Living nightmare

Lily is living a nightmare. She cant run, she cant escape the past. No one can be trusted to her. Not even some family. Lily runs. Runs away from problems. One day she meets a boy. Who can change her mind.


6. Chapter 6

Lilys POV

I kept running until i got tired. I decided to sit down for a minute. I got up. Time to find a job. I looked around. Hhmmmmm... There was a coffee shop called Starbucks. It said that jobs where available! I went inside and asked if i could have a job. The lady at the counter told me to go at the back of the store to the boss. "Hello?" i said knocking on the door at the back that said "BOSS" In big fat letters. "'Come in!'' a mans voice called. I opened the door. My hands started to sweat. ''just a job interview'' I thought. ''Can i-i please have a job?" i asked the man. He was wearing  a suit. He looked about mid 40s. "You want a job?'' he asked. I nodded slightly. ''Name?'' he asked. ''Lily Malik.'' I answered confidently. ''OK. You can take orders.'' easy. ''GEMMA!!!!" he shouted. A girl around my age came in the room. She had brown wavy her and green eyes. ''Yes, Mr.Berzek'' ''Train Lily to take orders and clean up. Get her a uniform." he ordered. Gemma nodded. "You start today. Come 8:30 am, you finish 5:45. You get payed 90 pounds a week. Your days off are Sunday, but on Saturday you finish 3:00. On Saturday come to this room, to get payed. Bye!" Eh. 90 pounds a week. Good enough.  Gemma led me out. "'Since we will work together lets be friends!" Gemma told me. "'My names Lily Malik..."' i explained. ''Malik?"' she inturpted. I nodded. ''Yep.''

She just nodded.


Gemma was really nice. I now know what to do for my new job. ''Ok! Your ready. Go to the front desk and start taking orders! I happily skipped to the counter. I waited for a while. I was playing with a piece of ribbon and someone coughed. ''Sorry!'' I apologized  Great Lily. All ready mucked up on first half an hour. I looked up. It was Niall and the other boys from the room. ''Lily?" ''Yep! What would you like today?" He looked at me. "'You have a job here?"' I nodded. "Just got it!" i said proudly. ''Harry wants to know if Gemmas here?" I looked at Harry. 

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