Strong And Courageous

My life started out normal... At least I think it did. I was normal. I went to school, I came home, I talked with friends and crushed on some guys. But one day my life just completely changed... I was no longer the girl I thought I was. I was stronger. I could do things I never thought I could do.
Some people dream of this life. Some people think they want to completely change... And that's what happened. But my life isn't all happy and lovey dovey, it dangerous, scary, an protective. I DREAM of a normal life. When my life changed its started with -----------.
What did it start with? Find out. Open this book, read and find out.


1. Introduction -So It Begins-

The thoughts in my head were bouncing around everywhere... I couldn't keep my mind on one thing. I never chose this, so why was I given this burden? I wish this would just leave me forever.

"Are you ready to die?" asked the only person in the small white room with me. I can't seem to remember why he's torturing me... He's asked me the same question everyday since I was brought here. I don't know why he doesn't just kill me, I don't understand why he always asks if I'm ready.

"Yes" I say in a weak and strained voice, each time I answer 'yes' he never kills me... But for some reason the look in his eyes, the smile that spreads upon his face... It scares me.

"Yes is your final answer?" he asked as he walked closer and closer to my limp body, "If it is... There's no going back"

"Kill me already!" I spat, I couldn't make my voice sound mad or annoyed as I had wanted it to. It was weak and emotionless.

He walked up to my body, which was propped up against the white concrete wall, and grabbed me by my blond hair and brought a knife to my face. His crooked, yellow teeth showed as he smiled with an evil look in his deep dark brown eyes.

"Then you shall die." he whispered. His voice had a strange sound to it, his breath made bile float up my throat and into my mouth. this man really is going to kill me... Right here... Right now. I felt relief come over me but at the same time... I felt fear. He slowly made a mark on my face with the knife, I felt my blood slip down my cheek. He smiled slightly "wait... I'll let you have one last chance, just tell me where he is and you'll be free to go, no more torture."

That's right... That's why he's been torturing me. I cleared my throat "I will never tell you" I said with my strained voice. He gave me his angry and annoyed face and put the knife to my stomach.

"Fine" he said as he slowly started to dig the knife into my skin. It hurt so bad. It felt as if fire was spreading throughout my whole body. The pain didn't stop. I tried screaming but nothing was coming out of my dry mouth. He pushed the knife deeper into my skin. "you, will be punished"

My scream couldn't stay contained any longer, it was so loud, it echoed in the small white room. I closed my eyes and as soon as I did the man dropped me and I hit the hard concrete floor with a thud. I immediately grabbed the spot on my stomach that the man had driven the knife into. I could feel my blood spreading on my hands. I heard the man yell out in pain so I opened my eyes with the little energy I had, I felt tears slide down my cheeks. As soon as my eyes were open wide enough to see things clearly, I saw him.

The one person I've wanted to see ever since I've began this torture and he finally appeared by my side once again...

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