Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


24. The Castle

Jessy's POV- We walked into a huge dinning room. There was one long table in the center filled with delicous looking foods. The table had a amazing center peice of flowers in a vase with sparkle to it. As we all walked to the table there I noticed there were exactly 10 seats. Each lad took their girls hand and pulled out a chair for them to sit in. At first the silence was a bit akward, but then of course Louis ruined it with some odd noise. We all laughed and talked. I turned to Niall and spoke loud enough so every one could hear. "So I guess this was planned?" He nodded. All of the boys had smiles on their faces displaying there proudness of accomplishing this date. We soon passed around every food on the table. There was lavish meats and noodle dishes. Intresting seafood such as octopus and oysters which a few of us tried. Niall of course took the most food. Zayn spoke up. "Girls?" We all looked at him with our full attention. "Soon we have to release to the public that we are all dating. Our plans our we let paps take enough photos of us to get around. We have a interview after that where they ask about you and we confirm it all." Liam also jumped into speak. "The directioners will have a lot to take in. Zam, Lemmalee, Laige, Hydney, and Nessy. Yeah none of our couple names sound too good." Harry laughed then put his napkin down purposelly drawing attention to himself. "There will be haters girls. I don't think it will be too bad since you aren't famous. Well except for Jessy, but they will understand more. And don't listen to them ever!" We all nodded and Liam stared at me trying to get my attention. I turned and looked over at him. "Can I help you?" I was a little annoyed with his staring. "Jessy don't listen to the haters. Because then you cry then you die." The lads all looked confused. Liam explained everything to them and they were in shock. They didn't even know that was possible. Most people didn't. It was a very rare condition. (AN: The only reason I know so much about it is because I have it.) We all finished and couple by couple left them dining room.

Liam's POV- After Emmalee and I had finished lunch we excused oursleves from the table. We intertwined our hands and walked outside in the garden. It was huge. There were flowers every where. I felt bad that I had not even talked to her in person since this morning. We talked about her and her schooling. Then she asked about my family and I asked about hers. I really liked her and hopped she liked me. I apoligized for not being there yesterday and she understood and said it wasn't my fault my grandmother was ill. She even leaned in for kiss. I closed my eyes and leant in. From the moment our lips touched I was craving more. Was it weird I had just kissed my sisters friend? I thought so, but love works in mysterious ways. We also talked about what tour would be like. When we reached the end of the garden our limo was there to take us back home.

Louis' POV- Paige and I ate in a civilized manner unlike Niall. After we had finished Liam and Emmalee had already left for their stroll. I decided Paige and I would go walk through the castle. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the dining room. We talked for a while about random things. We also played 20 questions with each other and that helped me learn a lot about her. I knew she would be the one. I could picture her in my life forever. She completed me. I always felt happy around her. We also arrived on the topic of Larry. We were always just good friends. Harry and I never felt intamite for each other. We often shared many views on girls. It was both clear to each other we were straight. Paige said she never believed in it and knew it made us mad. We contiuned to walk around. We came to a window and decided to just look out it. Some how staring at out it became a long passionate makeout session. I could see our car was here to take us home. We walked out of the castle arms linked and proud.

Sam's POV- Liam, Emmalee, Louis, and Paige had all left the dining room. I assumed Zayn would soon be taking me to leave. We continued to talk to Harry, Sydney, Jessy, and Niall. Soon the conversation was just between Jessy and Sydney. Zayn got up and escorted me out of the dining room. We went to a garden in the back. There was a beautiful maze with rose bushes. We walked through and talked a lot. We got to know each other really well. Many people would think we have dated for years because we knew each other so well. We instantly had a connection and it only seemed to grow stronger. Midway through the walk we saw a fountain that looked big enough to swim in. I thought about it but decided not to, because it would ruin my dress. We sat down right by it and talked about our goals and wishes. Zayn had musical wishes, but he also wished for a family of his own one day. He wanted kids, but he wanted the perfect girl. I wondered if I was his perfect girl. He would be someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with, but I didn't know if he felt the same way about me. He told me we had a car waiting for us to take us home so we exited and climbed into the limo.

Sydney's POV- After Sam and Zayn had left the boys had their own conversations and Jessy and I had our own. We mostly talked about being excited for tour. Soon Harry asked if I was ready to go. I nodded and he took me out of the dining room. He grabbed my hand and we talked. We were also roaming the beautiful castle. "Wow this place is amazing!" I said in awe. "When we get back from tour we should look into buying this place." My jaw dropped. What? "Why? It would be just us two." "I would want all the lads and the girls to come live here also. It's far away from paps, but not far away form the 1D headquarters and the studio." "It would be so cool to live here!" We continued to walk around pointing things we could change and fix. We even started picking bedrooms for the others. They all were very big rooms. They all had huge closets which was good for the girls and huge bathrooms. Harry looked at his watch and said it was time for us to go.

Niall's POV- After Sydney and Harry left I escorted Jessy to a giant ballroom. Inside soft music was playing. It's some of our songs like 'Moments', 'Change My Mind', and 'I Wish.' She smiled the entire time we danced. I wasn't the best dance but neither was she. She was so perfect. She didn't know, but when we got back from tour the boys and I were all buying this lavish castle to all move into. We were going to have changes made to it while we were gone on tour. Even if some of the girls and lads broke up or god for bid Jessy and I broke up we still could all live here. Jessy had to live with Liam and they were her friends so they could still live here. I had already picked out Jessy's and my room. It was on the top floor over looking the main garden and where the pool would soon be. I caught a glance at the clock and realised our car was here. I gave her a kiss and took her hand. We walked out of the castle acting like we owned the place. She looked like a Princess that day. And I probably looked like a leperchaun.

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