Strong And Courageous

My life started out normal... At least I think it did. I was normal. I went to school, I came home, I talked with friends and crushed on some guys. But one day my life just completely changed... I was no longer the girl I thought I was. I was stronger. I could do things I never thought I could do.
Some people dream of this life. Some people think they want to completely change... And that's what happened. But my life isn't all happy and lovey dovey, it dangerous, scary, an protective. I DREAM of a normal life. When my life changed its started with -----------.
What did it start with? Find out. Open this book, read and find out.


7. Strength.

I could feel the thumping of my heart in my fingertips as I gripped the pole connected o the train harder. So many questions wanted to jump out my mind and into my mouth. Where is this train taking us? Why is Colton here? Why did he save me… again? But I knew I couldn’t get answers from the other kids holding onto the train, they were in the same situation as me. We were hanging onto the train for only 5 minutes and my hands were becoming sweaty. ‘I’m going to slip’ I thought to myself. But just them a giant building was coming closer and closer into view. My hands were still slipping but I made myself hang on at least until we get there. But apparently someone couldn’t make it there… a girl who looked to be 14 lost her grip and fall, but thankfully she managed to grab a hold of the pole that was beneath her feet. She screamed out in terror of losing her life.
“Help!” she screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks.
One of her legs hit the wall beside us, she scream out in pain and one of her hands fell from the pole.
“HELP!” she screamed at the top of her lungs “someone please help me”
I wanted so badly to help her up but I couldn’t remove my hands from the pole and I’m sure none of the other kids beside me wouldn’t let me pass them to get to her.
“Hang on just a little longer!” yelled a voice from the only door on the train. It was Colton.
“I can’t!” she yelled trying to grab the pole with her hand that slipped.
“Just a little longer!” Colton yelled back looking from the girl to the building and back.
The girl was only a few feet away ‘I can get to her…’ I thought to myself.
“Someone pull me up!” the girl yelled again “please!”
I let go of the pole and grabbed the bottom pole that was beneath my feet. I let go with one hand and grabbed the bar around the person beside me’s feet, I did that over and over until I made it to the girl. I was now right beside her.
“Okay I’m going to push you up higher then I’ll try and bring my knee up,” I said nodding my head to my knee “then you put your feet on my knee and push up. Got it?”
She nodded then I began to push her towards the higher bar with my hand. I then lifted my knee higher trying to keep it up so the girl could push off my leg. She pushed up with her arms and I grabbed the pole again and lifted my knee higher. The girl brought her feet up and placed them on my knee. I shut my eyes tight trying to push the pain away and I gripped the pole tighter. She pushed with her legs off my knees. She got high enough to grab the top pole. She pulled herself up and placed her feet on the bottom bar. I hung on the bottom pole with my eyes squeezed shut and using all my strength to hold onto the pole so I wouldn’t fall to my death. No one would help me up so I just hung there till we came to a stop at the building. There was still no ground beneath me so I waited till someone would help me up. I opened my eyes only to see a hand by my head so I quickly let go of the pole and grabbed the hand. I closed my eyes again as I was pulled over the side of the concrete. I sat down on the flat, hard, stable ground eyes still closed and breathing heavily.
“That was what ‘We’ call strength!” yelled a voice next to me “and that’s what we look for!”
I opened my eyes and saw Colton standing at me side. My hands were acing from holding on for so long.
“Alright! My name is Kristin” yelled a woman who looked only a few years older than me “All the people that have had either parents or siblings here, follow me”
Everyone but me, Hayley the girl I save and about 7 other kids, followed her.
"The rest of you will follow Colton!" Kristin yelled pointing to Colton who was still standing by my side. We were on a long black and gray platform with glass walls around us. There were stairs leading to a dark hole.
"Alright" said Kristin "follow
I watched her and the other many kids follow her down the stairs.

The girl that I saved came up to me and held out her hand.
"Thank you" she said smiling as I took her hand and she pulled me to my feet "My name is Jane"
"my names Carter" I said letting go of her hand. Hayley walked over to me, grabbed my shoulders and began shaking me like crazy.
"What’s your problem???" she asked almost raising her voice "you could have died!"
"but I didn't" I said taking her hands off me.
"Alright" Colton said walking to an opening in the glass. "First off I'm sure your all wondering why you were brought to this 'school'." he put a air quotes around school. We all gave him confused looks "this isn't a school"
'if this isn't a school... Why was I taken from my home?' I thought to myself.
"This is l... Well I guess you could say it’s a school in a way, but it's more training then learning" Colton said walking out of the opening in the glass, we all followed, me Hayley and Jane were right behind Colton.
"if this isn't a school then why we're we taken from our friends and family's?" I asked as we began walking through trees creating woods.
"Because you kids are... Let's say, special" Colton said not looking back at us.
"What do you mean special?" Hayley asked crossing her arms over her chest.
"Well not all of you are... That's why you were brought here to SC" said Colton as he walked through the last but of trees and turning to his side so we could see a long tall building. The building was gray with not many windows. The double doors for the entrance had the same symbol on them. The grass on the sides of the building was more green then any grass I've ever seen before. The trees behind the building were tall and they created a first like the one in front of the building. Beneath the symbol on the side of the building were a bunch of names. A few feet from the building was another smaller building also gray but the roof unlike the taller building was black and the door was white.

We all stared at the building as we stood there.
"alright," Colton said continuing to walk "enough staring let’s get you all to where you need to be, you have training tomorrow"
"we start already?" asked a boy a little taller than me with bright blonde hair.
"yes" answered Colton "but before we go inside..." he stopped two feet away from the double doors "I need all your names and it would be useful for all of you to know each other’s names"
I looked around at everyone, we all stood in a circle looking for someone to go first.
"Okay then" Colton said standing next to me and another girl very tall with red hair and hazel eyes.
"I'll start and we'll go this way" he said pointing to his right side, I'm on his rich side "I'm Colton, and I think I'll add this little bit, I’ll be your trainer"
He looked at me and I cleared my throat "my name is Carter"
"I'm Hayley" Hayley said as she stood straight she was only a few inches shorter then me. She had her bright blue eyes staring at no one in particular and her long blonde hair flowing in the wind.
"My name is Jane" said Jane pushing her shoulder length brown hair behind her ears.
"Oh uh... My names Edward" said the boy with bright blonde hair looking at the building then back to our little circle.
"I'm Claire" said a girl shorter than me with dirty blonde hair almost shoulder length.
"I'm Chase" said a boy with light brown hair and green eyes.
"Robin" said a boy with black hair and dark blue eyes.
"I'm Amber" said a girl with long brown wavy hair that teacher farther then half way down her back.
"Mitchell" said a boy with brown hair and light blue eyes
"Erin" said the girl on the other side of Colton, she had long red hair and hazel eyes, she was staring straight at me the whole time.
Colton looked around at everyone and started walking in the doors of the 'school'.
"now you know each other, you have to get to your room and unp-"
"wait" Erin said interrupted Colton "we're all sharing a room?"
"Yes it's a dorm for all the new trainees" Colton answered walking up stairs, we all followed.
I'm sure that I'm not the only annoyed person annoyed that I'll have to be staying with other kids I don't know, just so we can train.... For whatever it is these people took us for.
We all walked in silence for some time, until we were in a short hallway with one door at the end of the hall, Colton stopped and turned around to face us.
"This hallway is probably a place you'll want to remember because you may not have someone who knows this place, you'll either be alone or with one other person in this group" Colton said as he turned around to face forward again "I'm sure you have all noticed by now that you don't have your suitcases. They will be in the dorm waiting for you. You may choose any bed you like, top bunk or bottom, it may change along the training days"
I didn't think anything of my bag. How did it get here? Who brought it here? So many questions. We made it to the end of the hallway to a door. It had the letters NT on it. Colton opened the door and walked to the side do we could walk in. All of us walked past Colton and into an empty room besides twelve beds and ten suitcases, there were only two other doors in the room, the girls bathroom and the boys. I walked around the room looking for my green suitcase. After looking at seven other bags I found mine. Everyone grabbed their bags and walked to a bed. Hayley and I shared a bunk, Hayley had the bottom and I have the top. Hayley looked around for drawers but there were none, so we both place our bags under Hayley’s bed.
"I can see your looking for drawers" Colton said leaning against the door frame "you don't get those yet"
Everyone seemed surprised but I just shrugged it off 'weird things have been happening today this is the least weird thing' I thought to myself. Jane and Edward took a bunk next to ours, Jane bottom, and Edward top.
"Tomorrow before training begins we will explain how this whole... Training will go" Colton said walking around the room to everyone's bunk "tomorrow you will be woken up at 8:00 and you MUST be in the 'cafeteria' before 8:20"
Not that bad I would wake up earlier than that for school.
"you will eat then the whole group will have to be in the training room at 9:00" said Colton walking back to the front of the room "I need two people, a boy and girl to be a sort of leader for the rest of you. I will take the two people to the cafeteria and training room and you will have to remember how to get there"
No one wanted to be the leader. Everyone just looked at each other, Wondering who would be the two people to go
"okay looks like I'll have to choose" Colton said narrowing his eyes at us. "Robin and..." he stopped and looked through all the girls, from Erin to Amber to Hayley to Jan to Claire to... Me "Carter"
"why me" I asked point to myself with my hand "I've been t-"
"just come" Colton said looking from me to Robin then he turned around and headed out the door "well... Follow me"
I jumped off the top bunk and walked to the door, Robin followed me. Colton was waiting with his hands in his pockets. We started walking down the hall to the stairs at the other end.
"you will be going down this hall many times so I'm sure you'll remember it" Colton said walking down the stairs "these stairs lead to the cafeteria an training room"
The stairs ended, wooden floors and gray walls created the hallway. There were five doors on either side of us and more stairs at the other end. The doors were all light blue colors, they almost looked gray but not quite. One door on our left had a silver knob and one on our right had a gold knob. Colton walked up to the door with the silver knob.
"this door is the door to the cafeteria and that one," Colton said pointing to the door with the gold knob "leads to the training room, first I'll show you the cafeteria then you can go back to the dorm"
Robin and I nodded our heads. Colton opened the door to the cafeteria. There were gray and white tables and chairs; it looked like a normal school cafeteria.
"so come here tomorrow before 8:20" Colton said leading us out the door. He closed the door when we were both out. We walked back up the stairs to the dorm hall. I opened the door and saw everyone on there beds, some people whispering some just sitting there.
"Alright" Colton said scratching the back of his head "dinners at seven be thee five minutes early"
We all nodded and Colton left the room and shut the door behind him. I remembered that my phone was still at home on my desk... Great no phone no way to tell time. We all just sat there in silence for what felt like hours, I didn't have breakfast or lunch... My stomach growled at the thought of food. All of a sudden everyone got up but me.
"Where are you all going?" I asked jumping off the bed and walking over to everyone.
"Its 6:57" said the girl with shoulder length dirty blonde hair, I think her name was Claire.
"how do you know?" I asked or aiding an eyebrow. Claire pointed to a clock above the girls bathroom door, and they continued walking, 'how could I have missed that? How stupid of me' I thought to myself. I followed everyone even though they're suppose to follow me, but I think Robin can handle it himself. It seems Hayley and Jane became friends fast... Hayley doesn't really notice me... I'm all alone again... I felt something pierce my stomach, I stopped walking, my stomach was wet with blood... 'No, this isn't happening' I told myself as I shut my eyes I started to hear voices behind me. When I opened my eyes the blood was gone and so was everyone else.
"Are you coming?" asked a voice from down the hall I looked up and saw Eric. "Let’s go already"
I walked over to the cafeteria door that Eric just entered, I looked back at where I stopped. Nothing was there so I walked in the door. Everyone from my group sat with someone besides me... There were other people; probably people that already know what this is about were wearing gray pants and black shirts. All the tables were taken beside one... I walked to the empty table passing Hayley, Jane and a few other people in the process they don't notice me. I sat down at the table, laid my arms on the table and put my head on my arms, pushing everyone out of my sight, pushing everyone from my mind, I was left alone in my own little world. After awhile I noticed that I still needed to get up to get some food. Right as I was going to stand up and get food, someone placed a tray of food on the table in from of me.
"Here," said Robin sitting beside me "I saw you were alone, so I came over. Your names Carter right?"
I nodded and looked at the food. Robin started to eat his food that was on a tray in front of him. I opened my mouth to say something but I was interrupted by a voice booming through speakers.
"now that everyone's here we'll tell you what's going on!" said a man with gray hair "you were chosen for this specific training for a reason, we can't tell you what that reason is because you will soon find out soon enough for yourself"
Everyone was waiting for the next thing he would say but no words came out. Colton stepped up to the microphone.
"This will be your home for awhile so..." said Colton moving from the microphone to the middle of the room "welcome to Strong And Courageous."
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