Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


16. Interview

Jessy's POV- "Niall," I said shaking with nerves. "Yes Princess?" "I am scared for the interview." He took my hand and intertwined our fingers. "I will be right there with you. Just answer honestly and they will love you!" By now we had left the boat and was in a limo to the interview place. I was told I would have a stylist to help me get ready. When we got there Niall and I were seperated. He was texting me. 'Still really nervous Niall' 'princess, don't be. They just want to know a bit about you.' I was really scared. I didn't want to reveal anything by myself. I had no idea if people knew about Niall and I. I knew I would receive hate. For first being Liam's little sister who just came out of the blue. Then I stole Niall's heart. My stylist came in and didn't speak. She began working on my hair. She had blown it dry and straighten it. A manager came in and introduced himself to me. "I am Ryan. I work with the boys and Liam. Don't say anything about your and Niall's relationship today. I they ask say your a just good friends and he has to take care of you until Liam gets back." I nodded and he led me to the TV studio. "Good morning UK! I am Rene Darck and I am here with Jessica Payne. She has a announcement for everyone!" "I am Liam's little sister!" "Why didn't we know about you before?" She asked curiously. "I was put up for adoption when I was born because my birth mum wanted the best life for me. My birth family had contacted me and I have been living with Liam for almost a month now!" "Where did you live?" "I lived in a western state Colorado is the U.S.A. But I am actually not even American! I was born in the UK!" She nodded. "So we heard a bit about the deal with your father Geoff. Care to explain?" "I told him I would come live with Liam if I could fly my friends out whenever I wanted. I also have to go on tour with Liam. Lately I have flown my friends out. They are at my condo watching now! Hi girls!" "How have they been getting along with the boys?" "The boys are really nice to them and they have been getting along great!" She concluded the interview. "Well folks that's all we have time for today!" The camera stopped filming. She came up to me. She threw a punch and in my nose it went. "Slut! Don't ever touch the boys with your filthy hands!" She whispered into my ear. I ran away from her crying and in pain. I ran into Niall. "Princess! What the hell happen?" He asked angrily. I sobbed into his chest. "The interviewer punched me and said I was a slut and to never touch you boys with my filthy hands." I muffled in between sobs. He hugged me then picked me up and carried me out. We had gotten back to the condo. He carried me out of the limo and put me in my bed. He was about to leave. "Leperchaun? Stay with me please?" He nodded and stripped to his boxers and climbed into my bed. He started singing 'Forever Young' but much slower. He stroked my hair and I was soon fast asleep.

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