Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


13. His Princess

Niall's POV- I woke up when the sun hit my face. I saw my princess laying her head on my chest. She was perfect. I wanted to stay like this forever, but I was starving and I am sure she would be to when she woke up. I carefully have her a soft kiss on her forehead and slipped out from under her. I ran my hand through my hair while walking out to the kitchen. Some faint noises were coming from the living room. Who was that? What was that? I run into the living room and see her 4 friends up. "Good morning!" I tell them. "You ever hurt her you die! Understand?" Her friend Emmalee said. "I would never hurt her!" "I don't care if you are part of the biggest boy band of all time! You ever hurt her you won't live to see the sun!" "Trust me I know. Liam would kill me too! I will never hurt her. She is to precious." They all smiled happy at my answer. Sydney spoke up."Have you seen Harry this morning?" "I haven't. Here's his number. Give him a call!" Usually we don't give each others numbers away. And not to fans either. But she was Jessy's friend it was important. She would have done it her self. "Anyone want breakfast?" "Yes please Niall!" Sam said. "Which ones of you like which boy?" "Well I like Liam," Emmalee said blushing. Wow that would be awkward if they dated. "Sydney likes Harry, Paige likes Louis, Sam likes Zayn and there is one of us that like loves you!" "I am happy with Jessy and I am not going to leave her!" "No! I meant she likes you!" "Well I would hope so! I am going to make breakfast. Jess is still sleeping." "Ok!"
Jessy's POV- I had woke up in a bed that wasn't my own. I remembered Niall and I were sleeping together last night. Niall wasn't with me. Did he leave? Already? I started to cry. Niall ran in my room. "Princess what's wrong?" He asked very sadly. "I thought you left me forever!" "Princess! I would never ever leave you! I was up making breakfast for you!" "Don't leave next time! My hunger can wait!" I was so scare he had left me forever. "Come on Princess. Breakfast is ready and your friends are out there." "Carry me leprechaun?" "Sure babe. I love to carry you. You are so light and I get to hold you close!" "You can hold me close without having to carry me Ni!" He smiled and picked me up like his bride and walked to the living room. He gave me a quick kiss and set me down on the couch. My friends were around. "Hi!" "Enjoy your night?" Paige questioned. They all laughed a bit. "I did until Niall left me this morning!" "Babe! I was making breakfast for you!" Niall called out. I giggled. He really loved me. I really loved him. He brought me out a plate full of bacon and eggs. I smiled up to him and he sat with me. "Princess? Would you like to go to lunch with Liam and I. Then we can go shopping just you and me!" "I would love that Leperchaun! But I don't need any thing new!" "Then let's shop for me!" I had never shopped with a guy before. "Ok!" He smiled and said "I am going to go take a shower." He kisses me quickly and leaves. Sam has a grin on her face. "How is life now living with One Direction?" "It's odd. We can't go out in to public with out someone recognizing Niall. And we still haven't told media that I am a Payne." My phone starts to ring. Liam's picture pops up and I answer it quickly. "Hello?" "Jess? Where are you?" He said madly. "I am still up at Niall's. My friends are still here Liam!" "I haven't even seen you since you have been here! Come home and bring your friends!" "Fine Liam! We will be down in a few!" I hung up. "Let's go to my condo. Liam wants me home. Let me go tell Niall." I walk over to his bedroom. I open the door and see him in a towel. "Uh... Niall I have to go home. Liam is complaining we haven't seen each other enough." "Ok! I will be down in a while to go to lunch and shopping!" "Bye Leperchaun!" "Bye Princess!" I walked out of his room and told the girls to follow me. We went down and into my condo. "Liam we are back!" He hurried from whatever he was doing to come give me a hug. "You act like I have been gone for 4 years! I just was gone for a night!" I said . He was way too overprotective. "I just wanted to know you were safe." "Niall wouldn't let anything happened me Li! Meet my friends Li. Sam, Emmalee,Sydney, and Paige." "Nice to meet all of you. If you ever need anything just ask." "And this is my overprotective brother. My mum and papa are... Well where are they Li?" "Well... That's why I needed you home. One of your real grandmothers is dying." I was shocked. I just got into this family and now my grandmother is dying. Wow great! Not! "Mum and papa are there now. Ruth and Nicola are there too." "Liam go! I will be ok. The boys are here if I need anything. And I can invite Niall to sleep on the couch to make sure nothing happens." "Are you sure?" I nodded "ok well I will be there for a few days! Bye! Love you! Please call if anything happens!" "Will do Lili. Love you too!" He hugs me quickly. "If you need money ask Niall and tell him I will pay him back later!" He walked out the door. The girls had been down at the pool. I decided to call Niall. "Hey Niall, can you come over?" "Sure love I will be down in a sec!" He hung up. I went to go change. I changed into a 'I love One Direction tee shirt and some jean capris. I heard a knock on the door. I walked out of my room and opened the door. There Niall stood. Looking perfect. He had his famous red polo on. He also had some kakhi pants with white hightops. "I should go change I said." "You look great. But, we are going to a bit of a fancy restraunt for lunch." "Liam won't be joining us. Our grandmother is dying and he went to see her for a few days." He engulfs me in a hug. "I am so sorry." "Niall it's ok I didn't even know her. Oh Liam told me he would pay you back for taking care of me." "No! I won't have him! It's not ok! I want to take care of my Princess by myself!" Niall shouted out like a 5 year old not wanting to share his toys. "Let me go text the girls we are leaving and I will change." "Can I pick out your outfit?" Niall asked. "Sure Niall!" I took his hand and led him to my room then to my closet. "Woah! Liam really took care of you!" He said looking at all of my clothing. "Here!" He said proud of the outfit he had choose. It was a white flowing skirt with a light blue sparkly top. I smiled and took the outfit from him to go change.

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