Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


7. This Is Home?

Jessy's POV- Finally after a  9 hour or so plane ride we started to descend in London. The grass and trees were so green! Liam looked to me and said, "A rare occasion it is sunny. It must have come out because your here!" "Yeah, Liam I am sure that's it," I said sarcastically "do you ever have droughts here?" "What's a drought?" he replied sarcastically. "Back in Colorado that's all we would hear about! A drought level 1, a drought level 4, and oh look a new fire how many does that make? Oh wait 7!" "That sounds dangerous! Be lucky we got you out of there!" I smiled to Liam preparing to reply but the captain came on the intercom, "We are landing in London temprature 72 degrees and they local time is 3:46 AM. I am Captain Sulliker and it was a honor flying the Payne family home." "Do we always get that speacial treatment" I dully asked Liam. "Usually, ecspecially if they want an autograph." "But we don't know anyone famous," I replied sarcastically "not you. Your not famous your just my geeky older brother!" "Oh you love sarcasm. Hm? Well I have you know I am part of the largest boy band in the world and just yesterday you would listen to one of our songs and ball. Hm? Am I right?" My cheeks turned a bright pinkish red ,"Well at least I wasn't in love like I wanted to marry you!" "That's offensive! So which one are you in love with?" "Niall... but not anymore" I could tell I wasn't very convincing . "Hm is that so? Well Niall is a cutie but don't ever be in the same room has him when he farts." "I will keep that in mind Payne!" "Hey watch it, you are a Payne too!" Ruth yelled from the front of the plane at me.

We got off the plane and it was pitch black. Liam said mum and papa had arranged it this way. That way no one could come and bombard us on my first day of being a Payne. I was really enjoying it too! They were so nice and I felt loved imeditaly by all of them. Liam and I had a speacial connection. At least I thought so! It was great to have a older brother to mess around with. I know he's daddy directioner but around his family he is more like Louis. I felt like Liam knew me before or had at least met me. When we got to the huge penthouse on the 82nd floor of some fancy condo place that I was living in with Liam my jaw hit the floor! It was huge! A big TV with couches and large windows to the side overlooking the London Eye. "This is home?" "Yup," Liam replied "I love it! Let me show you to your room." I nodded and followed him to a soft purple room. A white canopy bed was against a wall and the room had a desk, a couch, a TV, and on the desk had gifts! There was 3 gifts. Liam spoke up, "Open them! I got you some bear essentials!" I quickly walked over and tore of the Toy Story wrapping paper and inside the first box was an I-phone 5! "No way Liam! Thank you so much!" "Next gift hurry!" I opened the second gift which was a bit heavy. I opened it and found a MacBook Pro! "Really Liam? You didn't have to!" "I also put in the DVD player Toy story! Open the third gift!" The third gift contained a light shoe box that inside held a very old Woody the Cowboy doll from Toy Story. "Liam what is this for?" He sighed and told me to sit down. "When you were born I got to help name you. Mum said you could be called Jessy for Jessica. I thought of you as Jesse the Cowgirl. I tried to give you my Woody doll and I said it would help keep you safe. Your adopted mom returned it to mum saying you couldn't have it. Mum promised I would see you again so I kept it untill this day!" "Wow! Liam, that's so sweet! You're an awesome big brother!" I pulled Liam into a hug.

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