Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


8. Mine

"Your welcome! I even set you up with a twitter account! It's @Jessy_Payne! Right now people just think you are a fan who wants to marry me, but when we announce it you will be verified!" Liam told me. "Me? Verified? But isn't being verified for famous people?" Why me? Why must I be famous! Don't get me wrong I love the Payne's as my family but can't we be normal. I know I agreed to this and I could never go back. Liam would be famous the rest of his life. Even if One Direction broke up he would still be very famous. "How many times do I have to explains this Jessy? You are famous now. Your a Payne. Your a long lost sister of mine. You are very important to me. That means you are important to the boys and the directioners." Wow! I can't believe it. Directioners are going to see me as important. Many would kill to be in my postion. "Liam, can I meet the boys?" "I suppose it's about time. I will call them and have them come over. Oh and by the way go look in your closet." I walked to a giant door and opened it. I found a giant closet full of exspensive looking clothing. The entire room was bigger than my room at Colorado. I looked through some racks of clothing. It was like Liam had bought a mall! I had everything I could ever want! I came to a section and started looking through some dresses. Some had sparkles others had ruffles. Liam had made sure to not by me anything to revealing or low cut. I always believed in the say, 'modest is hottest.' I came across a floral purple and blue sundress and decided to put it on. It fit me perfectly. I loved everything! I went over to where Liam had placed over at least 25 pairs of shoes. I chose a pair that were gold open toed sandels. Wow! I looked great! Except for one thing my hair. I walked back into my luxirous room. I walked to another door which I assumed which was the bathroom. Inside it had loads of makeup, hair products, hair accesories, and hair tools. Every girls dream! Nicola, Ruth, and mum must have gotten everything in here. The things were all so beautiful here. I finally felt I was wear I belonged. I straighten my hair quickly and braided part of bangs and pulled it to the side of my head. I heard a knock on the main door leading to the flat. Liam quickly said he would get it. I heard a bunch of odd noises from what I think was Louis. All of them were asking where I was. Here we go I thought.

Niall's POV-  Liam had called us over telling us he thinks we should meet his new sister. I had heard a lot about her, but never saw her. Liam told us practically everything about her. His family had recieved letters, school work, and photos of her. They almost knew everything about her. Liam had made it clear no funny business was to happen with her. Yeah right Liam. Like  I would. We knocked on the door. Louis was making some odd noises like a cow. "Moooerg!" "Louis shut up already! Your not a cow!" I was pretty ticked by him. Liam came to the door gave us a smile and let us in.  The next thing I saw made me gasp. I had in front of my eyes a beautiful girl. Tallish, but still smaller than me. Red hair perfectly straighten. Her brown eyes. I could stare into them all day. She was perfect, I knew she had to be mine. She approached us and said hi and smiled. Oh. My. Gosh. Her smile was flawless. No she was flawless. "I am Jessica! Jessy is what everyone calls me. Or sometimes I go by Jess." I could tell she was nervous. Her face blushed a bit and she was talking really fast. Zayn pulled her into a hug. I wish I would have done that first! Zayn spoke up "You know who we are right?" "Um... I... I.." Liam cut her off before she could continue. "Oh yes she does! She is a huge fan too! She even had a 'I love Niall' braclet on when we took her on the plane!" I blushed. I knew girls liked me, but she liked me! Or at least she liked the Niall in One Direction. "Is that so Jessy?" "Um... yeah" she blushed "I do really like you. Well I did... But that was before. When I would have never even had the chance to meet you." "Hi I am Harry!" He kissed her on the cheek! Butt head! She is mine! I want to take her and make her mine. The song "Stand Up" by us was what I was feeling right now. "Whats your favorite song by us?" I said without even thinking. "I really like Stand Up, I Would, and Last First Kiss. I like them all really but I feel like someone might sing those to me someday." "Wanna hear a song? I brought my guitar!" I said quickly. "No way! I really get a private performance from One Direction!" "Sorry guys she hasn't adjusted to the fact she is related to the hottest guy in One Direction." Liam said sarcastically "But she isn't related to me!" I call out! I start strumming the chords to "Irrestible".

"Don't make me stay the night

Or ask if I'm ok I don't have the answer "

Harry belts out. She starts to cry. My angel crying. That hurts. I stop playing and drop the guitar and quickly get to her. I hug her and give her a Horan hug. "Everything will be ok, babe." She looks at me funny. "What?" I ask. "Well in the U.S. if you call someone 'babe' it means you have feelings for them." I laugh and pick her up bridal style and carry her to the guest room where I set her on the bed. She snuggles her head in my chest and soon falls asleep. I look at her and smile. She is amazing. And I need her to be mine.

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