Strong And Courageous

My life started out normal... At least I think it did. I was normal. I went to school, I came home, I talked with friends and crushed on some guys. But one day my life just completely changed... I was no longer the girl I thought I was. I was stronger. I could do things I never thought I could do.
Some people dream of this life. Some people think they want to completely change... And that's what happened. But my life isn't all happy and lovey dovey, it dangerous, scary, an protective. I DREAM of a normal life. When my life changed its started with -----------.
What did it start with? Find out. Open this book, read and find out.


9. Training.

"Everyone to the training room!" shouted Colton walking to the door. All the kids our 'Group' stood up and walked to the now open door and walked across the hall waiting for someone to open the training door.
"Are your arm broken?" asked Eric walking to the front and grabbing the handle on the door then opened it "Go!"
W all walked through the door into an empty room besides the red mat on the ground and the black board in the back of the room. Colton and Eric walked onto the mat waiting for everyone together around.
"Make a circle people!" yelled Eric looking very annoyed.
Everyone moved quickly to form a circle around the two guys in the middle of the mat.
"Fighting," said Eric crossing his arms "I'll show you a few moves, Colton will try and fight back, then you do it, got it?"
Just then the door opened and boy was pushed in the room. He fell to the ground. He had bruises all over his arms and half his face was marked with cuts. The door was slammed shut.
"Ahhh..." said Eric walking over to the hurt boy on the ground. "So your the one that didn't jump eh?"
The boy didn't look up at Eric just stayed on his hands and knees keeping his eyes closed.
"Answer me!" Eric yelled grabbing him by his hair making them eyes level. "NOW!"
'I... I know this... The man... He did the same to me...' I thought to myself. Before I could think of what I was doing I pushed past everyone. I pushed Eric and he fell to the ground along with the boy. I grabbed the boys hand and pulled him to his feet.
"Are you okay?" I asked walking back a little.
He just stared at me with wide eyes and an open mouth.
"You shouldn't have done that" said Eric getting up to his feet smirking at me. He started walkin towards the boy and I. Eric brought his hand up an smiled at me with an evil look... Just like the man... "now you'll suffer the consequences"
Eric jerked his hand towards my face. I closed my eyes preparing myself for the pain that would soon be on my face... But it never came. I heard a loud slap but felt nothing... I opened my eyes and saw the boy in front of me arms out to his sides... Protecting me. The boys head faced the floor and his eyes were closed. There was now a big red mark on the left side of his face. Eric narrowed his eyes at the boy. He grabbed his shirt an threw him to the ground. The boy hit the ground with a loud thump. I stared at him till I saw Eric was walkin towards me.
"Eric!" yelled Colton grabbing Eric's shoulder pulling him back away from me. "Enough!"
"Stay out of this Colton!" Eric yelled pushing Colton off of him "this is between me and this girl"
I stood there in shock then I remembered the boy and I helped him to his feet again.
"Are you okay?" I asked looking worriedly at him. For the first time he said something...
"I'm perfect" he said smiling at me.
I wasn't sure while he was smiling since he was just hurt by Eric and looking at his arms it looked like he was hurt before he got here too.
"Everyone get back in the circle!" Colton yelled walking back to the center of the mat waiting for Eric.
Eric gave the boy and I dirty looks then walked to the center of the mat. I looked at the boy and we both walked over to the circle... I walked he limped.
"I'm Carter" I said when we stood in the circle.
"I'm Sean" he said smiling at me. I smiled back then we both turned our attention back to Colton and Eric.
"As we were going to do before we'll show you, you do the same!" yelled Eric not looking at Sean or me.
Eric and Colton faced each other then rose there hands. Colton opened his hands and lifted one in front of his face the other by his chest. Eric clenched his hands into fists and lifted both his hands by his chest. they circled a few times staring at each other waiting for someone to attack. Eric was impatient and threw his fist and Colton's face, Colton blocked it and gabbed his hand pulling Eric towards him and He kicked him his his side. Eric fell but took that opportunity to trip Colton. Colton fell onto his back. You could hear gasps from all of us around them. Colton jumped up and threw a kick at Eric. Eric cought his leg and made him fall to the ground and we could hear a small crack... Colton scrunched his face and narrowed his eyes and Eric. My hand flew to my mouth... 'did Eric brake his leg?' I asked myself. Colton looked around at everyone an his eyes stopped when he got to me... It was only for a second that he stared at me then he looked back at Eric and flipped over making Eric loose his grip on him. Colton jumped up and put his hands back in the position they were before. Eric ran towards his throwing punches at Colton's face. Colton blocked them but fell to his knees pushing Eric leg away from his stomach.
"Enough!" yelled Colton pushing Erics body back a few inches then he stood up and brushes the dirt off his body. "now it's your turn." He turned and faced us. "Well since ther are an odd number of you someone will have to sit out, you, what's your name?"
Sean looked up at Colton an breathed in.
"Sean" he said staring at Colton's face.
"Alright I'll write everything on the board" Colton said walking to the back of the room.
He wrote down our names girls on the left and boys on the rights:

Erin. Mitchell
Hayley. Edward
Jane. Robin
Amber. Chase
Carter. Sean

Then he drew arrows from one person to another.

Erin -> Robin
Hayley -> Edward
Jane -> Chase
Amber -> Claire
Sean -> Mitchell

An there was a circle around my name.
"These are your partners for today" said Colton placing the white chalk on the small holding place for it connected to the board. "the partners will be changing through time"
"And you should all know the time is till there's only one standing" Eric said leaning against the wall "so if one doesn't fall to the ground the match isn't over"
We all looked at him with shocked faces And Back to board looking at the partners... But my name wasn't conected with anyone's which means I wasn't fighting today... 'So what will I be doing?' I asked myself.
"as you can see the only persons not fighting is Carter" Eric said pointing to my name on the board "so you'll sit and watch"
Colton and Eric walked back to the mat and motioned for us to follow. We all walked over and formed a circle around them again.
"first up," Eric said "Erin and Robin"
Erin walked to the center of the mat and tapped her foot impatiently. Robin looked from the well built girl who was about 5' 9" to me, then he breathed in deeply and let it out. he walked to Erin and they both faced each other.
"Begin" Eric said watching the two waiting for someone to fall to the ground.
Colton was by the door with his arms crossed not looking very happy. I looked back at Erin and Robin and saw Robin with his hands by his face waiting for Erin to attack. Erin had fists in front of her getting ready to attack. Robin looked past Erin at me and I saw fear in his eyes... Did he think he wasn't going to win? Erin maybe built like a crazy fighter but Robin looked as if he could take on 2 boys at the same time. He seems strong so why did he have fear in his eyes? Erin ran towards him and threw punches in each direction aiming for Robin's face but Robin blocked everyone. Robin slipped his foot under Erin and tripped her making her fall to the ground hitting her head hard. Robin's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to say something but Erin took this chance to trip Robin. Robin fell and hit the ground. He jumped up and Erin threw more punches. Erin jerked her leg at Robin's stomach, Robin grabbed her leg and made her fall moved behind her and grabbed her arms making her unable to attack. He held her hands together behind her back. Erin's face was on the ground and she was on her knees.
"There," Robin said looking over at Eric "I'm done"
"The match isn't over till one of you is totally unable to fight anymore" Eric said rubbing his temples.
Robin's mouth dropped and he moved away from Erin. Erin got up and put her hands in front of her face again.
"I was going easy on you so prepare to be unable to fight" Erin said wiping blood away from her nose.
Erin jumped towards Robin but Robin jumped out of the way and hit Erin in the back of the head making her fall to the ground unable to move. Robin backed away from Erin who wasn't moving, just lying on the ground eyes closed.
"Now the match is over" Eric said snapping his fingers. just then 2 men walked through the door and walked over to Erin and picked her up then they left the room taking Erin with them. I turned my head to the door and saw Colton leaning against the wall with his head in his hands. I stared at him until he rose his head and saw me. He smiled at me and I quickly turned my head back to face forward. 'Why did he smile at me?' I asked myself.
"Next" said Eric crossing his arms again "Hayley and Edward"
Hayley and Edward walked up to the mat both scared, I could see it in there eyes. They faced each other and put there hands up in defense.

Everyone's fight flew by ending up with the winners being
All of those who lost were taken out of the room by the same two people each time Eric snapped his fingers. At the end Colton didn't seem very happy... But Eric on the other hand, he had a smile sped across his face.
"the last fight," Eric said moving his neck around in a circle slowly as we all heard loud cracks "was by far the best out of them all, poor Mitchell seems like he'll be hurting for awhile"
We all followed Eric to the door. I turned around and saw Colton walking slowly behind us all... He seemed to be... Limping? 'did Eri really brake his leg?' I asked myself. I stopped walking and everyone passed by me. I finally walked over to Colton and put his arm over my shoulder.
"Let me help" I said trying to help him walk.
"It's fine Carter," Colton said stopping where he was which made me stop "You have to be with the group so hur-"
"No!" I said stopping him. "Your hurt so I'm going to help you... Just like you helped me..."
He looked at me surprised, I looked down at the floor feeling Colton still staring at me.
"Thank You" he said making me look up at him.
"can I ask you something?" I asked as we started walking again. He nodded. "how old are you really?"
He didn't answer for awhile but finally he opened his mouth and let out a sigh.
"eight teen" he said looking down as he half walked half limped to the door with me
"then why we're you at my school?" I asked stopping before we got to the door
"so many questions" he said with a slight laugh "and soon they will be answered but now we eat lunch"
He lifted his arm off my shoulders and walked out the door and opened the door to the cafeteria. I walked out and closed the door behind me then I walked into the cafeteria and closed that door. I walked past Colton Eric and Kirstin who were sitting together again. I past Amber and Chase, Amber gave me an evil glare but Chase didn't look at me. I saw Edward and Robin sitting at a table waiting for me. I say down at the table. I looked around for Sean. Finally I found him standing by a window just starring out into the sunny day outside of this... Jail? I guess that's how you could put it since we're here not by choice. I got up not listening to Robin call my name. I walked over to Sean and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and saw me.
"What's wrong?" I asked giving him a confused look.
"nothing," he said turning back to face the window "why would you think something was wrong?"
"I don't know..." I said walking beside him "I just got a weird feeling something was wrong" He looked over at me and gave me a half smile.
"we should go sit down"
He nodded in agreement. We walked back to the table Edward and Robin were sitting at. We sat down in silence.
"Edward? Right?" I asked trying to break the silence.
"Yes but you can call me Ed" he said with a nod.
"Okay" I said smiling "do either of you know where all the others went? You know... The ones who lost."
"No" Ed and Robin answer at the same time.

We ate; and we all went back to the training room. Soon after we entered the room all the injured kids entered the room seeming like they only had a few scratches here and there.
"Now that we've seen you fight we will teach you how to fight" Eric said standing next to Colton in front of all 11 of us. In the front row of 3 there was Chase Amber and Erin. The second row of 4 Mitchell, Claire, Jane, Edward. Third row of 4 was Sean, me, Robin, Hayley. They were teaching us Karate. Colton was in front showing us the first stance. Right hand by your chest and left hand in front of your face eye level. left foot in front facing forward right foot in back facing the right. Everyone followed and stayed in the stance. Colton walked around looking at everyone's stance. He walked up to Claire.
"Right foot back more" Colton said moving her foot back a few inches with his foot. I fixed my stance as well moving my foot back a few inches. Colton walked around to everyone else fixing there stances then he came to me... "Carter hand higher, like this"
he walked behind me and reached over and grabbed my left hand in front with his left hand softly, then grabbed my right hand with his so gently. My stomach churned, butterflies flew all around. He bent his knees so he was almost my height and moved my left hand higher so that it was eye level then moved my right hand lower
"if you don't block here then someone could hit you here" He whispered as He touched my stomach with two of his fingers on his right hand.
He let go of my hands and stood up straight and walked around to everyone else again, but I still felt his touch on my stomach and hands...

Training ended that day we eat dinner same seats and we all headed back to the dorm. I walked in and jumped on my bed, I was still thinking about when Colton helped me... I still felt his touch.
"are you actually gonna change tonight?" asked Hayley walking over to my bed.
"Yeah" I said jumping off my bed.
I opened my suit case and grabbed a pair of sweat pants and a normal green shirt. I walked into the bathroom and changed. I walked back out and saw everyone in there beds almost asleep. I put my clothes away and put my hands on my bed getting ready to jump up. I pushed up on my arms trying to get on the bed but I couldn’t get up... I tried again and again. I pushed up one more time and I felt hands on my waist pushing up onto my bed... I sat on the bed and turned around.
"Colton?" I said with a confused look on my face.
"I was just helping you" he said smiling then he walked away to everyone checking to see if everyone was in there beds.
He walked to the door and smiled at me one more time then he turned off the lights and walked out the door. I laid down on the bed and put my hands where Colton had his hands... I still felt the burning touch of his hands. I shook of the feeling. I closed my eyes and fell in to a deep sleep.
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