Living nightmare

Lily is living a nightmare. She cant run, she cant escape the past. No one can be trusted to her. Not even some family. Lily runs. Runs away from problems. One day she meets a boy. Who can change her mind.


2. Chapter 2

I ran downstairs crossing my fingers. "LILY! GO AND GET ME A BEER! NOW!" I ran outside. I have to steal. Hey! Don't judge me! If only i had a choice. I went to the beer place. The man at the desk was distracted so I got a beer and ran back to 'not home sweet home'. "LILY! GIVE ME THE BEER!" i quickly gave my dad the beer. "NOT THIS BEER! YOU BITCH!" He shouted at me and  slapped me. He started to kick me and then I blacked out.

Lilys POV

I woke up. Ow my head hurts. I touched the top of my head. Blood... I got a first age kit from my room. I hid it in my closet. I carefully bandaged my head. I looked out the window. Birds flew around peacfully. I wish i was a bird. Free. "LILY! COME HERE!" I ran downstairs. "MY FRIENDS ARE COMING! GO GET 5 BEERS!" ugh. His friends are fn idiots. Drunkos. I went to another beer place. On the way i saw pigeons being fed by a old women. Cute. "Hello! I'm Lily! I love birds. They are so... free." They lady looked up "Hello Lily! I love birds to. Normally teens are playing games. Why arnt you?" "I never play those games. No time. In fact they are a waste of time." I answered. "Ha. True. Would you like to buy some seeds for the birds?" I really wanted to "Sorry ma'am. No money" She just smiled. "I have to go! Bye bye. See you later!" I waved walking away. She waved back. I got 5 beers and started to run home. "BANG!" i heard a gunshot! I was infront of an ally. I looked down the ally and saw a boy that was covered in blood. "Are you OK?" i asked. He gave me a 'yeh duh' look. "Right sorry." I ripped of some of my t shirt. I wrapped his arm in it. "Hold it would ya?" i asked. The boy was really handsome. His brown curls where on one side. "I have to go. I would call someone but my dad will kill me. Bye!" i shouted while running.

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