Strong And Courageous

My life started out normal... At least I think it did. I was normal. I went to school, I came home, I talked with friends and crushed on some guys. But one day my life just completely changed... I was no longer the girl I thought I was. I was stronger. I could do things I never thought I could do.
Some people dream of this life. Some people think they want to completely change... And that's what happened. But my life isn't all happy and lovey dovey, it dangerous, scary, an protective. I DREAM of a normal life. When my life changed its started with -----------.
What did it start with? Find out. Open this book, read and find out.


3. Something Improbable.

My body was shaking like never before. The man he was going to kill Hayley. My heart was pounding faster than ever before. It was as if he was walking in slow motion, but it's was only because I knew, that soon my friend, my best friend, Hayley, would soon be on the ground, blood coming from her body. The man slowly began lowering the, not yet stained, knife to Hayley's back. I began to feel like he had already plunged the knife into Hayley's back but she wasn't the one feeling the pain, I was. I was leaning over the sink, eyes wide, eyes focused on the mirror, I couldnt take my eyes off the man. Hayley didn't see the man behind us, how could this be? She was just standing there cleaning my wound under the sink while she talked. Right as the knife in the mans dirty hands hardly even touched Hayley's tab skin, I turned around.
"NO!" I screamed hitting the knife out of the mans hands, as I hit the knife I sliced my hand, drops of my blood went everywhere, all over the newly cleaned mirrors, all over te deep blue sinks, all over the deep blue doors for the stalls, all over the man, all over my arms and half my face, all over Hayley... She stopped moving, even stopped breathing as she felt the small drops of my blood touch her skin, her eyes widened and she starred at the man through the mirrors. The man looked at me with anger, hatred, and pure evil in his eyes, I started shaking even harder and tried to back up but the wall was behind me. He reached behind him and grabbed a clean knife, he brought it to his face and licked it, he then turned it do the blade was pointed at me. The same evil smile from my dreams broke apon his face once again.
"This Shall Be Fun, You Shall Die" his words made me freeze. I stood there eyes as wide as they could go, he brought the knife back behind his head full of deep dark black hair, then he jerked his hand forward and let go of the knife aiming right for my head. Everything seemed to slow down once again. The knife come at me slow motion. My life flashed before my eyes. My heart sped faster and faster with each passing second. The knife come closer and closer to my face. I began to close my eyes, but before they were completely shut I saw something shine in front of my face. The knife that was coming at me full speed before was bent and wa lying on the floor in front of my feet. It was only for a second but I saw a dark figure by the man.. Then they both disappeared.

It was like a huge weight was lifted from my whole body, my heart was beating twice as fast then before. For a minute I just stood there dumbfounded. My body because heavy and my legs couldn't take my weight any longer, my knees gave away and I fell to the now blood stained bathroom floor. I cocked my head to the side, only to see Hayley on the floor, her head in her hands, blood around her. The Hayley I knew, the always joyful and funny Hayley, I'm sure is now gone... Forever. I looked down at my two bloody hands, one cut by the knife I had in the caffiteria, and one sliced by the knife the man had been holding. Finally when I was able to process everything, I stood up slowly, my legs could hardly hold me up, I walked over to Hayley and touched her cold arm.
"Hayley" I said in a cracking voice "did you get hurt?"
She slowly moved her head to look at me "What. The. Heck. Was. That?" she asked her voice was strained and cracking as well. She grabbed the wet sink and tried to pull herself up. I grabbed her arm and helped her up the rest of the way.
"I'm not sure" I answered with a voice a little above a whisper "That... That man... He was... In my dream..."
She gave me a confused look. I don't blame her, I'm just as confused. We both stayed silent, I was still taking everything in, soaking it all up. The pain from the cuts hasn't hit me yet, but I know that soon, the pain will take over my body, and I'll be even more miserable that I already am. Finally after standing there for what felt like an hour but was only 5 minutes, saying nothing, we grabbed out bags off the dirty floor and slowly walked out of the blood stained bathroom. 'what will the people think when they walk in there? What will they do when they see the blood?' I asked myself. We were in there for a half of our next class. We both half ran half walked to out class room that we were ment to be in 20 minutes ago. Right as we got too the door we came to a sudden stop. 'Was all of that real?' I asked myself that question over and over again until I finally lifted my shaking hand and grabbed the silver handle on the door and turning it, oh so very slowly.

When we walked in we were greeted by glares from the other studence and a confused look from our teacher Mrs. Mac. We both dropped our heads so no one could see our faces and hurried to out seats.
"As I was saying..." Mrs. Mac continued from what ever she was talking about from before. The whole time in class I had my head in my arms on my desk. The pain from my hands was coming to hit me slowly. In 20 minutes the bell rang an I jumped up grabbed my things an jolted to the door.
"Miss Laine" said my teacher as she sat at her desk not giving any eye contact at all "come here"
I gulped and slowly walke over to her desk "Yes?" I said in a shaking voice "what is it Mrs. Mac?"
"Why did you an your friend, Hayley show up for class 20 minutes late?" she asked laying her hands on the table and finally she gave me eye contact, but I wish she hadnt, the anger in her eyes reminded me of the man.
"it's hard to explain" I said looking down at my feet. I felt something nudg me, I looked behind me and saw Hayley with worried eyes.
"Mrs. Mac" said Hayley moving in front of me "I'm sorry but something vary vary important came up, my father... He has... He's in... He was taken to the hospital!" she yelled tears in her eyes. Wow she's a pretty good actress. Such A Lie.
"Hayley..." said our teacher standing up slowly "im so vary sorry... You and you Carter... I can understand just don't be late again you understand?"
We both nodded and walked out of the room
"such a lie, Hayley" I said turning to her
"I know" she said looking at me "but we have to talk about what happened, and now"
I nodded and we went to our last class for the day.
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