Living nightmare

Lily is living a nightmare. She cant run, she cant escape the past. No one can be trusted to her. Not even some family. Lily runs. Runs away from problems. One day she meets a boy. Who can change her mind.


3. Harry

When I got home i gave the beer to my dad. "LILY GO UPSTAIRS! COME DOWN IF I CALL YOU!" My dad shouted. I went upstairs. I started packing my backpack. I've gotta escape. I made sure i included a first aid. I have a plan."DAD? I'LL GET YOU SOME EXPENSIVE WINE!" I shouted to down stairs "OK! BE QUICK YOU LITTLE BITCH!" I ran out of the house. I'm free. I found 80 pounds in  my purse. I decided to go and see the bird lady. She  wasn't there so I walked around. I know my dad will find me somehow. I have to get a job! I'll get one tomorrow at Nandos or something. I went into a little cafe. It had a TV so i started to watch. "Kelly reporting here. Famous pop star Harry Styles from One Direction has been shot. Luckily a girl saved him. If you are the girl come to the police station at 9 o'clock tonight. Tests will be ran. No one knows who shot Harry, yet. Bye!" i'm the girl. I looked at the clock. its 8:55! Agghh 5 minutes. I ran to the police station. "Whats your name, love?" a police officer. "Lily. Lily Mialik. " I answered. "Haha very funny your real last name" I'm confused "Mialik. It's my real last name. Whats so funny about it?" The police officer just shook his head. "OK so you think your the girl that saved Harry?" I nodded "I know." He took me to a room. 100 or so girls where screaming. "Why are they screaming?" "Harry is part of a boy band. One of the boys last name is Mialik and so is yours." ow... He led me to a room. 5 boys where in it. The curly haired boy was there. I know i saved him. "Harry." "Yes" the curly haired boy said. "Is this the girl? The girl that saved you?" Harry nodded. "OK you get a reward of 500 pounds." I smiled. 580 pounds. Pretty good. "What your name?" asked Harry. "er... Lily." i answered. "Get this her last name is Mialik yeh right" said the ploice officer. Luckily i brang my passport in my backpack. I showed the police officer. "How do I know it's not fake?" "I don't even know who they are! I've been basicly living in a rock my whole life!" "What about school?" Should I say? Yes, they will get my dad in trouble "I'm not alowed" The police officer looked at me "Your parents dont let you go to school?" "Nope. My mum's dead and well my dad doesnt care!" i answered calmly. I dont care about telling people. OMFG! My dad is out side. "Err... gotta run. Bye!" I ran off. Luckily my dad didnt see me. I sat down on a park bench. Why wouldnt my last name be Mialik? "Hi!" said a boy with blounde hair. He had an Irish accent. Wait!  He was in the room. "Hey!" i answered. What else to say. "Why did you run?" "Saw someone." He looked at me "Tell me your story" Ok. I will. "Ok. Umm. Well first of i'm 17 and my real last name is Mialik. Why not. My dad killed my mum but no one cared.  I had a sister. We where really close. She ended up being in the army some how. She was 20 and she was shot. I dont go to school. I have no friends and my life sucks. Oh yeh. My dad as a nephew name Zoyn? No Zayn maybe we used to be friends." Niall looked at me like I was crazy. "Gotta go. Just dont tell the police to much other wise my dad will probably kill me. Do ya know any Motels?" I asked "Umm no. why?" "I ran away" He thought for a minute "You can stay with us. I think i know Zayn Mialik." "Cool but i'm annoying aometimes. Bye" i ran. haha funny exuse Lily

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