Strong And Courageous

My life started out normal... At least I think it did. I was normal. I went to school, I came home, I talked with friends and crushed on some guys. But one day my life just completely changed... I was no longer the girl I thought I was. I was stronger. I could do things I never thought I could do.
Some people dream of this life. Some people think they want to completely change... And that's what happened. But my life isn't all happy and lovey dovey, it dangerous, scary, an protective. I DREAM of a normal life. When my life changed its started with -----------.
What did it start with? Find out. Open this book, read and find out.


8. Questions.

Strong And Courageous. So that's what SC stands for? we were still in the cafeteria, some people eating some people still staring at Colton who was still in the middle of the room.
"After dinner you will all go back to your dorms, Tomorrow you will come back here and we will explain what we're going to be training" Colton explained turning in a circle slowly so everyone could see him. "Then you will go across the hall to the training room and we will begin"
Everyone nodded and went back to eating and Colton walked to the door, opened it and walked out closing it behind him. 'was he talking about everyone or just the group?' I asked myself. I stared at the food in front of me. I stood up and started walking away but someone grabbed my wrist. I turned to face them.
"what's wrong?" Robin asked looking at me with a confused look.
"nothing I'm just not hungry" I stated givin him a half smile. 'what am I saying? I'm hungry as heck!' "I'm going back to the dorm"
Robin released my arm and I continues walking to the door. I grabbed the handle, looking back at everyone talking and eating, then I turned to the door let out a sigh, turned the knob and walked out. I shut the door and began walking to the stairs. I heated whispering....
"be ready.... Your soon going to die..."
I looked around for the quiet whispers. By no one was there. I looked around one last time and walked up the stairs. I got for eh hallway leading to the dorm hearing no whispers. My walking slowed and I stopped at any little sounds I heard including my own sounds. 'why am I do scared?' I asked myself. I finally grasped the knob to the dorm and turned it slowly. The room was pitch black, I switched the lights on and saw a trail of blood leading out the window. 'what happened?' I thought to myself. I walked to the only window in the room. It was opened. Who ever- or what ever left this trail of blood jumped out this window and got away... 'I should clean it up... What if the other kids see the blood and freak out??!!' I thought to myself. I walked I to the girls bathroom to get wet and dry paper towels. When I walked back out of the bathroom the blood... Vanished. I stood there confused.
"am I going crazy?" I thought out loud.
"what makes you say that?" asked Robin making me jump.
"what are you doing back already?" I asked walking over to my bed.
"I'm tired, you got a problem with that?" Robin asked jumping on the top bunk two away from mine. I shook my head and laid down on my bed looming the opposite way from Robin. 'how did the blood disappear like that?' I asked muscled over and over again. Finally after lying there for the longest time thinking about the blood, everyone else entered the room. Jane, Hayley and that Edward guy were all together. I turned in my bed do I wasn't facing them.
"Carter!" yelled Hayley running to the side of the bed "why didn't you sit with us?"
I just shrugged and moved in the bed so I was facing the ceiling.
"Carter?" said Jane walking to the other side I the of the bed "are you okay?"
"I'm fine" I said dryly, I turned over so my face was in the pillow. I heard Jane and Hayley whisper as they walked into the girls bathroom. I heard sniffling... I lifted my head a little, I saw Edward sitting on his bed, eyes glossy... Was Edward... Crying? I opened my mouth to say something to him but rich as I did Colton entered the room.
"lights out in five minutes" he said leaning against the wall waiting to turn the lights out. I turned over again so I was facing the ceiling again. I just laid there mind empty do the first time since I got here. I closed my eyes and started fall into a deep sleep....
"I'm coming for you" whispered the man in my dreams, he was back again and was chancing after me... I opened my eyes and jolted up. I looked Riund and saw everyone already in there beds and the lights out. I saw Colton walkin around the room to each persons bed. I looked at my feet... My shoes were still on... I untied my shoes and jumped off the bunk quietly, my feet hitting the cold concreat. I bent down and placed my shoes softly on the ground looking at Hayley in the process. She was sleeping peacefully. I stood up straight an turned around only to see Colton walking to our bunk. He nodded to my bed but I shook my head.
"you must sleep" Comton whispered walking over to me, when he was only a few feet away my stomach started to twist but I don't know why. I looked down trying to keep from having to look at his face, as I did I saw a long scare in his lift arm. I just stated at the scare. Colton put his hands on my shoulders and my stomach twisted even more "Carter, sleep"
This time I nodded and jumped onto the bunk. I laid my head onto the pillow. Colton walked around the room once more with his hands begin his back. He walked to the open door, turned to me, nodded and walked out and closed the door behind him. My mind suddenly filled with questions again. Why do Colton have a scare on his arm? Could the blood that disappeared be from him? Why did the blood disappear? Why did Robin come back early? Why are we here? Why was Edward crying? So many questions that won't he answers. I closed my eyes trying to push the questions away so u could fall asleep. I was half asleep when all of a sudden I heard sniffling again... I looked over to Edward, he was crying into his pillow. I wanted to say something I him but I didn't want to at the same time. He kept crying. I want to help him... But I can't... 'Maybe he'll cry himself to sleep' I thought to myself. Such Selfish Thoughts. I just let him keep crying and eventually fell asleep.

My eye's opened to see the same ceiling 'So it wasn't just a dream...' I thought to myself. I sat up a realized everyone was gone... I jumped up and remembered I was in the clothes I was wearing yesterday 'Oh well good enough' I said to myself. I slipped my shoes on and ran out the door's to the dorm, forgetting to check the time on the clock. I ran down the stairs and stopped myself at the cafeteria door. I grabbed the handle and swung the door open. It was empty... 'huh? where is everyone?' I asked myself. I walked back up the stairs and walked to the dorm door. I was about to grab the handle when all of a sudden the door was opened by Robin.
"Oh," Robin said surprised he stopped and just stood there then he smiled down at me "Carter how come you were already out of the dorm so early?"
"I uh..." I started but I didn't know what to say... I looked passed him to see everyone was still in the dorm getting there things, talking or just sitting alone. "I thought everyone was in the cafeteria"
Robin looked at me confused, but then burst into laughter. I didn't know what was so funny...
"we were all in the bathroom getting ready" Robin said holding his stomach while he laughed "why didn't you check the clock?"
I looked down at my shoes that were untied and bent down to tie them.
"I forgot" I said a little above a whisper.
Robin didn't say anything he just smiled at me and chuckled as he passed me. He walked down one step and turned to look at me.
"Oh by the way," He said showing his teeth as he smiled "It's time to go down now"
I nodded and looked into the room and saw everyone walking to the door to follow Robin. I stood straight up and walked down the stairs to where Robin was waiting for everyone. I walked passed him to the cafeteria door. I opened it and held it open for everyone to walk in before me. All the kids in the group walked to the door with Robin in the back. They walked passed me and into the cafeteria, some smiled at me and some said "Thank You" to me for holding the door open, I just nodded while they passed by. Finally everyone was in besides me. I walked in and saw everyone sitting together again, besides me. I'll be sitting alone once again at the table where no one sat. I started walking to the empty table passing people as I did. I passed Colton who was sitting with Eric but gave him death glares not sure why... and with Kirstin. They were all talking and as I passed by I heard someone say my name. I looked there way but they were all looking at me and Colton was smiling, I turned my head and looked at my feet trying to hide my embarrassment. I looked up again and saw Robin, Hayley, Jane and Edward sitting at the table gesturing for me to sit with them. I smiled on the inside. I sat down next to Robin and Jane. No one had food yet. Colton stood up and looked around at everyone.
"Today's training is fighting or how some people like to put it Karate" Colton said trying to be heard over the talking from around the room. "We will first show you how it's done, then you will fight each other. This training will go on through the training days not just today. Those of you who are New Trainees, Eric and I will be your coaches"
Then Kirstin stood up
"And for those of you who are not New I will be your coach" Kirsten said eyeing many kids from other tables still talking to each other.
"Now we will eat and then we will begin our training" Colton said before he sat back down. 'Training? I'm not ready for this... Why was I brought here to be trained?' I asked myself sitting at the table silently.
"Carter" said Robin bringing me out of my thoughts "you coming to get food?"
I nodded and jumped up from the table. We all stood in line and waiting for our turn to pick out our own food.
The time passed as we eat and we all finished. I didn't say anything the whole time. Edward Robin Jane and Hayley all talked but I sat there in silence eating my food.
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