Living nightmare

Lily is living a nightmare. She cant run, she cant escape the past. No one can be trusted to her. Not even some family. Lily runs. Runs away from problems. One day she meets a boy. Who can change her mind.


5. Chapter 5

Zayns POV

It all rushed back to me. I remember her. I miss her. I always wanted to know where she went. How could i forgot her? I started tearing up ""We have to find her. Please!"I begged to the boys. They all nodded. We all forgot that harry was stabbed or shot. "Harry, mate you OK?" "Yeah." Why did she run? "THE TAPE!"I remembered! Before the boys could ask i ran to the main office and asked to see the tape for outside. She problem ran from someone. I watched the tape. A man. Her dad was standing outside. "Call him!" I pleaded the officer. All the boys came in. "She told me her dad hurt her" Nail informed us. The officer understood and rang him. He game me the phone "Hi its Zayn." i said. "Zayn who?" "Malik." and he hung up.


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