Payne's Little Sister?

I always knew I was not in the right family. One day my theory was proven correct when I found out I was related to 1/5 of One Direction. My life soon becomes so much more complicated and full of confusion.


20. Brad and Nandos

Jessy's POV- "Brad go away!" "But Babe I need you again!" I almost started to cry. Brad was a ex of mine and abused me and it was hard to get out of that relationship. Niall stepped in. "Who are you and why are you making her cry?" Niall was mad. "I am her boyfriend and I am here to take her home." "Niall! Don't let him take me! He hurt me! Niall please!" "Babe I want you back. You enjoyed being hurt!" Brad said. Niall shut the door and gave me a huge kiss. "We should probably hook you up to your nebulizer now." I nodded my head. "Niall. Don't let any one ever take me away. Please." "Princess." He stroked my face. "I would never! I would miss you way to much!" I smiled slightly. Niall handed me the mask and I put it on over my face. I had done this before for. I had done it around 32,000 other times. Niall looked at me. "You Payne's are full of diseases." I laughed it was true. Liam had his kidney problems and I had my lung issues. Niall puts his arm around me and pulls me closer to him. "The girls and guys are all dating already. Even Emmalee and Liam. I guess they skyped." "Wow that happen quickly!" I spoke through the mask. I had become a pro at speaking through the mask. Talented! I began to text the girls. 'You guys are dating already! Geez!' They all replied telling me about there dates. They all even shared there first kisses with the boys. The girls had always dreamed about dates with them just like any other fangirl. But it was happening to us. I had the perfect boyfriend who was amazing. He was perfect. He was a great singer. He was so kind. He was gentle. I love Niall so much. "Niall?" "Yeah Princess?" He turned to me. "Why did you cry when I died?" "Are you kidding me? You freaking died! You are my everything. Love, I couldn't live without you." "Niall, I would kiss you right now but this stupid nebulizer!" He laughed. "Leperchaun, I love your laugh! And your smile. Even without the braces before your smile was perfect." He smiled even wider which made me smile. "I love you Princess." "I love you too Ni!" I leaned onto him and he pulled me on his lap. "I forgot to tell you we are going on tour soon." Niall told me. "I have to come. Geoff wouldn't let me not go." I smiled. "But Liam and Simon agreed you can stay with me in my room!" I was getting a little overly excited. "Yay!" I gave Niall a big hug. "Also I have some more good news. The boys are all taking the girls on tour too!" I was shocked! "Oh my gosh! Yay! Is my time done yet Niall?" "Yes baby. You look so cute with it on." He laughed. "You should have seen my monkey mask!" He laughed even harder. "Glad that's funny to you!" He continued to laugh. "Niall, thank you! I would have died if you didn't stay with me." "I have decided you will no longer spend another night alone." I laughed. "You sound like Liam! Can we go out for food now?" "Yeah! Duh!" Of course he was hungry! "To Nandos!" he called out! We got in his fancy car and we were off to Nandos. "So who was Brad?" "He was one of my exes who abused me. Promise to never hurt me Niall?" "Princess. I would never hurt you. Not even in a million years. You shouldn't hurt what you love." He took my hand. "I love you Niall." "I love you too Princess." "Niall, what's your opinion on all of the girls who write imagines, and fanfics, and stuff?" "I think it's really cute. And all fan bases do that. Why?" "Well because I was girl who did that. I never dreamed anything would actually happen." He pulled me even closer to him. And replied,"I would have pulled you from crowds or meet and greets. I knew from the moment I saw you I loved you." I put my head on his chest. "But I could have never gone because at my home I was treated very unfairly. I could never go anywhere of do anything. I am so happy Liam, Mum, Geoff decided to come get me." He smiled. "I love you Jess." "I love you too Ni!" We arrived at Nandos and luckily it wasn't busy. Niall signed some autographs. Some even asked me to sign autographs! When I asked why the said because your Liam's little sister and that's all the fanbase talks about now. The fan base talking about me? Really? I had always been a girl in the fan base talking about others. When we finally sat down Niall ordered half of the menu. I has asked Niall to order for me. "So Jess, I never got to what you like to do for fun." "I never had much time for fun but I loved to sing and play my piano." "You sang?" He acted as if he was so shocked. "Yes Niall. But trust me not even close to as good as you!" "I bet that's not true!" "It is!" The food arrived. Niall dug into his food while I tried to eat my food like a human being. After we were finished we went to Niall's car and of course he turns on the Take Me Home album. "Niall! I don't want to embarrass myself! Turn it off!" He laughed and replied "Oh so you don't want to hear my singing?" "Niall, if I didn't want to hear your singing I wouldn't be here!" He laughed some more. "C'mon sing with me!" "Fine!" He turned on 'I would.' "Would he say he's in L-O-V-E well if it was me then I would" I sang. He stopped singing. I blushed. "Niall! You stopped singing!" "I just wanted to hear you sing Princess." "Yeah well never gonna happen again!" "Dang it!" He replied and made a sharp turn.

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