Strong And Courageous

My life started out normal... At least I think it did. I was normal. I went to school, I came home, I talked with friends and crushed on some guys. But one day my life just completely changed... I was no longer the girl I thought I was. I was stronger. I could do things I never thought I could do.
Some people dream of this life. Some people think they want to completely change... And that's what happened. But my life isn't all happy and lovey dovey, it dangerous, scary, an protective. I DREAM of a normal life. When my life changed its started with -----------.
What did it start with? Find out. Open this book, read and find out.


14. !IMPORTANT! Not An Update!

Hey everyone,


I'm sorry I realize I haven't written anything for a really really really long time. 


I've been really busy and haven't really got a lot of time for any of my books.


I am currently in the middle of deciding weather I should re write this whole story because it didn't come out the way I wanted it too, or to just leave it like it is, continue from what is it right now and write another movella for the actual way I wanted this story to go.


What do you guys think? re write this story or continue it from the way it is?


I will wait for a little while but it I don't receive any comments about it I will assume no one cares either way I go... So if there will be no comments I will most likely just delete the chapters and start it all over again. 


But I will wait a couple weeks for replies. 


You can either tell me on here or if I don't get back to you, if you by any chance have a Quotev you can comment on Strong and Courageous over there or send me a message on there. (I use Quotev more then Movellas)


I hope you all had a good summer and I'm sorry again for not updating but the reason was I couldn't decided and also because if I was going to continue I have writers block. 


For now until I receive a few replies I won't be updating. 


So until then, Bye! 

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