You Don't Know Me

20 yearold Samantha Styles has gone from 'Little Miss Perfect' to 'A Hot Mess. Hidden in the fame of her younger brother Harry, who is in the biggest boyband, One Direction. Samantha has had a rough past but only Sammy remembers clearly. It's really hard to forget when you have a souvenir. Will Samantha ever find her brother? Will she even bare to live the rest of her life?


1. Blonde to Blue

5 years ago I was the perfect little angel that anyone could ask for. I had curly blonde hair that flowed just below my shoulders. I had bright green eyes thy sparkled in the sun and full red lips. I was the most popular girl in school. When I was just born my dad, Des, put me up for adoption they had a daughter who was 1 and they weren't ready for another one. I lived in an adoption center for 3 months until my adoptive parents, Liz an Josh, adopted me. They were all I could ever ask for, smart loving, and wonderful. They spoiled me rotten. When I was 18 Liz died. That's when everything changed. Josh changed. He became abusive, trying to take control. He made me do things I didn't want to do. One day, I was sitting on the couch when he asked me to take out the trash. My hearing wasn't the best so I didn't hear him. He snapped then and there he grabbed me and yelled in my face. He slapped me in the face. He saw a tear roll down my face. He grabbed by the hair and threw me outside in the freezing cold. I ran and ran until I stopped at my best friend Sophie's house. I've lived there ever since. As for the scar on my back no one knows except me. After that I changed my image. I got 5 tattoos. One saying 'smile' 'not your little miss perfect' 'Sophie' a four leaf clover and 17. I don't know why but that number just feels lucky to me. I dyed my hair blue and got an belly button piercing. I became the shy girl that sat in the corner with one friend. My boyfriend dumped me. And I got kicked off the cheerleading squad. My life was over .
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