You Don't Know Me

20 yearold Samantha Styles has gone from 'Little Miss Perfect' to 'A Hot Mess. Hidden in the fame of her younger brother Harry, who is in the biggest boyband, One Direction. Samantha has had a rough past but only Sammy remembers clearly. It's really hard to forget when you have a souvenir. Will Samantha ever find her brother? Will she even bare to live the rest of her life?


6. Party!! I Guess?


I was sitting on the couch watching tv when I got a text. 'um Hey you never told us the address so erm yeah.' it read. Oh shoot did I really forget to tell them the address?! '1234 N Lucile Ave' I texted back. 'k' he said. Two minutes later there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door. Standing there was four really fit guys...... And Harry. I recognized Niall. But the other 3 didn't ring a bell. "Vas Happnin?! I'm Zayn!" he yelled. "Sup. I Louis. I like girls who eat carrots!" he screamed. Wow they're loud. "Um Hello. I'm Liam. Nice to meet you." the last boy said. I was just about to sit down when there was another knock on the door. "ugh" I said while walking over to the door. I opened it and there stood 3 girls. "Hi!! I'm Eleanor. I'm Louis' girlfriend" said the girl with brown wavy hair and beautiful brown eyes. "Hey I'm Perrie. Zayn's girlfriend!" sannounced the girl with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. "Hi. I'm Danielle! I'm Liam's girlfriend! You can call me dani" she smiled. She had curly brownish blondish hair. "You can call me El" said Eleanor. "And you can call me Perrie. I don't really have something shorter for Perrie." . There were 6 people I had no idea were coming. I thought it was just going to be Harry, Sophie, Niall, and I! Guess not. But I was really bored. "let's do something!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored!" shouted Louis? I think it was Louis. Or was it Liam? I don't know but I was kinda bored too. "how about truth or dare?" asked El. "Yeah!!" we all shouted. "Where's Sophie?" I asked. Right then Sophie walked in with a bag of chips, and cookies in her mouth. "Food?!" shoute Niall! "Sophie, we're playing truth or dare" I said. "Roo raw rese people?" she mumbled. "huh?" I asked. "who are these people?!" she said. We went around the room saying our names. "ok do who's first?" Harry asked. " I will shouted Dani! "ok. Niall, truth or dare?" she said. "hmmmmm. Dare..." he said.
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