Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


10. I Promise

Niall's POV- I was in the kitchen making lunch for the guys and I. I was so happy Jessy and I were going on a date. I know it wouldn't be considered a date but I didn't know what else to call it. She came out into the kitchen with skinny jeans and a floral pink tank top. She looked great! Her sparkly toms made her legs look great with those jeans. She had her hair in a ponytail and was texting someone. "Is this ok?" She asked referring to her outfit. "It looks perfect!" I replied. She smiled sweetly then said "I am so excited! First I get to go on the London Eye then my best friends are coming!" "Are your friends fans." "Slightly. Actually they are huge fans. They were the ones that bought me the 'I love Niall' braclet." "I need to thank them for that" I said. Without that she might not have been here with me right now. "My friends are a little crazy. Sydney loves Harry. Paige is in love with Louis! Don't get Emmalee started with how much she loves my brother. And Sam absolutely adores Zayn." I smiled and chuckled "Well what about you? Who do you adore out of us?" I asked already knowing the answer. She blushed "well... I adore you! Everyone would always tell me that I would never be going on a date with you. Look where I am today! Going on a date with Niall Horan!" So she did think this was a date. "Always glad to prove haters wrong and take pretty girls on dates!" She giggled and got a phone call so she stepped out of the kitchen. Little did she know she would be the only girl I would ever want to take on a date with me. She was cute, she was funny, and she was so sweet. I knew I had to make her mine! I don't care about Liam's over protection towards her. I will break through it. She came back in and I handed her a sandwich. "Thanks!" "Wow you ate that quick!" "Says Niall Horan who is famous for eating quickly and alot!" I laughed. It was true. "Very funny. I guess your ready to go then?" "Yup!" She replied.
Jessy's POV- Niall took my hand and we went down the elevator into his fancy sports car. "Nice car!" I said sarcastically. "It's one of my babes." He replied. "What else is your babes? Hm Nialler?" "One of them is in this car." "Oh really? Is it your stero?" "No silly goose it's a girl. She is beautiful. She is so sweet." "Must not be me!" "No she is you! You are one of my babes. You are my only human babe though." I smiled. "Why is that Niall?" "Because your someone I care about deeply." "Niall, we just met." "I know. But it's one of those feelings when you know someone will have a big impact on your life and you know you care about them so much." I blushed. Wow. Niall was so sweet. "A good impact I hope." "I think so!" He said with a smile. I smiled and sat quietly. I looked out the window. Everything was so much different in Colorado. The people, the views, the pay phones. We pulled into a giant parking lot. Niall pointed Paul to me. He was coming but would wait at the bottom. Niall grabbed my hand and we pushed through the line saying excuse us! Some people recognized Niall. We continued to push. Niall an I finally came upon the loading area. We were going to be the only 2 inside the gondola thing. When I walked in a table was set up with candles and some food! "I am always hungry!" Niall stated. "As am I!" I ate alot normally. I had a very fast metabolism. "Finally a girl with an appetite!" I smiled and looked out the window. "Niall, it's beautiful. I have never seen anything as beautiful." Niall set down his food "I have! I am looking at it now." I thought he was looking out the window. I turned around to see what he was looking at. He was looking right into my eyes. "Thank you Niall." Soon rain began to pour and we weren't half way up yet. Lighting and thunder really scared me. Being so much higher up was even scarier. I shrieked when a lighting flash covered the sky. Niall came over to me and picked me up bridal style. He walked us to a wall with no windows and held me close. He soon began stroking my hair and telling me it was ok because Niall was here. I looked into his light blue eyes. Wow they were amazing. He leaned his head to mine and took control of my lips with his. We became in sync moving our lips. My phone started singing 'Up All Night' and Liam's face flashes on the screen. The caller idea read 'your amazing older brother who wants to talk to you so pick up the phone.' I answered, "Hello?" Liam quickly replied in a yelling tone "Where are you guys! It is raining and you aren't home!" "Li chill! The eye takes 2 hours. We have been gone for only 30 minutes calm down! I am safe I promise!" "Let me talk to Niall!" "Hello?" Niall started. "Long lines." "Liam sorry. Gosh." He looked at the phone seeing if Liam had hung up. Niall said "He is mad because some one took a picture of us and posted it on twitter. Now everyone is freaking out about it!" "Oh sorry I if I got you in trouble." "Love, it's ok! It's all worth it. A beautiful view and a beautiful girl sitting in my lap." I blushed a deep red. "Well I am happy to be here with a very attractive guy who I feel very close to." He blushed a took my hand and kissed it. "We need to keep all of this between us. First we have to tell everyone you are the newest Payne!" "Niall, promise me something. What we have now won't change because we have to keep it private." I felt it was something he could keep. "I promise Jess!"


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