Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


23. Dresses and Bowties

Paige's POV- Louis had told me to go get ready for our date. I was rather confused by that because I didn't have anything here to get ready into! I walked into Louis' large bathroom and saw a short purple dress hanging on a door. There was a note attached saying 'Paige wear this! Underneath the sink is makeup and hair products, not that you need any of it. ;)' It was plain but still was goregous. It reminded me of a video dairy quote from Harry, 'Simple, but effective.' I showered and put my hair in a bun. I looked for the makeup he had provided. I found a huge container of makeup. Inside was another note reading, 'Didn't know what you liked so I got you it all!' That was very sweet of him. I went for a natural look. After I was finished I walked out of the bathroom to find Louis in a tuxedo with the same shade of purple as I was wearing on his bowtie. "You look great Paige." I blushed. Louis didn't look bad at either. "You look great too Louis." We kissed quickly and he pulled me off to his car.

Emmalee's POV- I had thought Liam wouldn't be coming back until I left to go back home. He texted me saying his grandmother made a full recovery and he was coming home soon. He also texted me about going on a date. Within a minute of reading that text there was knock on the door. Outside was a mail delivery man. He handed me a light box saying it was from Liam. I took the box and closed the door. I set in down on table and opened it. Inside was a light yellow dress. It was very plain but still gave the illisuon of elegance. I quickly showered and left my hair natural. My hair was strawberry blonde and curls to it. I put on some makeup that flattered me and drew attention to my eyes. After I was done there was another knock on the door. Outside awaited Liam in a tuxedo with a bowtie that matched my dress. In his hands he held a beautiful bouquet of roses. He gave them to me and I shared my first kiss with him. He grabbed my hand and we walked to his car.

Zayn's POV- After Sam was done eating her cinnamon rolls she went to go get ready. I led her upstairs to my bedroom and bathroom and told her she could use whatever she needed. My sisters came over alot so I had plenty of makeup and hair products for girls. I could hear her joy when she saw the blue dress. She didn't know but the group date was where we were going. Niall had arranged for it all to happen. He bought the dresse with help from us and the were overnighted to our homes. The girls dresses and the lads bowties were all going to match. Niall had arranged for this date to take place at a castle. Jessy was his princess and he thought it was a cute idea. We were all going to have lunch and then stroll around the castle and gardens. A while after Sam and I had gotten ready she stepped downstairs and smiled when she saw we matched. I gave her a quick kiss and we went into my car driving to the castle.

Harry's POV- When I told Sydney to go get ready she was very stumped on what I meant. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my closet. Inside she saw the white short dress. Her jaw dropped with shock. I told her to shower then put it on. She did. I got ready also. I put on my tux. I really didn't like these, but it was we were doing for our girls. I had just finished running a hand through my curls when Sydney walked out of the bathroom in her white dress. It fit her perfectly. Niall decided on the date because he wanted to make Jessy feel like a princess. Well Sydney looked like a princess. I am sure Jessy looked fine too, but Sydney would be the only girl who looked like a princess in my eyes. She smiled and we walked to my car where we began to drive.

Jessy's POV- We had been driving for quite sometime. We were now in the country side aand it was beautiful. Miles of nothing, but green grass. If it was like that in Colorado everyone would be so happy and jumping up and down. We started to approach a twisty road that led up a hill. Mid way up we stopped at a gate and he stated our business here. We continued to drive uo the hill. We finally approached a huge garden then behind it laid a semi-modern castle. He looked at me and said, "Since you look like a princess, I thought you 'ought to be treated like one." We reached the main entrance and Niall opened my door for me like a proper gentleman. We walked up the stone steps and inside the building and there was the girls and the lads. We all had the same dresses on, but different colors. The lads had the bowties matching the color of their girls dress. Liam instantly came over to give me a hug and ask if I was ok. I guess he was really freaked out I almost died. We all greeted each other with smiles and walked into the dining room.

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