Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


12. No One Tells Liam

Harry's POV- I had just met Jessy's friends. They were all very pretty but Sydney stood out to me. She beyond pretty. I got so nervous around her. When I tried to say hi I sounded like stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Lucky for me she was a fan and gave me a hug quickly and fangirled. I said I would go find Jessy for them. I walked into Niall's condo and heard things like laughing going on in the pool. None of us really knew what was going on between them. Niall and Jessy had been sleeping in her room last night and were going to stay at Niall's condo tonight. I walked outside and saw Niall and Jessy kissing! What the heck? "Um... What's the deal between you two? I won't tell Liam I promise." Niall started to speak "we are dating." He smiled bigger than he ever has. "Oh ok. Um... Jessy your friends are here." "Really? Already? Yay! I will go change quickly and I will be out to see them!" I nodded and walked back to tell her friends.
Jessy's POV- They were here already? Geez! I quickly went into Niall's room and went through the large pile of clothes Liam had brought Niall. I quickly changed into some yoga pants and a quick tee shirt that read 'its me! And I am not gonna change!' Amen! I was not going to change to be what fans wanted me to be. Niall liked me for me. I hoped at least. I brushed my hair and walked out of the room. I finally saw my girls! I hugged all of them at once. Finally everything seemed perfect. "Hey girls! I have some news!" "What is it?" Paige asked excitedly. "Niall and I are dating. I swear to God no one tells Liam ok?" They all nodded and congratulated me. Niall put his arms around me from the back. "Girls, this is the Niall Horan!" "And standing in front if me is my beautiful girl friend!" Niall said proudly. I turned and quickly gave him a peck. "You guys will be staying up in Niall's condo!" "Oh we didn't mean to kick you out Niall!" Sam said kindly. "No problem I can go sleep at Liam's and Jessy's condo! They live only a few floors down!" I introduced them to all the boys and I was exsausted. "Niall! I am going to go! I am so tired!" "Babe! You said you would sleepover! You can't leave me now!" He came over to me an gave me the puppy dog face. Then he pulled me close and kissed me. I pushed him off. "Ni! I am too tired! Carry me?" "Anything for my princess!" He replied. He picked me up bridal style and held me close to him. "Am I your princess Ni?" He stopped and kissed my forehead. " Of course you are!" "Well Ni you are my leprechaun!" He chuckled and I giggled. Niall set me on his bed an covered me with the sheets and blankets. "Thanks leprechaun!" "Anything princess!" "Will you tell me about Colorado? I want to know what it was like growing up there." I nodded. "Colorado was great. You only technically had two seasons there. Summer and Winter. Burning hot summers and freezing winters! The snow usually started in September!" "Wow!" "Colorado is known for skiing. I could ski since I was 3. My school in the winter wouldn't have school on Fridays so we could go skiing!" "Babe. I would love to take you skiing sometime! I know how to board! It would be so much fun!" He was really excited. "I would love too! I am exsausted! Good night leprechaun!" "Good night princess!" He pulled me close and draped his arms around me. I soon fell asleep. I could smell his sweet aroma. I had no nightmares at all that night.


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