My One And Only

"I'm The Kind Of Guy That Can Love Any Girl Because I Love With The Heart, Not The Eyes" - Niall Horan


8. ❤ Eight ❤

I was sitting in a uncomfortable chair at the airport, it's 8:37 in the morning and right now I'd rather be asleep at my home instead of at an airport waiting for us to move away to America. We sat and waited and waited....
"Mom do you have your computer with you?" I asked stretching in my chair.
"Yes why?" she questioned pulling her computer out of its bag by her chair
"I want to put the music from this disc," I said as I pulled the disc that said 'Niall Singing' on it out of my carry on bag and held it up for my mom to see "onto my IPod"
"alright" she said handing me her computer. I plugged my iPod into the computer, then I opened the disc thingy in the computer and placed the disc carefully in the player. I also plugged my ear phones into my iPod preparing to listen to music for the next hour and a half. I transferred the music from the disc to my iPod and shut down the computer getting my disc out first then handing the computer back to my mom. It only took 10 minutes of my time up. I made a playlist for Niall's song's and shuffled them. The first song that came on was the song we sang together - Vanilla Twilight.

"the stars lean down to kiss you..."

He sounded amazing but my voice... Just sounded horrible compared to his. I listened to the rest of the song and hit pause as Tray walked up to me.
"Hey you wanna come get some coffee from Starbucks?" he asked pointing with his thumb over his shoulder to Starbucks. He was the one that knew coffee made me feel better. I nodded and I grabbed a 10$ out of my wallet. We walked over to Starbucks and looked at the menu while we waited in line... Well Tray did I already knew what I wanted.
"next" said the cashier behind the table. We walked up and Tray asked for a vanilla bean frapachino grandè.
"stealer!" I said to him pinching his arm. He rubbed his arm and I laughed at his face. "I'll have the same"
"alright your total is Niall dollars and fifty-seven sense" the cashier said looking up at us, she had blonde hair and light green eyes.
"wait what was that?" I asked 'did she just say Niall dollars?'
"Nine dollars and fifty-seven sense" she repeated 'it was my imagination.... This is definitely going to be a hard move...' "you can wait right there for your frapachino's" We nodded and walked to the end of the counter. "here you are, have a nice day"
"thank you, you too" Tray said grabbing his drink while I grabbed mine. We walked back to our family and say back down in the uncomfortable chairs waiting... 'we still have two hours...' eventually I just fell asleep listening to Niall's Incredible voice.

"flight 793 is boarding now" said the flight attendant at the microphone "all the families with small children first" We stood up and they looked at us oddly "sorry, you only have one small child you will be boarding in which ever class you were in"
My parents nodded and waited in class A numbers 22-29 we all had the choice of sitting where every we wanted. Finally we boarded the plane and looked for seats. Three in each row or what ever you call it. Chase Jessica and Tray sat in one row and behind them sat my mom dad and Ryan, Ray and I sat in front of all of them. Ray got the window seat... Which made me mad but oh well not going to start a fight here. I sat in the middle so who ever sat next to me... Oh please let it be someone who's not old! We waited and waited no one sat next to me. Finally it was time to take off.
"hello I am your pilot for this plane ride, please fasten your seat bets we're ready to take off" he also said a lot of other safety stuff but I'm not going into that. The plane attendants did the same. Ray and I looked out the window and waited for the plane to start moving. "I'm sorry but this plane has been delayed, apparently someone was on on this plane, is..."
I tuned out as soon as I heard delayed 'we'll be here for hours!' I thought to myself.

A half an hour passed and finally who ever wasn't on the plane was found and was walking down the aisle finding a seat. I just laid my head against the seat and closed my eyes. 'maybe the person will sit down and hurry up! I just want this move to be over with! We had to move so quickly I still don't really understand why though... I don't understand why we're going to America either... Why did we have to leav-' I was pulled from my thoughts when someone tapped my shoulder.
"excuse me?" said a boys voice "is someone sitting here?"
I opened my eyes and looked over, the boy had light brown hair short but his bangs were just above his eyes, his eyes... They were like Niall's... Blue... They pulled me in... I shook my head cleaning my head of any thought's of Niall.
"nope," I said "go ahead and sit down"
He smiled and sat in the spot next to me.
"We are now ready for take off everyone," said the piolet "please fasen your seat bets"
"My name's Caleb, Caleb Conway" He said holding out his hand to shake mine "And you are?"
"My name's Mary Moore" I said grabbing his hand lightly and shaking it
"That's a nice name" He said smiling at me, I smiled back and we both sat back in the chairs not talking. Ray looked at me weirdly, I gave her a 'What?' look. She just shook her head and kept looking out the window.

It's been an hour and we still have 7 more hours left... suddenly I got a text it was from Ray. I looked at her and gave her a 'what the heck' look but check the text anyway.

Ray: Look's like someone likes you ohooooo :3

I rolled my eyes at Ray and just plugged my ear phones in but before I could hit play on my music Caleb turned to me and said "So how come your heading to America from Ireland?"
"We're moving..." I said as my mind started to think of Niall again, I shook my head of the thoughts "Why are you going?"
"I'm visiting some reletives, I might need up living with them but for right now just stayin with them for a little" he answered as he looked at his phone in his lap "so you won't be coming back to Ireland?" he asked looking up at me "This will be the last time I see you?"
I nodded "yes"
"do you think it's possible I could get your number?" he asked, I blushed this has never happened to me all the guys went after Ray firstly she's older and second prettier.
"You do know I'm only 13...?" I said lifting my phone from my lap.
"well now I do" he said smiling at me.
So I gave him my number he gave me his and that when Celab became one of my best friends.

In the 3 hour of our flight, still having 4 hours to go I recieved a text from... Niall.

Niall: Mary,
i just wanted to tell you that even though you are moving I will never forget you, you will always be in my heart. I'll always remember your face, you voice, your laugh... Everything About You. I will always remember. And I just know some how somewhere we will meet again... Soon.

Why did I have to leave Niall? Why did I have to leave Lauren? Why did I have to leave the people I loved most? Why did I have to leave everything I loved? Why did we have to move from Ireland? I know that everything that happens, happens for a reason and something good always comes out of it... But I don't see any good in this... If all this is going to turn out amazing and I'll be happy... Please give me a sign.
I plugged my earphones in and hit play on my music. Only One by YellowCard was the song that come on.

~ ~ ~ Plane over ~ ~ ~

My family and I finally walked out of the air port and into the air of America, it was... Refraining.

And so began my life in America... It's been 3 years since then. Caleb ended up living with his reletives and surprisingly he only lives a few blocks away! I talk to Lauren every single day. Niall and I haven't really talk much... We talked a lot the first year but... Something happened and he didn't text me back at all. I miss him like heck. I've wanted somehow to see Niall but I can't... Thing is about Niall... Now he's a famous super freakin singer in one of my favorite bands... One Direction. Even though I have a picture with him no one would believe I kno- sorry knew him personly... I look at the picture I have of him then look at the posters I have of him with his band... He would never remember me... Hes a famous singer singing on stage... I'm a nobody singing in my shower... He's singing with his band members on tour... I'm In my family room playin sing star pop by myself... There has been many things I've wanted to say to Niall since his text on the plan but only One Thing has been coming up in my mind ever time I think of him... Theres only been One Thing I've wanted to say to him since then...

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