You Don't Know Me

20 yearold Samantha Styles has gone from 'Little Miss Perfect' to 'A Hot Mess. Hidden in the fame of her younger brother Harry, who is in the biggest boyband, One Direction. Samantha has had a rough past but only Sammy remembers clearly. It's really hard to forget when you have a souvenir. Will Samantha ever find her brother? Will she even bare to live the rest of her life?


4. She Doesn't Remember

" Can you tell Harry to call His mum or his sister?" I asked Niall. "um sure I'll ask. Haz!! Come here!!" he yelled. Harry walked over. "I don't know you. And I know what your trying to do." he said. "What do you mean you know what I'm 'trying to do'?" I asked. "you just want tickets to go to our concert! And of course you would say 'my last name is styles' everybody has that phase in life where they love a celebrity!" Harry said. "what are you talking about?" I asked confused." just call your mum or Gemma?" asked Niall. " Um yeah sure." he said. "hello? Hi mum. I don't know why don't you ask Niall?" he talked into the phone. He then handed it to Niall. "hello Anne," he said," oh um so I have a question. Do you have a daughter. Yes? No not Gemma! Another daughter. What did you say your name was?" he said. " Samantha." I said. "oh yeah. Samantha! No? Well Samantha thinks Harry is her brother and your her mum! Haha. Well bye Anne!! Here's Haz!" he ended. "well Bye mum!! Got to go. Love you!! Bye!!" he ended the call. "see your not my sister." "she forgot! But I know I'm your sister! Please believe me!" "fine! But not until you can prove it." "fine!!" I walked back up to Sophie. "forgetting something?" harry asked. "what?" I said. "don't you need our numbers to keep in touch?" he said. "oh yeah!!" I shouted. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. "wait! Before you leave call Gemma." I said. " ok. Hey Gem!! Mt friend wants to know if you have a sister? Wait what? I'm putting you on speaker!" he said, "your on speaker Gemma. This is Samantha."
"hello Samantha!! We haven't talked for a while!!"
"I don't even remember meeting you!! We were so young!!"
"I know right!!"
"wait so she is my sister?!" asked Harry. "yes I told you so!!" I said. "already fighting like siblings" said Gemma. "well thanks Gemm!!" I said. "bye Gem!!" Harry said. "bye Haz!!! Bye Sammy!" she said. Then she hung up. "seeeeeeee!!" I said.
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