Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


1. Different

I always new I didn't fit in with my family. My sister and my parents always shared similar qualities where as I possed none of those. All of there eyes were blue. I had brown. There hair was blonde. Mine has always been red.  I remember in 7th grade we learned about genes and they said blonde hair was always domiant. That pretty much told me I was not apart of my current family. I always pondered in my mind who might my real parents be?

I was day dreaming in the middle of math class. "So first solve for the variables, then add 360, square that, then divide by 34." said Mr. Rager. Mr. Rager and his class was always very boring so I usually zoned out but yet some how got good grades in his class. I was day dreaming today about Niall Horan. I had fallen in love with Niall since the moment I saw him on the X-Factor. I always wanted to go and watch him my parents always turned down that idea. Niall's blue eyes. His gorgeous blonde hair. His unusally large appetite. And most of all his smile. 

"Whats the answer Jessy?" Mr. Rager yelled in a stern voice. "38?" I said with a tone of question in my voice. "I guess you were paying attention." I mentally smilled and flipped him off. Thanks for awaking my dream wedding with Niall! Stupid math teacher!

Finally. The bell had rung dissmising class for the next 3 weeks.  I had nothing planned of course. I could hang out with my fellow directioners Paige, Sydney, and Sam. We all had similar intrests. I was detirmed this next 3 weeks I would find out who my real family was. I was detirmed and I knew I could do it. Whenever I asked to see pictures of when I was born my mother claimed she didn' have any. How was that? Parents always take pictures of their first born.

I started to get on the bus when some jerk pushed in front of me."Um... excuse me. Watch where your going!" Jerk! I can't ever stand rude people. Sassy people are ok as long as I know they are joking. I had a bit of sass myself or so everyone told me.  I had often got slapped as a child for having sass or for asking for things. I once asked for a new shirt and my mother slapped me so hard across the face I ended up having a bruise. The only thing she bought me was makeup to cover that bruise.  The next day, I caked on that makeup. It didn't cover it up all the way but it made it look way better than it was. I was only in 5th grade then. I didn't understand why my sister who was in 4th grade had always gotten the new toys, the new clothes, her ears peirced.  My mom had always recieved letters from a lady named Karen who lived in London. It seemed to always have money in them. She would often speak to who I assume was Karen on the phone. She would tell her it's not enough money. That I am sick so often. I was growing to much. I never got sick and if I grew then I would get clothing from friends. I didn't know why mom always used me as a excuse.

Music was my escape. I could listen to it for hours. Escape my world of unequality and leave to a place where nothing mattered. I hummed alot because it made me less stressed. I of course had my favorite band. One Direction. They made me feel speacial and beautiful. I never felt that way outside of music. But One Direction kept me going every day. I thought about suicide many times. I would hear there songs and know everything is going to be ok. One day I will have my own family that will love me a person that will love me and spoil me. I would always tell myself this even though I knew it wasn't true.

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