Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


11. The Pool

Jessy's POV- Niall kept me on his lap in his arms for a while longer. I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke Niall was playing with my hair "Have a nice sleep?" I smiled and nodded. We were eventually told our gondola was at the bottom. We unloaded and ran throught the girls screaming at Niall to his car. When we finallt got in the car I said "I had a really great time Niall. Thanks!" "It was my pleasure. And I had a great time too!" He grabbed my hand and held it. "Uh... Niall as much as I love you holding my hand I think you should use two hands to drive!" He laughed. "Do you wanna come to my place tonight?" he said like asking Santa something for Christmas. "I would love to! But how do we get past Liam?" "Liam said he is ok with it already. He thinks we are just gonna be out to late and doesn't want a drunk driver to hit us." "Over protective!" "Yes he is but he just loves you and wants to keep you safe. You were gone from him for 16 years and hewants you to stay in his life untill he dies. Can't blame him though." "Niall, I am so confused can you help me?" "Yeah, with what love?" "I am confused what we are. Are we friends or are we more?" "Well I really want to be more." I smile and blush deeply. "Nialler I would love to be more than friends." "Score for Niall!" he calls out causing me to laugh. We finally arrived at the condo complex wher Liam and I lived. "You live here too?" "Yup! And you can come and hang out with me whenever you want!" I smiled. Wow. Everything was falling into prefect place. I had a loving family. A oh so amazing boyfriend. And it was Niall Horan. I was spoiled by my brother too. Everything was amazing. We got in the elevator and rode to they 92 floor. Wow he lives higher than I do! "The top floor!" he said. "You havean entire floor?" "Yeah! Liam didn't want that big of a place. I on the other hand did!" Wow. We walked into his floor. Everything was gorgous. Gold fixtures, white couches, big TV's, huge windows, and a porch with a pool! "Can we go swimming Niall?" It had stopped raining and the sun had come out. "Sure babe!" "Wait... I don't have a swim suit!" "Yeah you do Liam gave me a bunch of your clothes and things for tonight. He also gave me a bikini for you to wear." He said grinning. "Niall don't be so peverted!" I said jokingly. I didn't obivously want to go that far. At least not yet. "Go change! Bathroom is on the right, bedroom with your clothes on the bed is third door down on the left. "Okay I will! Thanks!"

Niall's POV- I was so excited when she wanted to go in the pool. Just me and her. She was perfect. And she was mine. I would never let her go. Liam thought she was sleeping in my guest room tonight. I was hoping she would sleep in my bed with me. Last night I had the best night of sleep in my life. She smelt amazing and I had her wrapped in my arms. She stayed perfectly still all night. After I changed into my swim trunks I made sure my hair was ok. Was I turning into Zayn? I just wanted to look perfect for her. She always looked perfect for me. She finally came out in a pink swim suit that was to small. "Does it look right to you Nialler?" "Babe, it looks great. And it's just us outside!" "Ok lets go!" she walked ahead of me. I had a perfect view of the back of her. Wait! Niall! Stop being so perverted! Yes she is your girlfriend but you don't want to take it fast. She unlocked the door and walked out onto the deck.  I ran and jumped in getting her a bit wet! "Niall! You got me wet!" "Get in Jess." "I can't swim though! I didn't realize your pool was this deep!" How cute! That was her of course! She got in slowly. I swam to her and grabbed her. " OMG! Niall! I forgot my friends were flying in tonight! I don't even have a hotel for them!" "Babe chill out! They can stay here." "Really Ni? They are big fans and they might annoy you. And I don't want to incovience you." "Love, it's ok. If they get to bad I will come to Liam's and your's condo." "Thanks Niall!" She kissed me. She wrapped her legs around my waist in the water. I pulled her closer to me.  Suddenly I could tell Harry was standing there watching us.

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