catch me if you can!" I yelled laughing. I made it to the elevator an the doors closed before anyone could catch me. I suck my tongue out at them before it closed then headed down to the lobby. When I made it there I ran out of the hotel and to Celab's car. I stopped to catch my breath then just started laughing. "What's so funny?" Asked a voice from behind me. I turned around to see some guy with only his swim trunks on and his black hair all wet. He had a serf board in his hand and was walking towards me. "Uh. Nothing" I said waving it off. "Can't be nothing if someone like you-" "Mary!" I saw them all running out towards me I covered my mouth and started laughing again. "So that's why you were laughing" the guy said. I nodded. All the guys including Celab looked at the guy with an odd face. "Let get going Mary" Celab said getting in the car. "I guess I'll see ya around Mary" the guy said giving me a slight wave then walking to the hotel. I nodded and waved back. Okay no I probably won't ever see him again. I said to myself, then I just burst out laughing. "What?" Celab asked. I shook my head. "Nothing, nothing..." And so with that we headed to the beach. Author: Hey guys! I'm so sorry for such a late update! I've been really really busy lately... I can't tell you how crazy and stressful my life is right now... I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post until summer or even during summer but I'll try my best. How is it going so far guys? I know this chapter was sucky but I can't think very well... An I kinda up it together today, I had an idea before but it was a stupid idea, I like this one eyes. If you like it, tell your friends? You don't have to but if you'd like; Favorite, Comment, Follow ;) that's all for now, oh and don't forget to check ou my other story; For Whom It Was Written it would mean a lot to me ^_^ Sincerely Me :3
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