You Don't Know Me

20 yearold Samantha Styles has gone from 'Little Miss Perfect' to 'A Hot Mess. Hidden in the fame of her younger brother Harry, who is in the biggest boyband, One Direction. Samantha has had a rough past but only Sammy remembers clearly. It's really hard to forget when you have a souvenir. Will Samantha ever find her brother? Will she even bare to live the rest of her life?


7. The Prank

Niall's POV

I chose dare. I don't know what I was thinking because Dani always has the most boring dares in the world!!! "Ok Niall, I dare you to take Sophie to 7 minutes in Heaven." she smirked. I have to admit that was a pretty good dare. But shoot, this will be awkward because I kinda have a crus on Sammy. Especially when her hair hair is blonde. And you can tell that Sophie likes Harry. So we both got up and she led me upstairs. "hey," she whispered," let's pull a prank." "what do you mean" I whispered back. "ok. So I need my makeup be back in a sec." she said. Oh my what are we doing. "ok." she took she lipstick and started putting it on. "ok i have to kiss you but on the cheek and neck not lips." she whispered. She kissed each of my cheeks and started kissing my neck. She put more lipstick on. Then she grabbed a paper towel and started smudging it around her lips. Then she grabbed me and did the same. She unbuttoned my shirt to times. And she messed up her hair. It took about four minutes. The we went into the closet. "so. I know you like Sam. Just tell her!!" she said. "what?! No I don't!" I said. "your a terrible liar." she said. I know I am. "fine I do like her" "and I know that she likes you" she said. She likes me? 3 minutes later we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "ok I have to get ontop of you." she said and climbed ontop off me. This is awkward. "Ok you can come out now" I heard Eleanor yell. We stayed in. All I a sudden the doors flung open. 8 jaws were hanging down. I heard a whistle. "Niall?!! Getting all up in there" I heard Harry say. "what a ladies man" Louis said. "we all know what's gonna be all over the news tomorrow. 'Niall Horan loses his virginity in a closet with Harry's sisters best friend!'" Zayn shouted. I got up and ran downstairs, grabbed Harry's keys and got into his car and drove back to our flat. I was pissed. I walked into the bathroom and washed my neck and my face off. And I started crying. If Sam really did like me then she defiantly wouldn't like me now. It basically looked like I just did it with her best friend. A couple minutes later the boys walked in. "Dude why did you run off like that?" Harry said. "it's ok. We know you did it with Sophie!" he said. "I didn't! It was a prank. She made it look like we did it. Seriously!" I screamed. "oh sorry bro. We didn't know. And Sophie told me that you like my sister. I'm cool with that. And Sam told me she liked you. Until she saw you making out with her best friend." Zayn said. "she hates me doesn't she?" I asked. "yep!" Louis said, "Have a carrot!!" "what -whe- where did you get that?!" I asked confused. "no clue!" Louis replied. I continued crying. I really love her.
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