Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


17. The Lads and Breathing

Niall's POV- After Jessy ran into me crying my heart ached. How could people be so mean. If I love her, then I love her. They are not going to change that. She is my everything. She is so precious to me. I honestly don't care if Liam is mad. She is worth it. She had asked me to stay with her. It was only 6 so I started texting the lads. It turned out all of the lads and Jessy's friends had gone out with each other. They were all already dating! Harry was texting me. 'Having fun?' I texted Harry. He replied 'I never knew I could love someone this quickly. Sydney is the one for me.' Wow. He was feeling exactly what I was feeling. Louis texted me back. 'What should I do? I love Paige but I don't know if it's to early to tell her.' I replied. 'If you love her just tell her! She will have the same feelings for you.' At least I wasn't the only one who felt things were moving too fast. Even though I felt it was moving to quickly I knew she was the one. I was falling hard too. She was perfect. A new message came from Zayn. 'How do I avoid the paps? Sam is spending the night at my house and I don't know how to get rid of them!' Wow! He must have also really liked her. The boys had all found there matches. Well except for Liam. I am sure Liam would fall for Emmalee when he gets back. Simon also texted me. 'Boys! You all have tours in 3 weeks! I have seen pictures of you and your girls. You may bring them!' I was so excited. I knew Jessy would come, but I was still so happy. Jess could stay in my room. I again don't care Liam! Jessy started shaking and her breathing came to almost a stop.


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