My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


11. ❤ Eleven ❤

The next morning I woke up and was lying on something hard... I opened my eyes and all I saw was darkness, I felt something soft... I pushed my hand out and the darkness lifted, it was a pillow. The brightness blinded me for only a second but when I could see perfectly again it was white....
'What the?...' I sat up and I was in the hotel.
"So it wasn't all a dream..." I said smiling to myself. I looked around me, the TV was turned off and I was... On the floor? I turned around and to my suspicion Celab was lying on the couch comfortably with one arm hanging off the side. He was sound asleep. That made me mad. He put me on the floor and he gets to sleep on the couch?!?! He could have put me on my bed!!! I stood up and grabbed his stomach and pulled him off the couch making him hit the floor with a loud THUD. Before he could awake and kill me I ran as fast as I could to my bed. I jumped under the covers and waited... I didn't hear anything except for a loud 'uahhhhgghgh' I waited... and waited... then BAM!
"OWWWWW" I yelled as Celab and his heavy body landed on my leg. I seriously did hurt, he landed on my foot and it twisted the wrong way...
"That's what you get for pushing me onto the floor" he said standing up and getting ready to walk away.
"Celab..." I said as I got out from under the covers. I slowly moved my body off the bed "YOUR DEAD"
I began to run after him. He ran faster though. I fell. He laughed. But the thing is... I couldn't get back up... I felt the tears coming to my eyes and I began to scream out in pain. Celab turned to face me and saw that my face was now covered in tears and I was holding my ankle. HE ran over to me and bent down in front of me.
"Let me see it Mary" He said touching my hand softly.
"No!" I screamed "You did it Celab! When you jumped on me!"
He had a look of hurt in his eyes.
"Mary... I-I'm So-" before he could finish I screamed again.
"Celab... I forgive you... I think it's-it's happening aga-" but before I could finish everything started going blurry. My body began to shake.
"Mary!!" Yelled Celeb. That's the last I heard as I fell to the ground and fainted.

~ ~ ~

my eyes opened and I began to see the ceiling of the hotel. I looked around me and I saw Celab at the kitchen counter with two plates.
"Hey," he said smiling over at me as I sat up. "You okay?"
"yeah" I said as I sat up completely and took my foot that was twisted out from under the covers.
"I'm sorry," Celab said as he walked over to me and sat at the end of the bed. "I didn't mean t-"
"Celab it's alright, I'm fine" I said smiling at him. "I'm be okay, I just need an ankle brace that's all"
"I'll go out and get one." He said standing up.
"Thanks," I said smiling at him and starting to get out of the bed. "Here let me get the money"
"no," he said smiling at me "I did it to you so I'll pay for the brace"
"thanks" I said hugging him.
"I'll be back in about half an hour, I made your breakfast so go eat as do what ever" he said laughing and walking out the door with his keys. He's such a great guy.
I walked over o the counter and grabbed the TV Remote and turned the TV on while I ate.

-Half an hour later-

I was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden Celab walked through the door and ran over to me.
"We have to get ready." He said.
"What?" I said confused "I thought that the consert wasn't until later."
"it apparently got moved up." He said standing up and running to his side of the room, "hurry go get changed."
he left the brace on my lap before he ran. I carefully put the brace on and tightened it.
"Okay" I said going to my side and picking out my clothes.

This is what I chose:

(Besides the purse)

Purse I did use:

I quickly ran out of the bathroom and grabbed my IPod, since I'm going to a concert I'm going to video tape it... and maybe... just maybe... If I was lucky enough... I could take a picture with all the boys... Yeah never gonna happen...

Celab was waiting at the door for me.
"Let's go we need to get there within 20 minutes and it takes about 10 minutes to get there and we need to get to our seats." Celab said opening the door and waiting for me to go first.
"I'm coming!" I ran out the door ahead of him and ran to the elevator. I pressed the button a few times not being patient enough to wait for it come.
"Stop hitting the button like that or you'll brake it! just be patient" said Celab running up behind me.
"Your the one that told me to hurry and now your tellin' me to be patient?" I said looking at him weirdly.
"All I said was stop hitting like that, try to be patient" He said laughing at me.
After a few more minutes of waiting the doors opened and I jumped in. thankfully there was no one in there to bump in to. Celab got on and we both hit the button to go down. we got to the lobby and ran out the doors to his car. We both jumped in and he started the car, and we took off in the direction of where the concert was taking place. We sat in the car silent the whole way there. My stomach was filling with butterfly's... 'Why am I so nervous? It's not like I'm actually meeting them...' I said to my self. but it didnt help at all my stomach was stilled filled with those annoying butterfly's.
"We're here lets go" Celab said opening his door and getting out. Something seemed wrong... There were no cars... What the heck? I got out of the car and looked at Celab confused.
"Um... Are you sure it got moved up? where are all the people?" I asked looking around.
"Come on lets go we won't be able to get to our seats if we don't hurry up!" he said grabbing my hand and running towards the building, completely dodging my question. 'Alright now I know that Celeb is playing a trick on me'
"Come on Celab!" I said pulling my hand out of his grasp. "I know your just playing a trick on me"
He didn't respond. For some reason he was just smiling at me, and not just a normal smile a HUGE smile! What the?
"What's with the huge creepy smile?...." I asked looking at him confused. He still didn't answer me. "YO! Celab! answer me!"
Still he didn't answer me. he just kept smiling and staring at me.
"What's Your pro-" but before I could finished, arms wrapped around me and I fell to the ground.


'No... could it?'

I looked at who had tackled me to the ground....

'It is...'


And that's when my eyes opened and I woke from my perfect dream.
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