You Don't Know Me

20 yearold Samantha Styles has gone from 'Little Miss Perfect' to 'A Hot Mess. Hidden in the fame of her younger brother Harry, who is in the biggest boyband, One Direction. Samantha has had a rough past but only Sammy remembers clearly. It's really hard to forget when you have a souvenir. Will Samantha ever find her brother? Will she even bare to live the rest of her life?


2. My Famous Brother

About 3 months later I was watching the news. 'One Direction in Ireland!!!! Get your tickets for the show In 3 days!!!! Watch for them in your neighbourhood!!! Liam Payne tweeted this!! ' Hello Directioners!!! We are glad to say we are in Ireland for our performance!! Look for us around the cities!! If you find us you'll win tickets to our 2013 concert!!! Keep looking!! Xx Liam'" they then put a picture o one direction. But the boy with curly hair and green eyes really caught my eye. That was him. My brother. I knew for sure. In the bottom corner it read ' Liam Payne, louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry styles, and Niall Horan' "Sophie!!!" I yelled. "sup Sam?" she replied. "it's him I know it for sure," I said. "who's him?" she asked staring at the screen I didn't reply. I just reminded and paused. She starred at it. "it is. We have to find them!! What's the band again? 5 perfection?" she said. "one direction...," I replied. There was an awkward silence. "Starbucks?" she asked. "sure." I said. I put my hair in a messy bun, showing off my smile tattoo. We walked outside and turned the corner.
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