Living nightmare

Lily is living a nightmare. She cant run, she cant escape the past. No one can be trusted to her. Not even some family. Lily runs. Runs away from problems. One day she meets a boy. Who can change her mind.


4. Chapter 4

Nialls POV

I dont know why she runs. Her life sounds hard. I ran back to the rest of the boys. "Zayn you know her!" i huffed out "Look just coz her last name is Malik doesn't mean we are related." Harry, lou, and Liam agreed. "She cant be a crazy she told me about her self. Her mum and sister are dead and her dad hurts her. She mentioned she had a cousin. She thought your name was Zoyn! Well she now know its Zayn. I asked her if she wanted to stay at the apartment coz she ran away. I told her i might know you but she ran away! Would a fan who SAVED Harry and have the chance to stay with us run away?" Zayn thought for a while "I know her"


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