Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


21. The Girls and Lads

Niall's POV- I turned the corner and saw a mob of people outside of the condo building. They were teenage girls so they were probably here to see me. I looked over at Jessy who was nervous. "Princess, we are going in the back. If any fans come keep holding my hand don't let go and don't say anything to them. Don't even listen to them. Ok?" She nodded. "Niall, is this going to be my life? Every where I go?" I nodded "Unfortunately yes. But the boys and I owe everything to them. They are the ones who pays our bills." "I owe them everything too. Liam wouldn't have came and got me without them and his money." I nodded. I owed them even more. They brought her here with me. I might not have even have met her. We drove to a back door and fans ran behind my car. We pulled up to the door as close as I could I looked over at her and asked, "ready?" She nodded and we got out of the car and I took her hand. We tried walking through the mob of people trying to touch my hair and yelling very rude things at Jess and I.
Paige's POV- Louis and I had been in the pool for a few hours. Nobody else was in so it was just us. Louis and I had become close really quickly. We were in the middle of playing the color game. "Blue?" He looked at me an thought for a moment. "Well kinda it's a shade of blue." I was puzzled I thought blue was only blue. "What color? I give up!" "Your eye color. Which is gorgeous, jaw dropping, sparkling blue.(The real Paige told me to put that in.) I blushed and he lovingly stared into my eyes and we both leaned in. I thought it would be a quick kiss but it was long and passionate. His phone started to vibrate on the table outside of the pool. He pulled away and went to go check who it was. "Hey Paige?" He spoke with excitement in his voice. "Yeah, Louis?" "I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend. I really want to be with you every chance I get and I want to be more than friends." I was so happy on the inside. I blushe. "I would love to Louis!" "And heres the best part, Simon said we can all bring you guys with us on tour!" I was so happy. Louis and I went back to his flat and we watched movies and cuddled all night.

Emmalee's POV- Zayn and Sam had invited me to go on the walk with them, but I didn't want to ruin there moment. Instead I went back up to Jessy's condo and got on her Mac Book Pro. I was sure she wouldn't mind. I logged on and instantly her Skype popped up with a alert saying Liam was calling. I clicked accept to tell him she was away. Instead we started talking for a while. I learned alot about him. He soon got a text from Simon he had told me. Later in the call Liam became shy. "Emmalee? It may be to soon and I understand if you say no, but will you go out with me?" I nodded. Was it weird I was dating one of my best friends brothers? Oh well! He was so happy and we talked about plans for when he got back in town. Later he asked me to go with him on tour. Of course I agreed. I told him I had to go because I was going to watch Jessy's interview. Zayn's POV- Our walk was amazing. We walked hand in hand through the busy streets of London and ended up stopping at a Starbucks. We had talked and joked quite a bit. We talked about my life, then hers which was far more ineresting then mine. She talked about life in Colorado and how she had became friends with Jessy. I was so happy Jessy was related to Liam. It's like God wanted this to work for me. I had to be with the boys. Liam had to get Jessy. Jessy and Geoff had to make the deal. Jessy and Sam had to be friends. It all worked. While drinking our drinks in the corner of Starbucks in fear that anyone would regonize me I felt obligated to ask her out. "Sam? I know it's only been a short time since we have known each other, but I want to be more than friends." "Zayn, I would also like to be more than friends. I would be so happy to be your girlfriend Mr. Malik." We both laughed and finished up our drinks. When walking back fans had found us. I scooped her up and ran her to my flat. We made a bunch of food for dinner. We both sat down and ate every last bit. The we decided to watch a movie. We ended up watching the 'A Year In The Making' documentary. I really didn't want to watch it because I knew all of it, but she smiled when I had it so we watched it out anyways. When it came to the part where I would not dance I became all embaressed.She looked over and we leant into a long kiss. It went past my part. Wow I got lucky. Sydney's POV- Harry and I had lunch at a fancy restraunt that I forgot the name of. I could tell he was nervous. He kept telling lame jokes that were so lame I just had to laugh. He seemed really different from the Harry in the interviews and with the boys. We ended up talking about the crazy fans and how I was one. We also talked about his career and being in the band. He loved it then shared he wasn't always like the 'One Direction Harry.' He started to become the Harry I had known. He even got very flirtaious. I was really enjoying lunch then it got even better. Out of no where he said,"Sydney, trust me. I remember when we met in 2012. I couldn't go after you because you were to young and I had to attend to 'Haylor' lies. But not one day had passed where I didn't think about you. When you walked back into my life yesterday I knew I had to keep you in it. Be mine?" I cried out of pure joy. "Yes Harry!" He started to fangirl. Wow. Harry Styles fangirling over me saying yes to him. He took my hand. "I don't know if it's to soon, but all of the other lads are bringing their girls on our upcoming tour. I would love for you to attend with me." I nodded in shock and joy. We later went back to his condo and watched movies and played Wii. That night he scooped me up and carried me to his bed. I fell asleep in his strong arms.
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