Strong And Courageous

My life started out normal... At least I think it did. I was normal. I went to school, I came home, I talked with friends and crushed on some guys. But one day my life just completely changed... I was no longer the girl I thought I was. I was stronger. I could do things I never thought I could do.
Some people dream of this life. Some people think they want to completely change... And that's what happened. But my life isn't all happy and lovey dovey, it dangerous, scary, an protective. I DREAM of a normal life. When my life changed its started with -----------.
What did it start with? Find out. Open this book, read and find out.


10. Strange.

"Everyone Up!" called a voice from the door. I rose my head sleepily as I looked at the bright light coming from the hallway and into the dark room where us "trainees" were trying to sleep. I looked around everyone was sitting up. I blinked many times trying to wake myself up. Colton and Eric were both standing at the door as they waited for us to get up. "Get shoes and a jacket"
I blinked many more times and laid my head in my pillow but tried my best to sit up.
"Carter" whispered a voice coming from the right of me. It was Robin. "This must be a drill of some sort, I've heard of things like this, we have to be up and ready at any time"
I sat up slowly and flung my feet over the edge of the bed. I looked at the clock hanging above the door but I couldn't read it, 'it must be early in the morning for it to be this dark' finally I got out of the bed and everyonewas heading towards Colton and Eric. Sean was still sitting on his bed as I was pulling a jacket over my t-shirt. I walked over to Sean and sat next to him everyone was heading out the door with Colton and Eric.
"You okay?" I asked as I brushed a piece of my bed hair behind my ears.
"Yeah...." he said standing up "just tired"
I stood up as well
"you sure?" I asked
"yeah," he said again starting to walk to the door "let's get going"
We walked out the door with everyone else. I ran further to the front of the big jumble of kids. We all half ran half stumbled following Eric and Colton to who knows where... We walked around so many buildings I lost count. There were railings with big holes in the middles. I could hear the sound of waves crashing against hard wall. It was dark and cold in this place. I looked up and I could faintly see the moon light reflecting off.. Glass? We were in some kind of "box" glass over head, concrete walls and a cold stone floor. We were walking up hill now, towards an opening in the "ceiling" there was a little more light coming from the hole in the "ceiling." we were walking on the freezing cold floor, some bear foot some with shoes, but the cold air was the only thing that really worried me... The path was beginning to get smaller. We could only fit to two people side by side now. We finally reached the opening and walked out into the fresh air. For some reason it seemed warmer out here then in there... We came out and I saw the outline of the "school" we must have somehow gone underground and gone around... We kept walking... Threw the woods.... Finally something came into view.. It was the train... 'no not again...' I thought to myself.
"if no one has figured it out by now, we are riding the train," yelled Eric over the loud roaring of the train. We were back on the concrete pavement where the train would be. I looked around at the kids searching for Heyley. Instead I saw Robin looking at me. He walked past the kids to me.
"Do you know what we are doing?" I asked as he stopped at my side.
"some kind of drill" Robin answered looking out at the train.
"Like before you will be jumping on, grab the pole unless you want to die" said Eric jumping onto the train and grabbing the pole then pulling himself through the door. The train was different this time.. It actually had doors. More then one.
"This time you will jump on but you are able to sit in the train" yelled Colton standing in front of us all.
One by one the kids jumped on starting with Mitchell. I watched as Colton watched everyone jump on, then he jumped on... Why does he distract me so much? I followed him and jumped on but I missed.. Again. I felt hands grab my arm, again it was Colton he pulled me on the train and through the door. He was still holding my arm... He noticed me looking down at his hand and he let go. I walked over to the seats where everyone was sitting. Sean was the only one with no one sitting next to him, well the only one I would want to sit with... There was also Erin but... I'm not sitting with her... Sean was looking out the window as the train moved. Hayley was sitting with Jane. I walked over to Sean. I sat down and he turned his head to see me. I smiled at him, he returned the smile.
"So can you tell me what happened to you yesterday?" I asked slowly. His smile faded.
"Guards," he said with a serious face on "that's what happened, you do not want to make them mad..."
That made me quiet for the rest of the ride, only because I was thinking, 'why would guards be mad at him?' I couldnt stop my mind from asking that question over and over and over again.

The train began to slow down, but Eric and Colton were both preparing to jump off. Everyone walked to the edge and looked out. There were abandon houses and big water towers. Eric jumped of and Colton motioned for the next person to jump. One after the other. We all jumped off. I was the last one. Colton motioned for me to come to the edge and I walked there slowly. Colton gave me a boost and I went flying off the cart and suddenly there was big jolt going through my legs. I stumbled down to the grassy ground. I was on my hands and knees, Colton jumped off the train and landed next to me. He looked down at me and I looked up.
"you okay?" he asked smiling a little. I could tell he was holding back a laugh. He held out his hand to help me up. I stood up with out taking is hand
"I'm fine, I'm perfectly able to-" but before I could finish my sentence I was interrupted by Eric.
"Today we will be playing a little game called find and grab. You will all be on a team." he yelled. Soon there came the kids from where we first got on the train. "you will be playing against four teams! Teams from the experienced level to the beginners. On each team there will be five kids. This game is almost like what you would call 'scatter' or 'hid and seek' everyone will be "hiding" in a way. All the teams have five rags one for each kid. What you will do is, take your rag and run around trying to find other people but in another way you will be hiding from other people. Stick the rag in a pocket and either travel alone or with a team. You will face many of your... Friends, some maybe be enimees. Either way you must take there rag and the person. You will take the person to your "jail" and they will not be able to exit that jail until That person is found by there teammates. In the end which ever team has the most rags wins. The time ends in an hour. But first the teams. Then you will make plans. When everyone is ready the timer will begin."
That's a lot of rules.... How are we suppose to remember them?
"now we will choose the teams." yelled Eric "Colton and I are team captions for the beginners, Colton would you like to choose first?"
"no no, go ahead" Colton said shaking his head. Eric smirked.
"Mitchell" Eric said pointing to Mitchell. 'I just know I'm gonna end up on Eric's team...'
"Um... I'll take..." Colton started... "Carter"
My head flew up and Colton met my eyes. He gave me a small smile and I slowly began walking towards him. I stood by his side as I waited to hear the rest of my team.
"Chase" Eric said
Colton hesitated the last two... Sean and Claire...
"Um... I'll tak-" Colton started but was interrupted
"Have them both, I wouldn't want them on my team anyway." Eric spat as he looked evilly at Sean. Colton gladly took both. Now it was 6 against 5,5 and 4. 'I don't understand why we're doing this...' I said to myself.
The teams split up.
"we've got 10 minutes to run and try to scatter around this place, but we also have to know where everyone is" said Colton as another girl walked up to us. "oh this is your other team captain, Silvia"
She waved at us and we waved back.
"wait" said Sean looking at Colton "are you telling us to spy?"
"that's partly apart of the game" said Silvia "we need to some how see them where they can't see us"
It was still really early and it was still pitch black. Everyone was talking in the little circle. I slowly stepped away and began walking, 'while everyone Is planing I'll actually act'
I walked around looking for some light so I could spy on the other teams. I spotted some light coming from a big water tower. I kept walking. I looked behind me and I couldn't even see my team any more... 'no turning back' I told myself. I walked up to the water tower, and when I was standing by the ladder the tower looked a whole lot bigger from here. I grabbed the bar with my left hand. I looked up and felt a huge knot in my stomach. I breathed in deeply and closed my eyes only for a second. I opened my eyes again and grabbed the bar with my other hand and put both my feet on the bars below.
"What are you doing?" asked a deep voice. I turned my head and saw a figure in the darkness.
"what does it look like? I'm climb up this tower" I said looking up again.
"But why?" asked the voice. They came closer. I looked back again and it was Colton. He was only a few feet away from me.
"To see where the other teams are" I said then I began to climb. I heard breathing beneath me. "you don't have to follow me"
"oh but I do" he said looking up at me.
"I can do this on my own" I said putting my head on the bar where my hands were. 'why does everyone think I can't do anything? That's how it's always been... I was always the weak one...'
"I know that you can" he said looking up at me. "I came to see you in action"
"W-what?" I said quietly. A blush creeped up onto my cheeks.
"I know that you can, your a strong person" he said still on the bars beneath me.
I smiled to myself. I began climbing.
"okay, I guess you can come I you want to" I said still smiling to myself. Before I knew it I was higher then I've ever been. I stopped for a second and I began to feel my hands get sweaty. Colton got to the bar where my feet were.
"You okay?" he asked as he stopped and looked up, I looked down and I met his eyes.
"Yeah..." I said weakly as I saw him looking straight at me. My heart started pounding. My hands started sweating even more... I reached up to grab the next bar and just missed it... I slipped and began to fall back.

You know that feeling when your on a roller coaster and there's a drop, you know how you stomach feels weird? That's what I was feeling only 10 million times worse, I wasnt strapped in.

I closed my eyes and fell back even more but I then felt an arm go around my waist and I opened my eyes. I wasn't falling anymore... Colton had caught me yet again. One of his arms was around my waist an his other hand was grabbing tightly to the ladder. His face was behind mine and I could hear him breathing heavily...
"That was close" he said as he breathed out slowly. I felt my stomach tie into knots... But it wasn't because of the height... 'why does Colton distract me so much?' I asked myself. I grabbed the pole with both my hands and started up the ladder again. We were almost to the top. I could hear Colton breathing even heavier...
"Are you okay?" I asked as I kept climbing.
"How can you be up this high and be perfectly fine?" he said still panting.
I forgot... I stopped and looked down again but the feeling of fright I get before I didn't feel it anymore... I still felt a little nervous of falling again but in a way I liked being up this high...
"I- I'm not sure..." I said quietly as I began climbing again. I looked down at Colon again and he was resting his head on the bars breathing even heavier... "Are you... Afraid of heights?"

He didn't answer me.

I sighed and began climbing again. Finally we made it to the top. I climb onto the platform and turned to help Colton up. I reached my hand down and he grabbed it. I pulled him up and he sat down leaning against the wall panting. I sat down next to him. I looked out and saw something shine.
"It's beautiful." Colton said as he saw where I was looking. The moon was lighting up a rock side leading down to an ocean or some body of water, the water shimmered and the small waves crashed on the rocks.
"Yeah... It is" I said as I smiled at the sight. "oh the other teams"
I jumped up and walked to the other side of the water tower. On this side there was no railing, So I stood close to the wall. I looked out and I could faintly see figures in the darkness running around.
"there this way, most of them seem to be in the woods trying to find trees to hide behind" I said as I started to walked a little closer.
"You have good eyes" said Colton as he walked up behind me, it made me jump and I almost went of the edge but Colton caught my hand bringing me back against the wall. "carful"
I chuckled a little
"your the one that almost made me go off the edge" I said smiling at him.
"It's wasn't purposely done, I assure you" he said with a small chuckle. He sat down and squinted his eyes trying to see the figures in the distance. "I can't see anything"
"Well," I said sitting down beside him. I rose my hand and pointed out the small figures running. "Their there, and there, and there, see them now?"
"No," he said as he still squinted to see them.
"I give up, maybe I just have my night vision and you don't" I said standing up. "but now that we know where they are we should go tell the others"
"alright" he said standing up as well. We walked ever to the little hole in the floor that leads to the ladder. But suddenly I was pulled back... Towards the edge... I tried screaming but something covered my mouth. Colton didn't notice till it was to late... I was let go and was falling off the tower... I closed my eyes tightly. My mind wasn't thinking straight. I screamed at the top of my lungs. "COLTON!!!!!!!!!"
I fell and fell, my eyes opened and I saw the tower at my side as I fell. It seemed I was going in slow motion. Colton was at the edge with his hand over and looking at me with wide eyes. He jumped up and headed for the ladder. Finally my mind started to think again an I reached my arms out and grabbed ahold of the bars connected to the tower. My arms felt like they ripped... I screamed loud and my arms hurt like they were just crushed by a car.
"COLTON! Colton please help me!!" I yelled as I started to cry. My arms couldn't hold me much longer.

"Now you'll suffer..." whisper a voice by my ear.

I moved my head around and I screamed... Louder then I've ever screamed before... The man... He was back. He did this to me. He threw me off.

"COLTON!!!!" I yelled again.
"I coming!! Just hold on!" he yelled as he went down the ladder. My hand slipped and I screamed. The man came towards me.
"GET AWAY!!!" I yelled at the man. He just kept coming towards me with a smirk on his face.

"Theres no one that can save you now..." his voice was evil and disgusting.

'wait... Colton saved me from him before...' I said to myself.

"Colton!! H-" I was interrupted. The man grabbed my neck and started to choke me. He then pulled me off the bars and hung above the ground only in the air by the man holding my neck. I grabbed his arm so I wouldn't choke to dead. My face was now stained with tears.
"Cart-" Colton looked up and saw the man. "you... Why?!"
"Well because Colton, you know exactly why" he said smirking at him "now prepare to suffer!"
My neck was released...
"NO!!!!" yelled Colton as I fell towards the concrete ground. My throat was dry. My mind wasn't working. I could move. Suddenly I was caught. But who I saw wasn't who I thought I'd see...
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