Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


18. Dead

Niall's POV- I shook her to try to wake her up. No luck. I called 911. They told me they would be here as soon as possible. I picked up her and carried her bridal style. I ran her down the stairs as fast as I could. I couldn't let her die. She couldn't die. I got to the bottom and saw the stretcher. I laid her on it and answered the paramedics questions. They got her breathing under control. I felt so relieved. Luckily she had information chip in her. She had a lung condition. Vocal Cord Dysfunction. It had nothing to do with vocal cords but prevented air flow to her lungs. Luckily it was easily treated. I called Liam. "Hello?" Liam asked into the phone. "Um... Liam? Jess is in the hospital." "Oh my god! What happen? Is she ok?" He asked infuriatingly. "She has a lung condition from when she was little. It can swell up her lungs and she stops breathing. She will be ok." "Thank god! Take care of her please. My grandmother hasn't passed yet and I want to be here for her. I will pay you back when I get home." "Li. I understand. And I won't accept money from you. Liam. We are dating. I want to care of her myself." "Niall! What the hell! I told you to stay away from her." "Liam, I am sorry. We haven't done anything I promise. You can't just stay away from someone you love." I was mad as was Liam. "Niall. I understand. Don't hurt her. She has been through so much pain already." "Liam I would never hurt her. I have to go the doctors are here." "Niall, take care of Jess." "I will Liam." He had tears in his voice. I had cried on our way to the hospital. She was so special. To everyone. "Are you here with Miss Payne." A doctor asked. "Yes I am. I am Niall." "I am Doctor Leon. Jessica will be fine with extensive treatment. She needs a inhaler every 4 hours. Steroids every 6. And a nebulizer 6 times a day 15 minutes each. They need to be at least 15 minutes apart." I nodded. "What can I do to prevent this?" I asked. "It usually happens after an extensive time of crying. She also has a bruised nose. What happen?" "She was hit by a interviewer." He nodded. I can't believe I was the one who almost had her killed. She could have died because of mean words. She would have to be with me at all times. I would make sure to protect her. I walked into her room and loud continually beeping began. The heart monitor went flat. Doctors rushed in. I fell to the ground with tears. Then as if answering my prayers her heart began again.

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