Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


9. Cuddled?

Jessy's POV- I woke up in my room on my bed. I found Niall and were cuddled together. What the hell? I suddenly remember the night before. The boys tried to sing to me. I heard that song before. One of my friends died listening to that song. Niall woke up and saw I was awake. "Good morning beautiful!" "Morning Nialler!" Liam walked in the room and saw me and Niall cuddled together. "Niall I need to speak with you!" Liam angrily said. Niall looked down at me and when he left he kissed my forehead and said he would be right back. I know I had just met Niall. I already had feelings for him though. Niall kept me safe last night and stayed with me. I wasn't sure why Niall and Liam had to talk. He kept telling me the other day the boys weren't good enough for me. Yeah right Liam. Anyone who cares about me is good enough for me. I got out of bed and walked to grab my new IPhone 5. Liam had loaded all of my contacts plus my family and the boys. I called all of them and explained my situation. They all had freaked out. Paige was in love with Louis. Sydney was in love with Harry. Sam was in love with Zayn. Emmalee was in love with Liam. Oh my friends! But I really like Niall so I guess it really didn't matter. I asked my papa Geoff if I could fly the girls out today. He had to say yes because of our deal. I set up a flight for the girls to fly here right away! Finally Niall and Liam came back. Niall had asked to see me in private. He took my hand and led me out onto the porch and began to talk. "Jessy, I know Liam has told you we are not good enough for you and we will never be there but that's not true. I will be there whenever you need me. I really want to get to know you better. Can I take you out today? Your choice. Anywhere you want." I felt so happy inside. "I would love to Nialler!" I smiled "Can we go to the London Eye?" "Love, I will take you wherever you want. So that's a yes!" I gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you! I can't wait! Let me go get ready!" "Ok I will be out in the kitchen!" I walked into the bathroom and began to get ready.
Liam's POV- I walked into my little sister cuddled with Niall! I though I told the boys to stay away from her! Niall and I chatted and he explained he just wanted to get to know her better. He was just trying to calm her down last night and she fell asleep and couldn't move her. I understand that. It would have been akward for me to be in Niall's position. If anyone dayed my sister I would have it be Niall. Niall is somewhat responsible and is not a always flirting person. As for Harry that was adifferent story. What ever girl could tie Harry down was a keeper. Niall had asked me if they could go out today and get to know each other better. I only agreed because I didn't want any of the other boys getting to close to her. If I had to put up with Niall as her boyfriend instead of Harry so be it. But if he ever hurts my little sister he will not have a head anymore. I am overprotective of my sister yes, but it's because she is younger than I. I had always been the smallest and Nicola and Ruth were overprotective with me and look! I turned out fine!


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