Expect the Unexpected

Leah Higgins thought she found her soul mate, the love of her life, until one day things fell apart completely. Leah and her best friend Jasmine head out for a night on the town in Atlanta but things suddenly go from great to perfect when an unexpected surprise occurs. Expect the Unexpected...


7. If you just wanna take it slow, & you just wanna take me home...


The whole car ride to Jas & I's apartment, my mind was racing. I didn't know what to think. Was this just a coincidence? It seemed too good for it to be one. I felt like I was going to throw up, my stomach had the worst butterflies ever. The boys were following us in a black van and I was driving my Smart car, Jasmine in the passenger seat. Waffle House was only a few minutes from our apartment but the car ride seemed hours long. We finally arrived and pulled into the parking lot. As we got out of my car, I took a deep breath and walked towards the boys. It was going to be crowded for sure in our apartment. Jas & I only got a one bedroom studio apartment because it's all we could afford, it's not cheap living in the city. We walked in, Jasmine and I first, with the boys right behind us. "Uhhh, I'm sorry it's so small" I hesitantly explained. "It's perfectly fine Leah", Liam reassured me. The boys still had another trip to make to the car to get their things. As they walked towards the door, Zayn asked where the bathroom was. "I'll show you, it's down this way" I offered, & everybody else left. We walked through the living room and through the hall. "It's right there on the left." I explained. "Thanks" he replied with a smile. I went to my room to get changed. My mind once again wandered into deep thought. Luke kept popping back up into my mind. We've been through so much together, I hated it to end. It was for the best though, I needed to get over him. It's just extremely hard to suddenly forget about someone that you've loved for so long and have shared such a big part of your life with. I honestly wasn't expecting this day to ever come. I thought Luke & I would get married and have children, and be together forever. The fact that he just changed into a completely different person sickened me. I can't understand how someone can do that. I heard my door crack a little and I turned to see what was making that noise. I must have looked upset because Zayn asked "Are you okay?" with a concerned look on his face before I could say anything. "Yea I'm fine, why?" "Oh, you just looked upset is all." he replied. No. No. No. This can't be happening. Yea Zayn was the exact definition of perfection, but I can't have him. I felt my heart starting to fall for him, but it had to stop. Zayn would never feel the same & I needed to get used to that.


She said she was fine, but I could tell she wasn't. I hate when girls lie about that. Whenever a girl says she's "fine", she's not. I let out a sigh & walked back into the living room and through the door to help the boys get our things. I couldn't help but wonder if I did something wrong...


Zayn & Leah were in the apartment alone, the thought made me smile. I know Zayn, and I know he likes her. Yea, they don't know each other, but Zayn's a hopeless romantic. I just hope Leah isn't a heartbreaker. Zayn can't take another broken heart, it would be the end of him. He needs someone who will love him unconditionally & who is loyal. The boys, Jasmine, & I finally got back to the apartment with the rest of our things and we got settled. It was decided that I'd take the couch, Niall would take the reclining chair, and Louis, Harry, & Zayn would take blow up mattresses. It was a small apartment but it was cozy, it wasn't too crowded. Leah opened a window and I could feel a cool breeze flow into the room with fresh summer air. Tonight was perfect. I glanced down at my phone & saw that it was 6am. 6AM?! "We need to get some sleep guys, that flight is in 7 hours." I said. "Nooo, come on Liam, let's stay up!" Niall shouted from the kitchen. That boy was already eating up all of those poor girls' food. I shook my head at his appetite and walked in to join him and everyone else. "Fineeee, I guess if you guys aren't tired, we could just sleep on the plane." "Yayy!" Niall exclaimed, extremely excited. "So what do you guys wanna do?" I asked. "TRUTH OR DARE!" Harry shouted. "Yea! Truth or dare!" Louis agreed. "If you boys are down, we're down" Leah added. "So it's settled then, truth or dare it is!" I replied. We grabbed some snacks and sat in a circle on the living room floor. "Who's first?" Jasmine asked. "I guess I'll go" Niall volunteered. "Harry, truth or dare?", he continued. "Dare of course", Harry replied. "Hmmm... I guess I'll be nice and start with something small. Drink this whole bottle of soda without stopping." Louis handed Harry the giant bottle of grape soda and Harry started chugging away. He actually did it! "Alright, Harry, your turn." Niall said. "Hmmm... Leah, truth or dare?" Harry asked. Leah immediately blushed and looked around at everyone hesitantly. "Uhhh, I guess dare" she replied. "I dare you to kiss Zayn".

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